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  1. Jool is broken or it is turning into a black hole in latest version... I don't know if it is a bug or a new feature but you can go deeper in Jool than ever before, got tired at -200k it is all dark anyway. Thinking someone might want to explore it more...
  2. While Eva I can do a JR docking port attach to a ship radially but a Sr Dock will cause ship to explode. Lights work fine, moving stuff from one ship to another sometimes causes explosions when they separate. One ship I successfully upgraded in orbit now randomly explodes a few second into my save file load. Someting funky is going on eva construction . Also planes many times don't want to fly in a straight line some have hard time taking off. I love new version but physics seems to be more sensitive.
  3. Great idea for a mod, I launch several hundred into orbits and it made my save unusable. But that is ok, I understand. Now I have to figure out how to control all of them, putting them into right inclination and resonance to make them useful. Can do it hyperedit or Engineer Redux one by one but would like to do it with KOS. Also need to get solar panel facing sun too... Any geniuses have any ideas.
  4. Yeah, this would be great, then it makes sense to send a whole bunch of the them. Also could not find it in Ckan. Great work.
  5. I don't do Windows in any way shape or form. I don't mind $60 but if they leave Linux, I will stay with KSP1.73 no matter.
  6. Yes thank you for great detail... Now I know why my planes/spaceship get kraken all the time. Ok, so what about adding welding into game so we can reduce part counts... Then this should top priority.
  7. First yes no mods in EVE, and the game doesn't need them, and you can't design ships. But is a full universe that is always on with thousands of people and yet their client is very efficient. Sure I understand that KSP is not EVE, physics for one. But without mods, we don't have clouds, tweakscale, mechjeb, scatter, konstructs, Docking, janitorcloset.... and many others that are really needed after a while. Something like hangar extended and yes, CLOUDS should no be an option, they should be standard. They should be part of game. Or If Squad just want to abdicate programming give the MOD
  8. AGAIN, I say the same thing... make the program in general work better. Better memory and cpu management. Make mods better and easier to integrate . The MODDER is best thing this program has going for it. This program would be worth $50 if it work correctly all the time, and had a better look and feel. Compare it to other titles that run on PC and it is on the low end of performance, and on the high end on memory usage. I am using like 40gb of ram, of course I use a few mods. There is something wrong when a program like this takes 40gb of ram, and you have programs like EVE that take up a th
  9. Working hangars to store planes and ships in KSC and Island
  10. Better memory management and performance. Not 100% yet, not even close. May be textures can be better optimized
  11. Squad should come up with a Bounty Program for modders. So for example Clouds, there are plenty of good Cloud mods, pick one. Give him $5000 and put the mod in the game. Many other mods like Mechjeb should just be part of game. The Game developers should concentrate on making game faster, and better memory management. It is silly how much memory this game is using up. I have a few mods, and I am close to 40gb of ram. That is nuts. It is not a great system. It probably needs to ne optimized. BTW the jump to 1.5 was great nut it needs more. I don't need to redesign pods again or do widgets that
  12. They look good, but are these new textures requiring more memory? My memory usage and frame rate are bad enough as it is. Anything being done to actually make game more efficient in this regard?
  13. I am trying to use this mod, and it looks great. It makes noises, but I get no explosions or propulsion. Is anyone using this mod, or working on it. Any ideas?
  14. I love your models, thank you for making them. I also have a ton of models, many Star trek, flying saucers, many others even Voyage to Bottom of Sea etc... Many custom ships that I build for Opensim. But I can't find good information on converting them to Kerbal.I have some in Blender others in obj/ DAE files, etc.. Any help or point in right direction.
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