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  1. Thankyou @Sir Mortimer, great news hearing you want to address this. For me, the most important thing would be to see (in VAB) which remaining science would my probe do in any known environment (like second button in [X]Science), allowing us to filter (in a fashion way or just like science, by a written literal) by situation/biome/body. That is the most important thing while designing a probe. Can't cience left in current situation be seen in auto tab now? When experiments are running you see time remaining. A far less important but nice thing to see would be science already transmited. (To see how useful your probe was).
  2. Wonderful! Can I uninstall TestFlight and install this in a save? Will it use the same "du"s previously gathered with TestFlight?
  3. I can confirm Flibble's fork works perfectly. Thank you!
  4. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOU! I will try it asap. Thank you! Edit: IT WORKS! Thank you again.
  5. 1.1.6? It is stated to work only with 1.7. I play 1.3.1
  6. So isn't there a KER release compatible with rss/ro/rp-1 that shows data correctly? It is a real pity, as many of us really like this mod and prefer it over mechjeb, but it seem to be unusable with rss in 1.3.1
  7. Im having the same problem with 1.3.1 and rss/ro/rp-1 and friends. Sorry for the necro, but the issue is the same, and it had no answer back when aluc24 asked. Anybody has the same problem? Any solution implemented?
  8. Hi, Regarding game performance, am I wrong on the following? -Parts only mods hit game loading time but have almost no effect on fps once in the game. -Mods that add functionality almost dont affect loading time, but hit greatly fps. Bonus question not related to mods: a "many parts vessel" hits performance only when loaded, or also when it is on rails?
  9. Hi NewtSoup! Glad to read you again, and I hope your health will get better and better over time (that's really the only important thing, I think)
  10. Nice. I have to try it. Although with Remote Tech it a bit more dificult, as you need to mantain contact to control the deorbit. I supose I can put an active short range antenna inside the fairing and use the transfer vehicle as relay, or stablish a comm network prior the landings.
  11. So can you elaborate a bit more about your problem? Is the rover +skycrane too big? Too wide? Can you fit them in other order (once in space, above and below are meaningless words) Can you lift them dissasembled and assemble them in orbit with docking ports? A picture would help a lot. (F1, just in case you didnt know, and play on pc) I dont think a heat shield is the best solution, since they are heavy (even without ablator) and draggy.
  12. Hello. So, upon loading certain vessel, the kraken appeared, but only with a gentle caress. Now some parts (including the main engine) are missaligned. Is there a way to align them again? (Including save editing, is it dificult?)