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  1. Hallo there! Figured I'd leave you your first visitor message. :)

  2. Oh yes I saw that! What's better to start at, career mode or sandbox? I want to get back into the game as I said but I don't know where to start .
  3. Hi, I would just like to say hello again! I have been away for quite a while because I didn't play much KSP. I started playing in March 2012 which was over 2 years ago and now I started to play more. What are some of the new features of the game? (I stopped playing at around 0.19 I think) How can I get started again? I haven't played for a while and I would like to get some rockets back up in space!
  4. Hello! You guys probably haven't seen me here for quite a few months/weeks due to the fact I didn't feel like posting here much. I recently got a new PC which made me want to play KSP again (on my old one I used to get 15 fps on lowest settings, now I get about 100 on medium settings). I have played every version so far from 0.13 but as time went on I really didn't feel like playing because every update became laggier and laggier until now. My main question is, how can I get started into KSP again? I used to be fairly good (My first ever docking attempt was without RCS, it was successful too) but now I really don't know how to build rockets and such. I have started a sandbox world and a career worlds but as I said, I really don't know how to use all these parts to my advantage of going to other planets and such. All help is appreaciated P.S: If this is in the wrong place, sorry. I haven't used the forum for a few months.
  5. When I was doing some science and building new rockets in career mode, Jebediah unfortunately died. Look on the good side, he did it for science!
  6. Do science! I waited for science for so long!
  7. I can't believe that "[uNOFFICIAL/FANMADE]" title is still around after almost 2 years of me making it OT: 0.22 is going to be amazing
  8. I made a song like a few months ago, it was a parody of "I'm Sexy and I know it" I changed it to "I'm Kerbal and I know it" It was the first parody I ever saw and I got around 500 views
  9. Hello, I haven't been around for quite a while and I don't know what is going on but I know that 0.22 is coming out soon. Can someone tell me what's added? Thanks
  10. Hej! Ja tu jestem prawie codziennie ale już za bardzo nie gram w KSP. Czytanie postów na forum jest zawsze ciekawo, czy po Polsku albo Angielsku
  11. Please explain the 'Minecraft effect' to me...
  12. Hi guys, I saw this on the youtubers' videos and now in the game that there is a building which you can't click on. What do you think it is? I am confused
  13. I don't understand what is wrong with EA... Honestly. They make cool games like Fifa and other sport games.
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