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  1. once there will be a pre-order, what would i get for pre ordering it?
  2. Banned for responding more than 3 times in a row.
  3. going to use it as a meme, thank you... example:
  4. Great, now we just need a cake in KSP... like a part...
  5. Banned for having a Rocketeer rank, but not a custom one.
  6. Banned for complaining about someones likes.
  7. Banned for disrespecting old memes. P.S suffer with the comic sans font.
  8. Banned for not misspelling a single word.
  9. I found out how to clean browsing history on Yandex(tm) from content... like... download online for free without sms and registration 10 hours of "Revenge"
  10. I would like to do so but i have no idea jow to screenshot with samsung.
  11. Just don't bother, after 1K hours in KSP I made only one successful gravity assist, unless if you are confident then don't bother, just build a huge stick and launch it everywhere.