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  1. now you are making me confused using hard words like pruned
  2. oh well, i guess this update no new parts again. R.I.P KIS, i needed you only for the helmet stuff
  3. (Morning music) Good morning/night my dear KSP players. Ever wanted too land an Orbital booster (after that OB) ? without happening like this? or this? (i needed this aero stuff just for fun)) ) well. haha. that's impossible. technicaly. just training and stuff. BUT!!!!)) i'm having a small guide for you too faster landing stuff. before we start. you need to know how to: Get to sub orbital trajectory. Get to orbital trajectory. Know how to use fast vessel switch ( using " [ " and "]" ) and map switch. Have some felling of intuition. Have some patience. please. ready? let's start! here i'll leave a you can download it . (p.s. i'm too lazy to add pics.) So now that we have an a craft. let's Begin! Ok. when it's on the launch pad. check the staging. after you checked, LAAUNCH IT LIKE A CRAZY MAN)) but for real. be careful. ok here are the pictures. so on speeds around 100 m/s. start turning up to 80-70 degrees Keep the throttle at max. between times look at your apoapsis/apogee is around 100,000 M above Earth Kerbin. after you reach 100,000 M above kerbin (at apogee point). Pull the throttle at 0. switch back from map view to rocket view. and decouple the first stage w/ second. after this use fast switch. and pull up the throttle a little bit. until it's gonna be a safe distance. flight up until it will show 230,000 or more (the more the better, just keep fuel to get in orbit) use fast switch (or map switch) to switch back to our Orbital Booster. after that make an retrograde manuver. (PRO TIP: make the retrograde manuver end near the island airport. in case of which you could just add some Dv to speed it up. as shown) burn the manuver at half the time shown. Ex. if it's showing 18s. burn at T - 9. after you finish your "ideal burn". we can deploy the ace from our cards. by the name A.I.R.B.R.A.K.E.S. slow down the rocket and adjust the trajectory. after some entry burns. were going for the final burn. the suicide burn. the hardest part of the flight. from here there aren't a lot of pictures. so use your intuition. (PRO TIP:if this is not your variant to use your intuition. use light. there good as a height showers.) here is a picture of me using my intuition. and if you are lucky. congrats you landed it (don't turn off the RCS) my result. and don't forget about some one in the sky. the second stage! right! using map switch. we will get it to orbit. switch back to the second stage. and get it too orbit. and congrats! now you know how to do stuffs w/ your rocket without using quicksave. (or using idk). thanks for reading my article. all questions to me on this article or my profile. cya!

    Congrats KSP 1.5

    nvm it's crashed on 1.4.2 . gg


    I wasn't playing KSP for at least... 4 months. yeah. oh no what have i done

    Waiter, theres a _____________ in my soup!

    waiter, there is a minmus in my soup


    122 Krakentillion 145 kerbtillion 99 Jooltillion 398 HIVTILLION , and 98 cents.
  8. B- it is kinda nice but i think some parts are ussles. some parts are overpowered... realy

    Mars 'impossible" to terraform

    doesn't make sence to teraform it... let's just close our eyes on mars and give a minute of silence to venus. rip venus. no body lovd planet


    becuze 1+1*2/2*4/2+1 or √4 = 2 or 2*2 or 1+1+1+1=4 or 8-1-1-1-1=4 or 8/2 or 2+2=4

    No Space Junk/Debries Challenge

    hello, i'm verry glad of it! sadly, it isn't doing like i said, BUT! soon or later, there is WILL BE a new badge that will have the needed conditions! if my grammar is bad, forgive me, i'm israeli, not american or english. any way. wait soonly! just a day or two! i't is gonna be a grand update! by the way, it is gonna look like a rhomb! and YOU will be the first one so, reusablility is great! that show how creative you can be! does it recoverable? if yes.. well no debris woud count i'll watch till the end and give you the final anwser! so maybe you WILL get a badge! lucky you from all sanitary of the world, Jeronimo! by the way, in wich minute it is? sorry i'm just lazy and also, did you used SSTO'S? if yes well, that woudn't count. but i'll add an SSTO mission soon (it will be a bonus mission) you got a senior of orbital challenge congrats
  12. my personal. the normal one.

    No Space Junk/Debries Challenge

    Hello here. thank you verry much. before i accept the judgement. i need you to see if you can complete at least Duna dust collector sanito junior. i will accept you maybe. thank you verry much again. be reaady and bye

    What’s your favourite rocket type?

    It’s KSP >:( of cause random staffs))))000)