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    I wasn't playing KSP for at least... 4 months. yeah. oh no what have i done

    Waiter, theres a _____________ in my soup!

    waiter, there is a minmus in my soup


    122 Krakentillion 145 kerbtillion 99 Jooltillion 398 HIVTILLION , and 98 cents.
  4. B- it is kinda nice but i think some parts are ussles. some parts are overpowered... realy

    Mars 'impossible" to terraform

    doesn't make sence to teraform it... let's just close our eyes on mars and give a minute of silence to venus. rip venus. no body lovd planet


    becuze 1+1*2/2*4/2+1 or √4 = 2 or 2*2 or 1+1+1+1=4 or 8-1-1-1-1=4 or 8/2 or 2+2=4

    No Space Junk/Debries Challenge

    hello, i'm verry glad of it! sadly, it isn't doing like i said, BUT! soon or later, there is WILL BE a new badge that will have the needed conditions! if my grammar is bad, forgive me, i'm israeli, not american or english. any way. wait soonly! just a day or two! i't is gonna be a grand update! by the way, it is gonna look like a rhomb! and YOU will be the first one so, reusablility is great! that show how creative you can be! does it recoverable? if yes.. well no debris woud count i'll watch till the end and give you the final anwser! so maybe you WILL get a badge! lucky you from all sanitary of the world, Jeronimo! by the way, in wich minute it is? sorry i'm just lazy and also, did you used SSTO'S? if yes well, that woudn't count. but i'll add an SSTO mission soon (it will be a bonus mission) you got a senior of orbital challenge congrats
  8. my personal. the normal one.

    No Space Junk/Debries Challenge

    Hello here. thank you verry much. before i accept the judgement. i need you to see if you can complete at least Duna dust collector sanito junior. i will accept you maybe. thank you verry much again. be reaady and bye

    What’s your favourite rocket type?

    It’s KSP >:( of cause random staffs))))000)

    Newbie here



    Thank you, but where is the signature? I’m not really new player but still thanks. Nvm found it xd


    I’m don’t know we’re to write it but I made badges, but how do I give em to people? Thx. Should I even make them not like imadges
  14. No Space Junk/Debris Challenge Prepare for grand update! leaked duna one! guess which update it will, and what it will inlude! This challenge is multi-challenge, every level is harder. "every step is clean, it's nice to you and me" . Me. Hello fella space flighters! I see you are not thowing the Kerbodyne S3-7200 to the trashcan. Well. i guess you are just an newbie (don't get ofended k?). you are building an SSTO ? well thats impressive but seriously. Are you weak? na na na na. GET CREATIVE YOU FLIGHTERS! so here have it. le challenge. But before. RULES! No cheats or anything like this. (debug menu, hyperedit, etc.) Only KER And any camera mod + visual mod is ok. NO DIRTY SSTO! cmon i hate em'. No kraken drives. Lader drives. SA kirrim drives. intake drives and Something other drives. Docking is acceptable but only apollo styled (thats will be hard cuz of the challenge not to leave debris) and rover docking. Sub and leave a like on my page ))))))00)0) Respect Moho and eeloo plz. drone cores parts, or any other command modules that is on deatachale stage (5 or 4th stage for example) will count as debris. On apollo styled missions, decoplers that left alone in space doesn't count as a debris (if the decople is by himself) bring jebediah or bill or valentina (no body needs bob lol) if the debris deatached and it is turn to steak in atmosphere, it isn't count as a debrie (if no pieces left of it). every challenge is a challenge, you can't complete sub orbital and orbital challenges at the same mission no Making History expansion usage! no tracking station debrie cleaning Screenshot of every thing that happen required challenge number one. Sub Orbital sanitor! The goal. : Don't leave any debris While doing the mission in Sub orbital tragectory and back. Rules For sanitors juniors. Heatshields doesn't count as debris if deatached. that mean if you have a heatshield. it woudn't coudn as a debris. Rules For sanitors seniors. Every part that got deatached count as a debris (even that sandwich that you made for breakfast) that mean that every part ( like an a heatshield) woud count as a debris. AWARDS for sanitor juniors of sub orbital challenge. challenge number 2 AWARD For sanitors juniors and senior of the Sattelite challenge. Build a space station with at least 2 crafts while both crafts haven't leaved any debris if it isn't a heatshield. that mean you need to send both space craft screenshots so i (or we) woud see that you haven't cheated. Rules For sanitors senior Build a space station with at least 5 crafts while all of the space craft haven't leaved any debris. that mean you need to send both space craft screenshots so i (or we) woud see that you haven't cheated. AWARDS The Mun dust sanitor! The goal. : go to moon and ___ while don't leave any debrie. For sanitors seniors of the Mun challenge CONGRATULATIONS! For sanitors senior of the Duna challenge. For sanitors seniors of the Eve challenge. AWARDS For sanitors Senior of the Eeloo And Moho challenge.

    What Is the Worth of Funds

    If you ask how much they worth to USD so i did researches,After Building an EXACT copy of falcon 9,Space Shuttle (maybe not so exact), and saturn V (rip 5 hours of work) i found out that 1 credit worth around 260 USD,30funds*260=7800 USD,So that amout of ore is just 7800 (just? idk i live in sheklem country)