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  1. i will keep trying .... i think my brains a little calcified ... ,, know you this ,, i can see clearly what has been described as the the interplanetary throughway .. .. all those low energy + ducts+ orbital transfers via lagrange points .. ... when i picked up this program i did another too, tested it and displayed true enough halo orbit about the L points .. ,, this one seemed to be more fun and i recommend for all space cadets ..if i can not dock , i can not load up a big package to send ,, sure do need a +smart+ core to help me dock what i am really excited about is real world nano sats .. little science package ,, a smart core ,, solar wings . ,,, 5 newtons thrust .. ..solar wings are a complex thought , ,,, i could elaborate vbr mrb
  2. i am so sad i am unable to dock ,, a critical element ... i have been evaluating this program to recommend ,, up check while quite entertaining and displaying basic orbital dynamics it fails to incorporate Lagrangian theory i am so sad i was unable to execute docking ,, then again consider i was born in the first half of the last century i was a young man working on the road when man first put foot on the moon , where were you ?
  3. i ca not do this ,, sorry ,, unable // i had about 500 keystrokes descriptive and stupid windows [ or stupid me ] lost it current state a near approach ,, 16.4 m rv of 1.2 m/s ,, halo orbit action ,, i need a smart core to help me ,,
  4. sure wish i could ascertain the key stroke for screen shot .. as both vessels shown current state 66.4 m separation rate : 0.2 m/s \ break 30.7 m separation rate 0.5 m/s however the target is not properly oriented for docking ,, one wonders if i can just slip along side by side while i sort this out
  5. status : ready to resume : intersect 1 T-5 :42 sec / separation: 0.0 km relative speed 17.2 m/s ummm do i copy correct : burn retrro on target for 17.2 m/s when below 100m separation // insure rcs off / reorient to target .. ease it on in .. first thing i strike F5.. on resume .. ,, then ,, then .. stand by for execution resumed , on pause t-4 range 5.6 km ,, target speed 24.5 t-3 range 3.5 km rate 21.6 m/s t-2 range 2.1 km rate 19.1 m/s .. anti target and retro grade congruent T-1 range 1005.2 m rate 17.7 m/s anti target and retro grade congruent T - 28 sec range 417.8 m rate 17.3 m /s anti target and retro grde congruent intention is on resume to pulse the RCS for zero rate
  6. ty .. tried according to steam [ i now find ] ingame screen shot is F12 .. stand by neither one seems to work f12 seemed to give aerodynamic forces overlay disabled ,, im so confused now .. need to work out of doors BBIAB ty all
  7. 2km out was my F9 save state ,[ matching on transfer from lower orbit] i +might + start the burn then , maybe did ,thrusting with a terrier , new save state : intersect 1 separation 0.0 km relative speed 17.2 m/s .. T-8 .. fuel on board the trainer [ or is it a tug?] monoprop 1179/1470 ,LF634 of 720 , oxi 775 of 880 f like the 41st Ord Co. .. i got ++++ Power to Spare++++ whats that keystroke for screen shot ? corona ..perhaps this will make sense to me in future .. i am Unable to manually control , i gotta use the control head ..if things are moving slow and stable i can manually control , for example i adjust manually on initial ascent to orbit , things seem to move slow then , to me. i need to go out of doors and do work ,, BBIAB
  8. ok.. no so sure if the docking target has the docking trainer + targeted+ will do control from here + NOT set+ yet if i ever get them stable i will try to do a screen shot [ humm which key was screen shot ?] docking target is a hitchhiker can , pretty big fuel tank terrier engine , mono prop , big antenna[relay and direct] electrics . 3 dock ports around the can , one on the nose , edit: i resumed : 10 m/s closing . closest approach was 90 m , it whipped by ,retrograde showed , prograde showed . that halo orbit thing again . which key for screen shot ? ,prograde retrogrd .. missed approach .. the target is receding , 648 m relative speed 5 m/s , nav ball shows reticule [ spelled ? the little wing thing] centered on to target [pink circle] retrograde marker is one ball over/.adajacent ... next encounter is in 32 min 91 m/s 31 KM closest approach. .. i could set a node , burn for a closer encounter , and try again .. i think plenty fuel and mono ,, go around go around or F9 as i recall my F9 puts me about 2 km away 80 m/s differential , closest approach 200 m ,approaching from the lower orbit , procedure would be to insure navball target , burn retro target to 0.0 relative .. which course of action suggested . i think ill take another turn around the planet and set a node. ok.. set a node 14.6 m/s radial out and prograde , intersect 2 , t-24 , separation 0.1 km [100 m ] relative speed 19.6 m/s .. switched focus to the docking target [hitchhiker can] set docking trainer as target , control from here on the nose dock port . switch to docking trainer ,, burned [ mono prop ] at maneuver, did not go well , did not hit the mark for dip It IS IMPORTANT to REMEMBER : turn off the rcs when reorienting it will throw these fine maneuvers off big time if ya dunt .. last execution was for 0.1 m/s > maneuver target current state :intersect 1 t-13 + separation 0.0 km relative speed 17.2 m/s .. i think i will F5 [quick save] this condition.
  9. i tried the organic docking training . did not get docked ..but it was very helpful been looking at this tutorial [ and others] : i like written procedural , easier for me to see, i will +view+ a motion tutorial but no good for quick reference] science is up good , have a top notch probe head with all the targets. Docking target 150 KM +/- equatorial circular orbit . Docking Trainer launched to 100 KM +/- circular equatorial 0.0 inclination[ Mun Plane] terrier engine , big fuel tank , lots monoprop , step one : no problem .. i am F5 with closet approach .2 KM[ 200 M] differential speed less than 80 F9 bring me in 2 km from target closing , Nav Ball target mode , burn retrograde to zero differential , [ ? circularizing the trainer orbit] ] then i burn to target [ 10-15 closing] ... no joy , i end up dancing around the target + Turning and Burning+ made me very dizzy , my reaction wheel and RCS authority inadequate to keep up .. rcs ports are at CG , i think i will reconfigure on next launch and have some well forward and aft of CG . burning to target [pink circle] prograde matches , then retrograde ,, kind of a halo orbit about the target. .. when i gave it up as a lost cause i had blown the high point of my orbit out to 230 KM.. but then i ran a pretty big tank of fuel through the terrier sometimes at full throttle .. go around go around/ F9 just now i am paused 678.2 m from target , 9.9 m/s differential speed , target selected in the navball , to target selected in SAS , pink circle and prograde marker +nearly congruent+ clearly i am missing a critical step/behavior .. perhaps someone can help . happy to look at links and take advice.
  10. bubba

    gameplay lost

    schaufel i can only imagine your angst, 31 years of play, 86 Mio cash, 550k science saved, only 3 years until my plock/kareen expeditions returns .. when i consider my state and concern. daveroski ..os bashing time ? i must admit to having grepo running in a browser window on monitor 2 i have been upset with MS since 1993 and the display of behavior in restraint of trade . hope to load a linux variant . hope to load a os/2 variant . yet to do.. i think i will load down a redhat . i have stock in that company and it sure has done good
  11. bubba

    gameplay lost

    no edits . no mods ,a fresh program load , steady state game play , focus on a particular vessel in orbit , watching surface scan for a +particular+ biome to pass under so as to capture data.. .. game stops loading ..my resource monitor ,, [ 15 years after other os had this win +finally +does] indicates ksp_x64.exe +unresponsive + .. i hold my breath .. usually it picks back up but sometimes it loses the whole shooting match .. ?? blame it on the processor ?, blame it on the operating system ? ultimately blame it on the program application running that failed to load the last stable state on restart .. Aught not have to go in and manually copy a file over .. program should go find last stable state seamlessly .. could not of done this fix w/o your help showing me the steam file browser.. win10 still eludes me . i am an old fidonet command line guy ..
  12. bubba

    gameplay lost

    seems to me a truly robust program would identify the corrupt file, then go find the last possible restore.. ,. on the positive side game program saved a + pretty current+ gamestate in a backup folder. however,, you should not expect a user to go find that backup file and manually copy it over.. do you know what i mean ,, should i try to clarify ? i do not have the corrupt persistent . sfs from this failure . i deleted it [ shoouda just renamed , xxx however i do have a persistent.sfs displaying this error from 2 prior fails ,, i would be glad to copy and send to anyone who wished to delve further into this . vbr bubba
  13. bubba

    gameplay lost

    i am happy to say my restore through this Gyration [ replacing the persistent .sfs file with one from +backup+ folder ] has restored a gamestate showing my minimus sampler mission on escape from minimus, this should mean that hard to sample minimus flat sample is there, much thanks to boyster . he showed the way i have available 8 dumps.. ,, latest was on 3/6/2018 .. todays fail 5/9/2018 outputlog dump a little out of date.. . this is the third time this failure mode has happened .. im running win10 [ do not get me started in speaking about the quality of MS OS] a Lenovo thinkcentere . .. refurb. i would be most happy to upload copy of the dumps given a target . however,, the failmode that resulted in the fail mode + JUST STARTED + DID NOT DUMP excerpt without the hexdex of the last dmp in file Unity Player [version: Unity 5.4.0p4_b15b5ae035b7] mono.dll caused an Access Violation (0xc0000005) in module mono.dll at 0023:1011a28a. Error occurred at 2018-03-06_183448. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\KSP.exe, run by micha. 85% memory in use. 3914 MB physical memory [564 MB free]. 0 MB paging file [1290 MB free]. 0 MB user address space [183 MB free]. Write to location 02000000 caused an access violation. Context: EDI: 0x01000000 ESI: 0x2b17ca78 EAX: 0x00040000 EBX: 0x00000001 ECX: 0x02000000 EDX: 0x00000000 EIP: 0x1011a28a EBP: 0x0053813c SegCs: 0x00000023 EFlags: 0x00010206 ESP: 0x00538118 SegSs: 0x0000002b EDIT: tnxs for the interest and response it seems apparent something is goobered up in the persistent.sfs file since replacing it with a back copy restores the gamestate..
  14. bubba

    gameplay lost

    failed again .. i am double bummed . 1500 science logged , a polar gravity scan mission to minimus [should yield 1170 science ] polar gravity scan to mun , another bunch of science.. . what a lot of time i spent in those orbits gleaning all the biomes.. 7 million more coins available to build ships and the same failure . windows locked up and rebooted . now my career 3 shows , + just started + again . i am sure files persistent.sfs and persistent.loadmeta are corrupt.. maybe this time i will start a new career game , but instead of copying all the old file folders to it copy the 2 persistent files to the game i want to continue to play [ that the one with the most science ] unless some one has a better suggestion .. do the developers read these forums ? this is really unsatisfactory , stupid windows goofs and 1500 hrs screen time POOF .. BBL to see what you'all have to say edit: i find a file in folder backup named persistent [2018_05_09_23_26] dated 5/9/2018 3:18 PM a SFS file 6,769 kb today a little while ago maybe i should copy it in that current folder and see what happens ,, maybe i should compare it with the existing sfs file , acertain the differences and edit as required . this is UNSAT i came here to learn orbital dymamics not to mess wit faulty computer code edit 2: check this ,; copied the file from the backup folder as named above into the current game save folder , deleted persistent.sfs , renamed persistent [2018_05_09_23_26] to persistent.sfs and on the current game up shows my science and 6.9 mill funds , [ funny the reputation seems stuck at 83 % .. have not tried to load yet , i will let you know. sure do hope the save state has the gravity scan from the flats on minimus , small target and i went rountd and round to finally get that logged.
  15. bubba

    gameplay lost

    first attempt : new game new name [career 3 ]saved copy and paste as directed , over wrote the duplicate files , there were 4 duplicate files new session showed same as the one copied .+ just started + would not load second attempt : did not save the new game session , there were 2 duplicate files did not overwrite the 2 dupes [ i think they were the persistent files . game loaded with zero science zero all. restored the last quick save and Happy Day my sc jr on an aero brake return from Mun sampling of east farside crater showed up .. 700 something science in the book and quite a load of science on this lander .. thanks so much you have saved the day for me . apparently the 2 persistent save files were corrupt. they need to fix this bug . not everyone will go through this minor gyration thanks again Today You are the Hero