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  1. Oh jeez, I hope it's not corrupted, this is the farthest I've gone in career mode. Orbital drift compensation and ease in gravity are both on. I really appreciate the effort.
  2. I will definitely check again and try this when I get on later today. Thanks for the tips. I have no mods downloaded so I don't believe that could be the problem. For some more details, when I time warp, sometimes locations on Kerbi, like the KSC, seem to jump around alot when in map view. Almost as if they are not fixed to the surface of the planet. This happens only in the map view, when I go to said locations they appear fine.
  3. No sir, that doesn't seem to be the cause of the problems sadly.
  4. Recently I have been having an issue in KSP where anytime I time warp, my ship's periapsis and apoapsis will change. If I am only orbiting Kerbin, it may only change a few meters or so each time I enter time warp; however, when flying to Minmus I sometimes miss my entire encounter or my periapsis will change by 10,000+ meters because of it. This makes getting to minmus difficult, but now it is almost impossible to encounter a planet outside of Kerbin like Duna. This happens at all levels of warp including only x5. I have the game on steam and have verified the integrity of the game files along
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