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  1. Yeah my old account was saved on my phone^^. You don't know when they will release 1.4.5? Because otherwise I would try to reinstall an older version of ksp where more mods are working (already lost 2 iss replicas because of not having kjr) I once tried it threw steam but that haven't worked :/. Is there another way to get an older version installed? And will the dlc work on an older version of ksp? Thanks for your help
  2. I think this is the mod I'm searching for. Can't test it right now, but the name seems to be the same, not quite sure ^^. Is there a reason why kopernicus won't get an update?
  3. Uh... For some reason, I landed on the Mun in a probe-lander, and it is gone when I go to the space center scene. It seems the Mun is hungry. Anyone have a fix for this? Also- as a second bug, I can't time-warp with a flag nearby. It just explodes. Please help. EDIT: Modlist: Toolbar, AIES Aerospace, Biomass, Soviet Engines Pack, Visual Enchancements + HD Clouds, BT Engines (merlin), Custom Biomes, Deadly Reentry, Kerbal Engineer, Engine Igniter, Ferram Aerospace Research, Procedural Fairings, Kerbal Joint Reinforcement, KW Rocketry, HotRockets, 6S Service Compartments, Planet Factory, TreeEdit, RealChute, RealFuels, Realism Overhaul, RealSolarSystem, RemoteTech 2, SFJBRealEngines, StretchyTanks, Texture Replacer, Universe Replacer, and Module Manager 1.5.5. I know it is a lot, but it may be useful.
  4. Experimental Planets! Here, I'll showcase all of the planets I make with Planet Factory CE, by Kragrathea. I'm kinda new to this, and I'm attempting to learn this, so don't expect any great planets. Here are the planets I've made so far... Melinous System: Serious__________________________________________________________________ Basically a giant piece of ice floating in space, which is said to have broken off of a rogue planet that flew through the Serious system. Most scientist have came to the conclusion that it is made of bubblegum ice cream. http://imgur.com/a/8IFkX Download ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Note: Requires Planet Factory CE
  5. Helps hide RTGs or monopropellant tanks I don't want sticking out on my ship. Awesome!
  6. For some reason when I try to connect to one it instantly says "Handshake recieved. Server version" but does nothing. Any suggestions?
  7. I can't make a decent airplane, this guy makes SSTOs like crazy.
  8. What I think would improve the new update is more probe parts and science parts, such as a robotic arm that can collect samples and a small chamber that can hold samples. These small parts would be discovered pretty late in the tech tree.
  9. People make interplanetary craft with tier 0 parts? How much do these guys play?
  10. I tried this, but didn't get to orbit, as I did my maneuvers wrong. I MAY have been able to get to LKO but otherwise, I got to a higher half-orbit. Pics: http://imgur.com/a/bNLB4#0
  11. Hi guys, I have a little game for you. We all know about Jebediah Kerman, his love of explosions, his always-happy attitude, but I have something I want to know, where is Jebediah Kerman in your savefile? Is he floating around in interplanetary space? is he crash-landed on Laythe? I want to know. My Jebediah Kerman is currently floating around the Mun in an eccentric inclined orbit, yet to be rescued. We haven't researched Hitchhiker Storage Containers so he will have to wait for either us to learn some science or for his oxygen to run out. http://imgur.com/Cvl2mad
  12. I'm not too good at modeling, but I'm learning and I hope to make something like this.
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