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  1. That one wall in a certain English train station. How much gasoline can fill a gallon tank?
  2. Not the red, because that’s asking for death. Who is your favorite Jedi Knight?
  3. Used to see you a lot, but not anymore. 5/10.
  4. [snip] Unfounded complaints make me trill in rage. Trill Ill Skill Sill Pill Chill Frill Drill Fill Dill Kill Bill Grill Mill Still Hill.
  5. SE: All of it is poisoned. SP: Stop and unstop time at will. You can move around during the freeze freely.
  6. Side effect: You can only fly to the other identical thread on this topic that I rember was on here at some point Super power: Mind control. Take over someone’s mind and then be able to go back to yours and leave them unharmed by default.
  7. Of course not. What should we prepare for in the event of us colonizing Australia?
  8. I remember someone here having a signature that contained some edited bible comic or similar with something like

    “If u didn’t code bugs

    u wouldn’t have bugs”

    the people were shocked at his revelation.

    Who was that that had the image?

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    2. Fraston


      Oooh I know who it is then

    3. Fraston


      I think it must be further down in their signature since I can’t see it and for some reason I haven’t been able to scroll sigs for a while now

    4. Fraston


      @The Aziz

      has the bus

  9. 0, since I still haven’t made one yet. What should my question be?
  10. A big dump. ”Kasa Jizo” “The sequels were enjoyable movies” “ZUN has lost his musical talent” “2.2 will never come out” “Silksong will never release” “Part 19/9” “Playing with items is the definitive experience” ”I’m using TILT CONTROLS!”
  11. My old Mac won’t run KSP2, it’ll crawl it, at a pace that would embarrass a snail. Dunno about my new computer, though my room will certainly get warmer.
  12. Yeah, it’s a star What is the weight of objects on your roof?
  13. A captain must always choose the lesser of 2 weevils for his crew. I colonize the lesser Weevil Vinegar hill.
  14. Maybe. Depends if there are any critical problems. What is your favorite type of cake frosting?
  15. I lift the Jackhill with a large carjack and make a hill beneath it. Carjack Jackhill hill.
  16. I climb on top of the anvil, and pour some dirt on it. My hill, on top of anvil, on top of hill.
  17. I kick the hill, since it has no friction with the ground. Your sky-high hill.
  18. 1.5-2 km per second, if I rember correctly What is your favorite dietary supplement?
  19. 500-600, haven’t checked in a hot minute What is your ideal breakfast?
  20. I set fire to the rain hill and you run. My torched hill.
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