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  1. Click. The sound new joysticks make, as opposed to clack, which is for old joysticks.
  2. Military designation for Kilometer!
  3. Well, I inspected that log (since I guess I have been looking at the wrong one) and I realized that I somehow downloaded the mod and all the dependencies without the dll's . I fixed it and everything works great, but now I feel like I just wasted your time and braincells. I'm sorry!
  4. MMPatch log: https://pastebin.com/WAVw41tT ModuleManager log: https://pastebin.com/1FuHfn3t
  5. Playing most recent KSP version, with Whirligig World planet pack (where BetterTimeWarp has become a near dependency). Neither the dropdown nor the B have ever appeared for me, I have checked in the settings and the mod is enabled, and-although I'm not fluent in log file-it appears in the log mod list and no errors happen (it's never mentioned beyond the DLL list and BEFORE, FOR, and AFTER passes.) I just can't use the mod? What else might be going wrong and how could I fix the issue?
  6. https://imgur.com/a/PFLdYBX Whirligig world, stock parts only so far (I believe myself totally unable to rendezvous with orbiting craft, so I may have to be pointed towards a launchpad relocation mod when I attempt to do anything beyond the Mesbin system)
  7. I see you plenty when I’m browsing around the forums. 7/10.
  8. Decomposing. Food for the mushrooms.
  9. Sanctioned sorry I mean banned by the UN.
  10. I am not allowed to click, therefore, I click.
  11. That one wall in a certain English train station. How much gasoline can fill a gallon tank?
  12. Not the red, because that’s asking for death. Who is your favorite Jedi Knight?
  13. Used to see you a lot, but not anymore. 5/10.
  14. [snip] Unfounded complaints make me trill in rage. Trill Ill Skill Sill Pill Chill Frill Drill Fill Dill Kill Bill Grill Mill Still Hill.
  15. SE: All of it is poisoned. SP: Stop and unstop time at will. You can move around during the freeze freely.
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