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  1. so from what i have read and seen here it seems the devs have their reasons for keeping the version lock on (mostly to fix some minor bugs that would behave way differently in 1.5.1) and other things beyond my current education. But screaming at them to remove the version lock is not going to make the process go faster and instead will mean they will be spending more time hushing hostilities instead of developing this free amazing thing thats pretty good. Not to mention that sated before removing the version lock ones self means you are "voiding the warranty." I.E if planets decide to be inside each other or random explosions happen when trying to land on shiny new planets the devs will most likely not help. Best course of action is to downgrade to 1.4.5 to play with the shiny new planets till the mod is updated to 1.5.1 and onward (that and most of the good mods are still on 1.4.5 sooooooooo....) Also love the work ya did guys. who would have thought when the game came out we would be able to make shiny new planets?
  2. so if i install RPM then MAS will work on it by defualt and overide the buggy RPM screens? i just want to make sure is all
  3. so what will happen if i install this with RPM? i just wanna know if i can use this with b9 and such as well with stock pods
  4. so iv tried almost everything i could but even runing this mod by itself there are some issues where the words on the displays are reversed or just upside down. Runing ksp 1.4.2 with module manager 3.0.6 and the making history dlc.
  5. i have 3 questions really, does this work in 1.4.x and does it support gameslinx planet overhual and after kerbin planet packs? the science there is without text, at all.
  6. i downloaded kerbinside complete, are there certain things i need to remove just to get the assets? im using a planet pack
  7. So i installed ksp Monday and made a backup yesterday so i could roll back to 1.3.1, but when i tried running ksp 1.4.2 from the folder where my backup is loaded my game runs but it will not load the dlc (the game thinks the dlc is not installed), so i tried copying the files from my backup back into the steam folder but all that does is make steam try and redownload the files, i went into properties and set it to version 1.4.2 but with no luck. I just want to know if im doing anything wrong or if its steams fault that nothing is working.
  8. ah so i just delete that and im good? becuase i already set lense dirt to false and thats the only tiny issue i have left now.
  9. oh ok, also is this scattarer compatable? and another issue is that the deserts are extreemly bright and its rather dark even in the day
  10. So i instaled the mod but theres this constant droplets texture on my screen now whenever i play, there a way to remove it?