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  1. I thought about that, but my question is that for this 3600T asteroid. I would need to convert enough fuel to fill my ships tanks about 4 times to get the DV I would need. and my ship consists of 1 x Mk3 Liquid Fuel Fuselage Long, and 6 x Mk3 Liquid Fuel Fuselage Short for a total of 25000 units of liquid fuel. that's a lot of fuel to have to generate. Although that calculation I put in my post for required DV was to pull the asteroid into a circular orbit about half way between Mun and Minmus. so maybe that option would actually be quite viable, because once I have achieved an eliptical orbit, I then have as much time as I need to generate more fuel to circularize. from a timing perspective, I've given up hoping to capture this asteroid on this orbit. In fact, I had totally abandoned the idea of ever capturing this particular mega-sized potato and was going to stop tracking it, however, as you mentioned its orbit might eventually bring it back within coo-ee of Kerbin, I may check how long it will take and then consider setting an alarm to the next encounter. I'm not running a life-support mod, so time is not of the essence, and this particular asteroid is not relevant to my planned Duna mission, I was just testing out a tweak to my asteroid catcher while waiting for the Duna transfer window I think my wording in my post is slightly misleading. I said "this asteroid was coming in low to kerbin" What I meant was that it was on a trajectory that would take it below the south pole of kerbin, but it was still quite a ways out, the PE was at a distance that was closer to Minmus's orbital distance than Mun's, so would still burn a lot of DV just to get the asteroid to touch the atmosphere. how much velocity will a 3600T asteroid be able to throw off in a single aerobreak? Imagine being a kerbal on the surface of kerbin for that event unfortunately this beast is coming in on a polar orbit well below Mun's orbit, so I would need to burn most of my fuel to get it near mun's orbit. Will have to consider aerobreaking but I'm not sure I can pull it off for this particular rock. how much DV is needed to change inclination by 90 degrees at the upper limit of kerbins SOI on a highly eliptical orbit? Just doing a 160ish DV burn with my current ship attached was going to burn 20000+ units of fuel That was my plan too. Initially I started out with the aim to capture asteroids just after they entered kerbin's SOI, and so I started my ACM fleet (Asteroid Catcher and Miner) but soon ran into the same issue you have with each asteroid having a different inclination inside kerbins SOI, then I found that with a ship in my current configuration with 1 x Mk3 Liquid Fuel Fuselage Long, and 6 x Mk3 Liquid Fuel Fuselage Short, and 6 nerv engines, I hadaround 11k dv which was plenty to catch the asteroids well outside of kerbins SOI giving me time to push the asteroids before they hit kerbins soi, and then my mining ships could stay in an equitorial orbit, and the asteroid catcher could head out for the next after waiting for the mining ship to refuel. I've grabbed half a dozen asteroids with my ACM fleet now, but this 3600 tonne beast has found a flaw in my system this particular asteroid I latched onto not very many days out from kerbins SOI. I guess if I detected it a lot sooner, I might have been able to catch it earlier, and affect its orbit with much less DV? still doesn't leave much DV to get even an eliptical orbit though.
  2. Hi all, I have been developing my asteroid harvesting fleet and have my asteroid catching ship with just over 11k dV from 6 Nerv engines which goes out into Kerbol orbit to catch asteroids before they enter Kerbins SOI so that I can push the asteroids so that they enter Kerbin's SOI in as close to a pro-grade equatorial orbit as possible. This has been working quite well, and I've successfully captured a 1300t class E asteroid which my mining ship is happily sucking the life out of. Now it came to pass, that a new Class E asteroid was discovered which was on an orbit that would intercept Kerbin's SOI, so I sent my asteroid catcher out to get it. I still had more than 8k dV just before the ship grabbed the asteroid, and when I grabbed the asteroid, I discovered that it was 3600t and my dV had dropped to 176. This was the closest I've ever caught an asteroid at only 13 days out from entering kerbin's SOI, I've normally got 80+ days at this point. But anyway, this asteroid was coming in low to kerbin and was on course for a polar orbit, so I set a maneuver node to change the course so that it would have close to equitorial orbit (7 degrees off), but that node needed 167 dV, and I then set another maneuver node at the kerbin PE and found I would have needed 650 dv to pull the asteroid into a high kerbin orbit. Clearly, I am a LOOOOONG way short... even if I did not do the 1st burn and just brought the asteroid into a polar orbit, I would be short about 475dV. I think would need to increase the ships dV by about 25k dV in order to have enough dV to spare to be able to capture asteroids of this size. Am I thinking about this problem the right way? Is it even possible to capture such a large asteroid? Any ideas on how to manage a mission to capture such a beast would be greatly appreciated. (Note: I've tried to build my asteroid mining fleet so that it is fully reusable, and able to refuel itself ready for the next asteroid) Regards, John
  3. I should. Ill keep an eye out for more "incidents" I posted a series a while back called "Saving Jebediah" when early on in my KSP life I accidentally sent Jebediah into a solar orbit when he was supposed to be going into a mun orbit. Then the whole space program diverted all their efforts to saving Jebediah, and after some 12 years Kerbal time, when I finally figured out Jebs orbit brought him close enough to kerbin that he could use RCS thrusters to get a kerbin encounter close enough to enter the atmosphere, he saved himself
  4. Report into near miss between ACMII and Duna Porta docked with the 1kk/K Space Station Date: Y31 D285 3:10 Kerbinauts: Hervey Kerman Shelcal Kerman Began Kerman Incident description: Hervey, Shelcal and Began were piloting the ACMII mining craft on a mission to return to Asteroid ZFC-464 to continue the mining operation there in order to supply fuel to the Duna Mission scheduled to launch within the next 3 years when during their trans-asteroid burn, the ACMII passed within 10m of the Duna Fuela which is currently docked to Docking port DR-DPSR-2 on the 1kk/K Space Station. Timeline: Y31 D285 1:20 - Shelcal receives clearance to undock from the 1kk/K Space Station from docking port FD-DPSR-1 1:22 - Began initiates undocking procedure 1:23 Shelcal receives all clear notification from 1kk/K Space Station Hervey begins calculations for transfer burn to ZFX-464 and finds suitable slingshot around the Mun with a 6m burn starting in 1h 45m 2:53 Began observes that in the 1 1/2 hours since undocking, the orbital drift of their ship and the 1kk/K Space station looks like it might bring the 1kk/K station directly in their planned flight path. 2:54 Hervey aligns ACMII in preparation for the maneouver 2:55 Hervey, Shelcal and Began all observe the 1kk/K Space station as it drifts closer and closer to their line of flight 3:06 Shelcal advises they abort the flight as he thinks it will be cutting it too close. 3:07 Hervey overrules Shelcal with less than 60 seconds to the start time for their burn and reckons they will make it ok 3:08 - Hervey initiats 6 minute burn to begin transfer to Mun slingshot 3:09 Began retracts the #2 and #3 solar panels 3:10 ACMII passes within meters of the Duna Porta docked at DR-DPSR-2 Burn continues for another 4 minutes Mitigating factors: Maneuver was calculated without taking into account the orbital variances of nearby craft Reckless decision taken by pilot to overrule navigator Naming convention of spacecraft accidentally names the craft with a name very similar to a company often associated with a cartoon based on a very fast land bird and his canine adversary. I mean who's idea was it to remove the "Mk" from the ACM Mk II and just call it the ACMII??? Edit: sorry, I thought I hit the screen cap button just at the closest point, but the screenshot directory only contained the above 2 images
  5. I have a space station with a number of fuel tanks and I'm finding it painful to select each tank to fill/empty when need to transfer fuel to or from passing ships. I'm just wondering if there is a mod that allows all tanks on a space station to be treated as 1 so that when a ship is docked I can just transfer fuel to or from the station without having to worry about which tank I am putting fuel into or taking it out of.
  6. My asteroid catcher has pulled a class C asteroid into a 38000k orbit around kerbin, and my mining ship is currently in a 1000k orbit. Now, the asteroid catcher has a scheduled burn in 10d 2h 55m to adjust the inclination to an equatorial orbit, and I'm wanting to set up a maneuver for my mining ship to intercept the asteroid catcher and the space potato it has caught, and the time to the mininig ships maneouver node is 10d 3h 50 minutes. My question is, when I'm setting up the maneouver node for the mining ship prior to the asteroid catcher's maneouver, which "orbit" is the closest approach showing for? is it showing for the asteroid catcher's current actual orbit? or is it showing for the asteroid catchers orbit after its maneouver will have been performed? Regards, John
  7. I'm trying to attach some RoveMax Model XL3 to a fuel transport rover I've built around a Mk3 Rocket Fuslage Long, and to be able to fit it within the large faring, I was wanting to use the BF-50 Size 1 Step motor to be able to rotate the wheels 90 degrees for launch, however, I can't figure out how to connect the XL3 wheels to the BF-50. It just doesn't want to attach. The attachment point doesn't show up on the BF-50 when I have the wheel I'm trying to attach. Any ideas on how to attach wheels to the Step motor's?
  8. Thanks. not sure how I didn't find this thread
  9. Thanks I'll take a look. That might give me a rough enough estimate to feed into KAC for my purposes. I'm not after an accurate projection.
  10. Oh yeah, never thought of that side of the coin. Thats a good point. Build a feature that meets the needs of some players and all the others will expect it to work differently.
  11. Recently I've been noticing all these dV signs pained on roads on my commute to work:
  12. Ok, thanks, that makes sense. My thought was that none of that intermediate stuff should be taken into account, and that if the player hadn't planned all that intermediate stuff correctly, the alarm would take them back to the ship to find that the whole shooting match had shutdown because of an intermediate process failing Sounds like my best bet is to just: This was pretty much all I was wanting KAC to do anyway And your comment about a "note of why I set it" reminds me of something else that would be nice, a way of setting a "save note" that pops up when you load a game reminding me of what I was doing but that would be a discussion for another thread...
  13. Yeah, thats true, but at the time you set the alarm, couldn't you calculate, based on the current rate of conversion multiplied by the amount of available storage, a time when the resource would be full?. of course it could not take into account any changes to conversion rates caused by things like insufficient power, so you might get to the alarm time to find the resource nowhere near full, but I think it would be fare to base the calculation on what the current conversion rate is, and leave it up to the player to build their mining operation such that they have sufficient power to continue at full operation during the night.
  14. I have an enhancement request for KAC. Would it be possible to have an event for an alarm on a vessel when a particular type of resource is full (that is set an alarm for when all the ore tanks are full, or when all the fuel tanks a full) This would be useful for mining operations, so that it would be possible to return to a ship when it has filled its ore/LFO/monoprop etc. so that we could then immediately return to the ship to transport that load of resource, or for a ship that has stopped somewhere to refuel to then continue on its journey. Cheers, John (Feature reqest created on github)