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  1. Nice pic. I guess if we wanted the OMS engine to be bi-prop it would work fine with terriers or a cheetah. I want to correct my original post and say my current TWR on the dual puff is .11 which is actually very adequate and seems decently realistic with the amount of prop I've got on there it gives me about 450 DV for on orbit activities. Here's the craft file if you guys are interested
  2. Check out my new shuttle, it's working pretty nicely. I didn't program the robotic arm, but it's got some sweet perks like a funny working airlock and an EVA jetpack to recreate Jeb McCandless' untethered spacewalk (hence the KTS-41 designation). I'd love if you checked it out and took it for a spin. Don't forget to charge the fuel cell before re-entry!! I've done that several times now lol.
  3. Nice comparison thanks! I will say they do work though. I built a shuttle last night and without a major payload it was about a .08 TWR which did get the job done. But a bit bigger would be nice, and maybe attachable to a node instead of a radial engine. Also I used an emptied supersonic intake LF tank and it ended up looking ok as an OMS pod.
  4. Hey all. Now that we have some sweet solid boosters for the shuttle replicas we need the OMS system to match. How about a better Monoprop engine that's much bigger? And also maybe an odd shaped payload bay or mono tank that can be shaped like the OMS/RCS fuel tanks on the aft of the orbiter. Really like the new design on that big solid (not so much the Pollux but the Clydesdale looks awesome). Thanks KSP guys!
  5. Excellent work, I didn't realize how used to it I'd gotten. It's necessary stuff. Thanks again!
  6. I haven't tested the drag/lift but I tested the "pop" off the floor and the old one wins that contest. I'll try bringing it to Minmus and test there but it was clearly less force. It clears less ground that's probably why. Which has it's use cases..
  7. These new service bays have their uses but they are a totally different part. It's much more than a reskin. I'm thinking the old ones were more useful, for things like popping your craft off the ground on Mun or other low-G situation, and as an airbrake/bootleg wings for re-entry. These new ones look cool but have lost some of that multi-purpose functionality. PS the old ones are still in the VAB under Variant Themes in advanced.
  8. The new big Pollux one is ugly compared to kickbacks and the kickback is more weight efficient. They look like a rough sketch they didn't finish off nicely. Clydesdale looks cool though. And we need angled nose cones to match these new sizes.
  9. Yeah if you guys are this worried about grammar I think you need a 1.8 update more badly than I do! Lol
  10. Yoo when is this update coming already!?!??!?!??!?! I'm dying over here
  11. Honestly I think the version before you added the lights was the best. The lights in the latest release are cool, but the whole Kerbin atmosphere and clouds was way better in the old version. This new one looks way too plastic. Long live the KSPRC textures though.
  12. You will start out with Kerbal in loincloth throwing rocks at the sky.
  13. This is a great thing and the new update looks packed. HOWEVER can you please release a hotfix for surface science message spam?? I'm tired of clicking over 200x just to warp to Mun.