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  1. These are fantastic. Gotta retro fit all my ships as soon as these come out. Gonna make those gemini and mercury replicas POP too
  2. I was pretty happy with this one I did. https://kerbalx.com/schwank/Apollo-11 I updated the LM to Apollo 12 and fancier as well https://kerbalx.com/schwank/LM-6-Intrepid
  3. I've gotten this when trying to do tylo assist. I think you have to lower the patched conics in options to only show one less , (if it says 6 do 5) I think it's the game running out of processing power to compute all the different changes in SOIs
  4. Can the devs clarify what this actually is
  5. The rocket looks like a stock setup. Kickback boosters, mainsail engine. Are we getting placable decals? I've been hoping for that to replicate my NASA missions more faithfully. Other than that I don't see any new stuff on this clip.
  6. You can already build a good A5 rocket. I'm curious what is going in, we need some teasers!
  7. Ok thank you sorry for the salt I was trying to take screen shots after a bottle of wine and ranted haha Good job on the efforts!
  8. I have a very distracting thing going on with RTB new version. The engine plumes have the clouds way below showing through them.
  9. Hello Can you please allow for a change of control orientation in the mk2 cockpit? I made something cool that uses this as a top piece and it would be nice to not have to clip in a probe core to get the proper control point. Thanks!
  10. Hey I just wanted to update that I think I fixed it. I lowered the amount of patched conics to 5 from the max 6. I figured it was having too much trouble computing multiple jool moon flybys. Seems good now.
  11. did you ever figure this out? I'm getting the same issue all of a sudden. Trying to make maneuvers in the jool system and crashes to desktop, no warning. and log is spammed with that message.
  12. I'm loving the city lights in the new version. You really did a great job on this. I can't wait for scatterer to be updated and get the full effect
  13. It still looks what I consider way better than vanilla even with it being broken in 1.9. Can't wait for the update though. Thank you for doing this great work.
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