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    KSP Loading... Breaking Ground: Robotics

    Not sure if this is in the works, but it would be great to have some telescoping parts, stuff that can extend from being "packed away". So we can build long deployable arms and probe extensions.
  2. schwank

    Best Minmus rocket

    Check out my all in one ship, it works well. You don't need multi stage landers for Minmus. For Mun yes, but Minmus is low mass.
  3. New Kid Mk1 (NK1) is a light multi-purpose ship for the local Kerbin system. Designed to take advantage of recent breakthroughs in Mk2 Can and Poodle Engine technologies, the NK1-Class Spacecraft is everything you need for routine runs to LKO and back. It even packs enough heat for orbital excursions around Mun, and landings on Minmus! The NK1 is made specifically with the discerning Kerbonaut in mind, sporting a luxurious 12 windows. 12! Why just do it, when you can do it in style! Kerbal x link
  4. Hey all This is an update of this post to v3! The objectives get a little messy but its all there, it's working all the way through with points for medals now. The only mod needed is Kerbal Engineer because I added the tape recorder MechJeb part to the CSM. I think a lot of you use MechJeb so maybe this is a positive, let me know if that's a negative and I should make one completely stock. APOLLO 15 v.03 on KerbalX LINK HERE Thanks, and please send out some feedback if possible! Apollo 15 launched from KSC on 7/26/1971, on a scientific expedition to the Hadley-Appennius region of the Lunar surface. The first 'J-Class' mission, Apollo 15 had more advanced capabilities than previous flights, including a LM equipped with the Lunar Roving Vehicle (LRV), and an orbital science kit stowed in the Service Module. Recreate this historic mission in Kerbal Space Program by launching a Saturn V rocket to a precision landing in the Munar Midlands! Once safely on the surface, you'll unpack the MEM and commute via rover to collect samples in several biomes. Setup the Surface Experiments (AMSEP) package while the CSM performs orbital science collection. Once surface operations are complete, you'll rendezvous and dock in orbit, deploy a subsatellite, depart Munar orbit, perform a spacewalk en route to Kerbin, and land safely (hopefully...)! All in a days work for the crew of Apollo 15! IMGUR for a few highlights -
  5. schwank

    Apollo 15 in KSP (v.03)

    Don't, I fixed it and am about to post a fixed revision 3 but I just have some quick fixes to make it a bit neater. The objectives thing worked though. You'll get finished mission tomorrow! Edit - uploaded now.
  6. schwank

    Apollo 15 in KSP (v.03)

    OK sir and thank you for helping on this. I've updated the file to "Beta.02". I think I know what happened to you there. I changed all the things you need to do to "Objectives", and I turned all the things that were previously the Key Mission Objectives, are now both "Objectives" and "Events". So I think this will make it ultimately very clear what you need to do to progress. The end node is still broken. I have a "catch all" node which I added to be a 'failure' if let's say you aborted or didn't go to Mun. Its a catch all that says if you had less than 5K score, you lose. I think this is interfering with the end landing nodes. I have to test that specifically, but I think this .02 will work better as far as you at least getting through it all save for the Success at the end. Thanks again!
  7. schwank

    J Class LEM

    Wanted to post this one on here. I've been working these with different setups based on the different ALSEP configurations per the real missions. J class missions have the rover. This is an early prototype can be used for Apollo 15, 16, 17.
  8. schwank

    J Class LEM Thanks! , trying to figure out how, here is an album
  9. schwank

    Does Anyone Have A Good Minmus Ship?

    Check this one out.
  10. schwank

    Apollo 15 in KSP (v.03)

    Ok I will check that! As soon as you do the surface sample at the canyons within eyeshot of that "munley ridge" rover destination, that node should fire saying something cool and then saying to get back to the "falcon" and plant a flag. Thanks I will try this mission again, it's been a week so I'm not burnt out on it anymore. On the latest craft I removed the science experiments from the rover because the intention is to use the ALSEP package.
  11. schwank

    Apollo 15 in KSP (v.03)

    Thank you! Good feedback. Going to the edge of the ridge, you should then take a surface sample at the "canyons" biome. It should then give you a message saying to run back to the LEM and plant the flag. After that you should be cleared to re-dock (or do a side mission). Did it seem like the ridge surface sample node was busted?
  12. schwank

    Why Don't A Lot of People Use Making History?

    I've been playing with the mission editor and I think it's actually really cool. You can do a lot of stuff that makes the game feel more alive and interactive. But the problem is it's super hard to use it. It's a real barrier to trying to do cool stuff. All the new parts are awesome though. My favorite thing is to continue dialing my Apollo rocket more and more realistic.
  13. schwank

    Apollo 15 in KSP (v.03)

    Hey did you end up trying it?? Let me know
  14. schwank

    [KSP 1.7] Astronomer's Visual Pack [v3.8 "Endgame"]

    Check this out, awesome series from Kerbin's north pole
  15. schwank

    [1.7.0-1 + Backports] Kopernicus & KittopiaTech

    I'm taking the high road and bribing the man. You've got cash for a beer on PayPal. lol, you da man Thomas P.!
  16. schwank

    [KSP 1.7] Astronomer's Visual Pack [v3.8 "Endgame"]

    hi do I install the "default configs' when in CKAN if I am using Astronomers Pack? Like PlanetShine has a config checkbox as well, and also Scatter has a default config separate checkbox. Do I check that or no? thanks EDIT: Just manually installed everything instead. WAY BETTER. CKAN wasn't the way to go for me.
  17. schwank

    Patch 1.4.3 to be released next week!

    Hello! I've just joined the forum, as the Making History release sale prompted me to finally pickup this game after watching it for years. THANK GOODNESS! This is the best game I've ever played. I really appreciate the active updates and wanted to give some feedback. The missions are awesome! Once I had leveled off on my career learning curve, I leaned into the missions. They're great! Loving the Ziggy Kermin Spiders, just got a gold last night. PLEASE keep updating these missions regularly. On the bug report side: I'm having lots of trouble with the Service Module SM-25 part, as regards placing fuel tanks on the 3x central nodes. I've made a detailed photo-report of this problem. Can you please let me know if this is known/fixable? SM-25 Fuel Bugs THANK YOU!
  18. Hi everyone, I also am having this problem. Very difficult to solve, I can't figure it out. I made an album of the problem step by step. SM-25 Fuel Problems