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  1. i dreamt a lot smaller than you lol but here is my ISRU ship and 2x attached mining landers
  2. The docking ports seem ok now, my station was once again rigid and not wobbling like a wet noodle on the verge of a kraken induced RUD
  3. Can you elaborate on the changes to the engines, and post details of how the ground anchor works, etc
  4. Would love if all the classic parts were included in the new game including making history stuff. Would be great to be able to recreate all the stuff from the original game in the new engine
  5. These are incredible pieces of work. Really appreciate all the attention to detail on each craft. All your research has really paid off and major props for your explanations giving the summary and highlights of each mission. Seriously fantastic, words don't do it all justice. This game takes one's interest in space to a whole different level where it's tangible to be able to launch and move around the missions you only read about
  6. Logo and craft look awesome, nice work!
  7. FYI,the bug with the hatches being obstructed just because they are near a rover arm is still in the game, it was not fixed like they mentioned in previous patch notes
  8. One thing going on is the docking ports, all my previously very rigid and stable stations and stuff are either super wobbly, or begin a feedback loop kraken attack when something new is docked to it (or both)
  9. Yeah I just reinstalled the newest everything and it's definitely way smoother, didn't check fps but was really noticeable. Thank you!
  10. It really is! I've been busting my head on how to do a proper Gemini for years. This finally cracked the case, I'm super happy how it came out. I might expand the product line with an agena stage and variant load outs based on the missions like do a radar evaluation pod etc.
  11. Awesome video I got a little misty not gonna lie.
  12. Thank you! It was done by editing the fairing in the craft file, someone on Reddit showed me that trick.
  13. Dear squad, can you please fix the "add part to rover and satellite" missions as part of the update. Thanks. Also still holding out hope for a stock 4 kerb capsule!
  14. Great job all! Hoping for some more cool announcements as we get closer. Hate to see it end, I always feel like I'm just getting started
  15. Hey thanks for that testing, I wasn't liking the idea some of my cool Apollo recreations are a bit wonky from kerbalx . I was trying to just remove it for now. I'll give that a shot.
  16. What used to happen though is if you put a decoupler on it the shroud would remove or disappear and now it's not in the latest version
  17. I have a few different craft using the MEM and previously the shroud would disappear on staging but now it's staying in place. Can you fix it back how it was?
  18. https://kerbalx.com/schwank/Gemini-Spacecraft--Titan-II-GLV
  19. 1. Repair satellite missions.. tell us what level of engineer is required in the mission, I got all the way to the satellite only to find I need a level one engineer and had to go home. 2. "Bare" variants of the swivel and reliant engines, this would really help some designs. 3. "Bare" variant of the large place anywhere RCS 4. "Bare" no truss versions of Poodle
  20. Gonna be prepping for an Orion Constellation Altair type build with those new panels
  21. Looks great! Can we have a small fairing added to the game?
  22. Hi I'm getting the thing with black sky and no water. I tried reinstalling all the elements to no avail, does anyone know how to solve?
  23. These are fantastic. Gotta retro fit all my ships as soon as these come out. Gonna make those gemini and mercury replicas POP too
  24. I was pretty happy with this one I did. https://kerbalx.com/schwank/Apollo-11 I updated the LM to Apollo 12 and fancier as well https://kerbalx.com/schwank/LM-6-Intrepid
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