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  1. Both have different textures and visuals, so you can’t really compare one another. Though the colours on Sci Fi VE are more saturated to give a Sci-Fi look.
  2. Given that you don't want a performance impact, I recommend downloading the following mods... EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements : Without the configs. This mod is a plugin which will allow you to add clouds and other effects into the game. Sci-Fi Visual Enhancements: A lightweight config for EVE. It looks amazing, and barely impacts your performance. StockVisualTerrain: Improves the terrain on the planets and makes them look 10x better.There may be a performance impact though, but I recommend it.
  3. Without your mods list, logs and a picture of your GameData, there is literally nothing we can do just judging from the picture.
  4. My guess is that you have EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements (the plugin) installed , but not any configs. As a result, you don't have any clouds. I suggest installing a config pack like SVE, Spectra, AVP, etc. Also could you take a picture of your GameData folder and share it here, as well as uploading your KSP.log, so we can tell what exactly the issue is?
  5. A planet pack shouldn't require ocean shaders. It's likely that the visuals would look poor without them, but it's not like the planet pack won't work unless you have them on. Lowering the scale or resolution won't help either, as it's the shader itself which is system-intensive and not the texture it relies on. Can you try disabling ocean-shaders in the Scatterer configs? Also, what's the planet pack that you're using?
  6. @Gameslinx if I'm making a 'mistake', then please let me be. I made this mod not to be a competitor to the other visual overhauls, but rather to create my own set of visuals which I enjoyed, and that other people could play with. I'm not doing it for fame in the KSP community, I'm just making this for myself and for other people who see this and want it in their own games. Plus, although the clouds are akin to those you can find in other visual overhauls, I've developed a unique way for the clouds to look super sharp, regardless of your altitude. And that's what I'm happy with. @Poodmund I am aware of level of detail. I used to mess around in the Hammer software, making maps. But for KSP, I personally find it unrealistic, and volumetrics may look a bit funny depending on the texture. But that is just my opinion. Again, the performance impact on my mod is very minimal, and if it looks nice and runs well, then that's all that matters to me (and maybe others).
  7. @Gameslinx When I compressed the textures to 32K and removed some useless textures, the performance was instantly improved and RAM usage was cut in half. Most people have at least 4GB of RAM. Before Kerbin uses more RAM than this. The Laythe clouds are a modified cloud map from some photoshop plugin (LunarCell I believe). I added some extra clouds and reduced the original amount of swirly clouds. I respect your opinion, but that is your opinion. There are people out there who are excited for my mod, just like how there are people excited for your mod(s). All of the textures in Komorfia are unique by the way; all of the textures are mine and aren't present in any other packs. Now I don't want to sound hostile, but by your logic, why should I play your planet pack when there are probably a hundred other packs which I can download? I mean like sure, whole planet aurorae are cool. But visuals shouldn't be the selling point for a mod which is designed to change gameplay. Again, not trying to be hostile, but I'm just sharing my opinion.
  8. @Gameslinx thanks for your feedback. The swirly clouds, in my opinion, are the only decent-looking clouds which work well for Laythe. If I used generic or stable clouds, it would look rather boring. The swirly clouds make Laythe look more dramatic and different from Kerbin. Since Kerbin is akin to Earth in many of its properties other than size, it would be appropriate to use Earth-style clouds for Kerbin. Those clouds, in my opinion, look the best for a terrestrial planet with lots of water. I've also had some people saying that these are one of the best clouds for Kerbin they've ever seen. As to the 64K clouds... When reduced to 32K, the performance and memory impact of the clouds were very minimal. With Komorfia installed, only 4GB of RAM was used and performance was very smooth on my rig. Given that the average PC nowadays has more RAM than this, I believe that any modern PC should be able to run this. Many people that play games also have a decent PC, meaning that performance would improve more. One of the problems with 8K is that although it looks nice from the surface, pixelation is evident from the surface and low orbit. Putting a detail texture doesn't help that much; it's like getting a low poly model and slapping ultra-high res textures on it. You have blocky clouds and then inside that, you have tiled up smaller clouds which are cut off on the edge. Plus detail textures aren't that realistic in my opinion and make volumetrics look weird. That's why I used a super subtle detail texture in Komorfia. Plus many of the beta testers have noted that the performance impact was very minimal after removing the planet textures. There are also various features I have never seen in other visual packs which I plan on including.
  9. Give it the same license as the other versions of the mod (so CC-BY)
  10. So like additional star systems? Well, there's this which should still work.
  11. It's outdated but still should work in the latest version of KSP, given it's only configs and textures.
  12. In addition to what Snark said, I would highly suggest not including your presumably personal email on this public listing. Listing up your email publically is just begging for people to spam your email with bots and junk mail. Unfortunately there are some people in the world who do that.
  13. If you do some of the textures and leave the rest to others, you'll only end up with ugly inconsistent textures as everyone has a different art style. There's a reason we don't have visual overhauls made by multiple people. And if it's not done, then don't release it. Nobody wants a rushed mod.
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