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  1. Astronomer's Visual Pack.
  2. Did you place the mod in the GameData folder? And if you did, did you place the .zip or the folder? Because if I recall KSP won't accept mods in a .zip file. Additionally do you have Kopernicus and the other requirements for that mod? Small solar system is a bit vague but I assume you meant Stock Size Real Solar System. That I believe is not updated for KSP 1.7 yet I believe. But since it's just a planet pack, it's likely it will work with 1.7.
  3. No. That’s disrespectful to all the other people who spent hours upon hours working on their mods.
  4. Some people do make mod packs, but they don't go very well. Some mods may have restrictive licenses meaning you can't redistribute the mod, recompile it or basically do anything with it other than installing. Additionally some mods may update meaning that the mod pack will have outdated mods. The closest and best way is to make a CKAN thing which installs all of the mods and updates them when needed.
  5. Are you asking a question or..?
  6. Of course it must be Theysen's fault, because all of the other thousand people are lying about their game working. Show your logs and GameData folder otherwise what you're saying is as useful as going to a mechanic and saying your car wont start without even bringing said car.
  7. AVP and Spectra are one of my favourite packs. By the way you shouldn’t have both SVE and Spectra, they’re incompatible.
  8. I spy with my Kerbal eye... New Duna surface textures, footprints, dust storms, clouds and a main planetary texture.
  9. Messier

    [1.4.X] KS3P

    Hold up, I’m a bit confused. So I make a profile and assign it in ks3p.cfg or whatever it’s called? (i’m on mobile rn so i don’t know the exact name of the config). There’s an in-game GUI as well? How do i open it? And there’s no way to do it automatically without changing any files?
  10. Haha, I'm literally working on making the ground textures right now. Nothing in game yet though, still working on making the main planet textures.
  11. Messier

    [1.4.X] KS3P

    I haven’t read all the comments in the post, but is there support for ModuleManager? I’m working on a cloud mod and included in that mod is a custom config for KS3P. But I don’t want users to have to manually edit the config file for KS3P as I would like it to be as simple as possible to install. So is there a way i could write a MM config which changes the main config?
  12. Messier

    Is procedural rocket engines possible?

    It's outdated, but give this a try.
  13. I tested it on my computer and KSP used about ~8.5GB of RAM, so it's safe to say that the minimum requirements for this mod will be 8GB.