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  1. Yesterday was a day of mixed feelings. I designed an electrical fixed wing probe for Eve. It looked promising - it could potentially collect a lot of science. Meanwhile I sent a spaceplane to minmus to rescue the crew from my mobile space station (please don't mind the small rocket on the back of the lab, it is meant for peaceful purposes only ). After that I sent my mission to eve, everything looked ok. When I got there things started going bad... when the probe entered Eve atmosphere my relay was out of range - rookie mistake that is! My probe had no signal
  2. Recently I decided to go back to KSP and check what's new after a long time so I started a new career with Nertea mods and TAC-LS. While exploring Kerbin SOI I decided to create a mobile surface base using the breaking ground robotics for the first time. I used the labs to set up the lab in a way which allows it to move between the "transport configuration" and the "static configuration". It's not much but its honest work ...
  3. After all those years playing KSP I never noticed that. Thanks for the tip!
  4. Wow this is amazing, I love your designs. Congratulations! I am looking forward for the next chapters.
  5. Today I sent my first probe to Mun in my JNSQ career. Felt great after being away from ksp for some time! After landing, I noticed that I forgot to do some science while flying low on the Mun. So I sent my probe to a suicide "jump" just for fun (and some science). By the way, I strongly recommend JNSQ!
  6. This month I tried playing ksp again after a long time but I was not able to create an amusing career experience like the old times. Then I installed this mod. It has been a mind blowing experience. It can’t really be called a “mod” because it is much more than that. I am amazed by the details and quality of JNSQ. Installation was easy and I am playing it with a lot of other mods without any trouble. Congratulations to everyone involved, this is really a piece of art.
  7. To me kOS is a mod which has great potential for replays. Do everything again, but now fully automated. You my get that same old feeling “Great, I finally got into orbit!” but now it is because your script worked.
  8. It also happened to me. I mistakenly extracted the FinalFrontier folder to GameData, but you actually have to extract the Nereid folder. Just answering it here in case it is useful for someone.
  9. Real Chute mod has one inline chute which allows placing a docking port right above it. Some other mods also have this kind of part, like Tantares and Home Grown Rockets. Probably there are even more options...
  10. Usually it is better to touch the water with a fuel tank or fuselage. Perhaps you could check if your wings are touching the water which may not be a good idea. In my case I attached the aerodynamic surfaces higher in the fuselage and it worked pretty good. It helps taking off from the water as well.
  11. Isn’t this related to the Making History expansion pack?
  12. Thanks @Snark for this! I just started a new career and I am loving it. Really adds a lot of replay value just using the stock planets. The new views from the Mun are simply incredible. By the way, for those who may be interested, it works perfectly fine with 1.3.1 and is compatible with Strategia without any additional configuration.
  13. Here it goes: 1. Never kill a Kerbal. I use USI LS with deadly consequences in case of lack of supply. 2. Reverting and quick saving/loading is ok. This balances the lack of actual planning which happens IRL. 3. Explore the first bodies progressively: First probes, later kerbals. First mission will do a fly by a only, then another mission to orbit, finally I will land. Later on the career I consider kerbals to be technologically advanced so a single probe mission may do it all.
  14. I play 1.3.1 as well. Most stable version I ever played, no crashes, huge list of compatible mods, good performance. To me it is a pretty solid version. I have no plans for upgrading it as my current career is going great, but perhaps I will do a separate install and try 1.4.x for the first time.
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