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  1. with the contract slot machine is the plus and minus numbers to the side how much it is going to take away or add, or is it how much was changed from the original contract
  2. Hey @blowfish I've encountered a new problem on ksp. and this didn't happen the last time i launched a few days ago. It says check Logs, but i cant find anything mentioning this in the logs. From Screenshot B9PartSwitch - Fatal Error B9PartSwitch has encountered a fatal error and KSP needs to close. Fatal exception wile loading fields on module moduleB9PartSwitch on part Exception while loading field subtypes on type B9PartSwitch.ModuleB9PartSwitch Exception while loading fields on subtype PartSubtype Water Exception while loading field tankType on type B9PartSwitch.PartSubtype No tank type named 'DS_H20' exists Please see KSP's for addtional details Yes KSP has that spelled wrong^^^^^
  3. I have also discovered that for the Stail docking port, the one with a 2.5m and 1.25m docking port the 1.25 works but the 2.5 does not function. and @JadeOfMaar I do have OPT Reconfig and i can replace it with different fuels, but monpropellent is not one of them. edit: I mean don't get me wrong I love the mod, just wish some of the bugs could get fixed.
  4. another thing while I'm sitting here building a space plane, why can't doesn't the tank hold monopropellant? it gets annoying having to take up cargo space to put monopropellant tanks.
  5. @JadeOfMaar do you think that to make a Stail size passenger cabin that you could take the science size and just add crew instead of making it a science lab. cause I do like the idea of retractable shutters for reentry purposes.
  6. @JadeOfMaar dang I wish one could be made, I don't want to do the humpback cause it too big and the MK-2 is too small, wish they had that happy medium that isn't the mk3 crew cabin which adds to much crew. O well, a guy can dream.
  7. Does anyone know if there is a J size that holds extra crew? I like the Stail docking port with two sizes but I can't find anything that fits the same size and adds more crew than the cockpit.
  8. do the parts self dock, or do you have to add a docking port? i cant seem to find a video or tutorial that explains this.
  9. @JadeOfMaar I am currently using ckan to download my mods for more stability with my game. if i try to uninstall OPT Reconfig it force uninstalls OPT Spaceplane Parts, and vice versa. @blowfish i have no idea how cryogenic is still in my mods, for ckan it says its not downloaded and through ckan i cant even download the cryogenic mods because there are considered incompatible with my current mods. i will delete the files and see if that makes it work. update: i have deleted the cryo mods out of the folders and it all seems to be working fine.
  10. alright here we go.
  11. ok i believe i found it it doesn't say log on it but just ksp, now how the hell do i put it in here.(kinda new sorry)
  12. blow fish i know you need a log file but i cant find it no matter how hard i try, i really wish i could find a fix for this, i need this mod to play OPT and without it i cant use the mod, which is very sad.