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  1. I have confirmed that the mod works as intended on 1.11.1 and works with ScienceAlert ReAlert. Would you be able to send me your log file? You could also try removing CTT/Contract Configurator and maybe ScienceAlert one by one and see if it fixes it. On that note, the mod doesn't currently work with CTT, but not for the same reason as your issue. The R&D nodes are different between CTT and the stock tech tree, so the colors won't line up and some tech nodes will be unresearchable unless you edit the Science+TechTree.cfg file in the SciencePlus folder to include them. You would just need
  2. Apologies for the late reply. I'll try to recreate the bug and see if I can figure it out.
  3. I believe that is possible even just by editing the TechTree.cfg file or making a clever ModuleManager patch (or at least that could handle 95% of the work). I'd be able to do it fairly easily, if a bit messy, but I'm not sure if it'd be included in the Science+ main mod or if it'd be a smaller companion mod. My mod pretty much accomplishes that already, as the final 3 or 4 nodes of each tech branch require the unique science types that can't be found on Kerbin. All of these parameters can be edited using the config files, so accomplishing your goal can be done entirely using th
  4. That's possible with this mod with only a bit of config node writing, and it could add to immersion without adding much difficulty, as most players I've seen usually outfit each craft with a full suite of science experiments. In that case the science counts would always be a ratio of how much each experiment is worth. However, adding immersion is always a good thing. My Science Colors implementation was specifically designed as a difficulty mod to push players into leaving the Kerbin system earlier than is typical (while still remaining possible without advanced techniques). It's definitely no
  5. I sorta intended the player to explore and find out, though you could always look in the config files. Since the mod allows other modders to create their own config files, it wouldn't be easy to have an in-game chart or something, and it would be up to each modder to decide to add an explanation to their download or to make it intuitive enough to understand on its own. In the case of my Science Colors configs, it should become apparent which color science comes from where after sending out a few interplanetary probes. Indeed these were all considerations I made, and in th
  6. The mod isn't really attached to Factorio at all other than to provide inspiration for my work, so no need to have experience with it. I've attached screenshots and examples in the main post as well as in the spoiler below. In-Game Screenshots (using Science Colors included with the download)
  7. Feedback is much appreciated, including your thoughts on the Science Colors and their requirements.
  8. Are you so unbelievably good at this game that you're able to rendezvous with your eyes closed and nothing but SRBs? Are you a masochist? Introducing Science+ Randomizer This program creates a simple randomized tech tree to make your game difficult in the most soul-crushing way possible. The starting node and shape of the tech tree, as well as the science cost progression, remain the same, but if you're going to complete the tech tree using this mod then you'll have to get creative. This mod is intended to be used with Science+ in order to add incentive to branch out to o
  9. Are you tired of filling out the entire tech tree with a single Minmus biome-hopper? Do you feel like your rocket designs are stale due to always having access to the best parts? Introducing Science+ Science+ is a light overhaul of the science system intended to make the game more challenging and to push for a greater variation and creativity in mid-game problem-solving. It allows for the addition of new science types and requirements for spending them in the R&D Facility. These science types can be added by using config files. If the player gets science data that is not s
  10. Wow, thank you very very much!! I've literally spent several tens of hours trying to get this to work prior to your explanation and code. Thank you thank you!!
  11. Sorry if this is a crazy necro post, but I'm a bit hung up on a mod I'm working on and nearing completion, and I really think this code is close to what I'm looking for in order to finish. However, my understanding of editing prefabs is very limited. Is there a way to change this code slightly to prevent the "Research" button in the TechTree screen from researching a given tech node unless other conditions have been met?
  12. Is it possible to make it so the "Research" button in the RnD Facility doesn't work? Like if you press it, it doesn't spend the science and research the tech node? Would anyone be able to point me in the right direction as to where I might find more about this in the API docs or in a mod that might do something similar?
  13. I'm getting this same issue. Has anyone found a fix? I've noticed it also causes problems with Distance Object Enhancement, or rather when this AVP bug disappears then DOE flares disappear.
  14. I'm sure I'm missing something, but could someone please explain the logic behind this mod? In Remote Tech you can have an antenna that points at the active vessel, but this antenna won't connect to other satellites, keeping everything separate. With this mod, each satellite would need an "active vessel" channel, and it would connect with other satellites via this channel, making their other frequencies pointless. Do I just need to forget the "Active vessel" channel and manually switch channels every time I switch SOIs? How do other people use this mod?
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