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  1. This is incredible, I'm just getting started on learning (and happened to already decide on the GIMP/Blender route!), and like you said, this is so much better to have on up to date reference vs. scrolling through old posts an trying to figure out what is working in the current revisions. Thank you so much!
  2. One of the things I would most like to see is a change to the way positions are calculated during time warp, often, when you use warp to a location, the end result is far from what was shown in the map view, often causing you to entirely miss a targeted planet SOI if warping far away. While trying to find a 'cure' for this I've seen some threads suggesting modifying the physics.cfg file, and that does have some positive impact, but the biggest realization I've had is that if you go back to the tracking station or space center and change focus to another ship -you can time warp without problems, this however causes you to guess at how long to warp (or use Kerbal Alarm clock) and wait impatiently for the long loads between switching scenes, so if there was something that forced the ship to lock onto the calculated and displayed trajectories rails whenever non-physics warp was entered that would be an amazing improvement to the gameplay experience and allow for more creative slingshotting, gravity assists, etc.
  3. I strongly second this, as docking a spaceplane to a large station often causes it to wildly thrash about and disassemble as a result of the auto-strutting switching to the heavier parts, or as an alternative, you could have the autostrut feature onto the strutted part when it is made in the VAB/SPH and not readjust after staging or docking
  4. Im experiencing the same issue as Lisias, also on OSX MacBook Pro but High Sierra -anyone seeing this on Linux or is it just Macs?
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    [WIP] Infernal Robotics - Next

    This is a wonderful add on that enables so many things! Thank you very much for all your hard work. One small piece of feedback that may just be a bug in my game is that whenever I include any of the IR parts on a ship (or even just place an exentdatron or something onto an mk1 capsule and stick it in orbit) the part seems to cause the 'constant acceleration' bug to kick in. The craft will slowly accelerate (quicker with more IR parts vs. mass) even when under no thrust. It is significant enough that setting up maneuvers for long (interplanetary) trips becomes impossible (acceleration for a 150ton ship with 5 IR parts trying to get an airbrake at Jool set up showed about a 0.2 m/s^2 acceleration, which quickly throws you out millions of meters in the time it take to set it up) same ship with those 5 parts (3 extendatrons, one right angle one, one moveable rail) removed showed no issues. Any ideas on a possible issue or for a workaround? Thanks again for your work on this - it is a great mod, articulating parts was a badly needed thing in the game to accomplish many things! ****Update after more testing - this problem has recurred even after removing IR installation, so I don't think it is related to this mod - I got tricked because it was at first only occurring with IR parts, and would go away if they were removed, now it is impacting all vessels/parts. Seems very similar to this issue, I guess Squad can't claim the Noble prize they mentioned in the post yet . Thanks for the reply Rudolf and insight - after looking more into the Unity engine I can see this may be the root of a lot of issues with the game. You mentioned patch #7, was this the 7th patch to the game or a patch to this mod?