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  1. I just noticed I was playing for a long time with a broken config, probably due to a conflict between the rescaler and CryoTanks Fuel Tank Switcher patch. Now I feel very stupid because my tanks have lower mass than they apparently should: Notice how the dry mass of the LF/OX setting remains the same as it should with LRTR only. But on the second image, some tanks (LH2) have negative dry masses! Playing the stock game with CryoTanks should give these dry masses for this tank: lf+ox=2 t lh2+ox=0.892 t lh2=0.84 t lch4=1.135 t lch4+ox=1.676 t I know that CryoTanks is not officialy supported, but do you think there is something we can do? If not, I'll try to make a patch myself to remove the B9PartSwitches from CryoTanks and make one exclusively for LRTR.
  2. There seems to be a version of Infernal Robotics that runs on 1.12: I know of a few mods that extend Breaking Grounds systems, there are probably more if you dig into the forum search. I haven't used them myself so you might have to test them:
  3. I can assure you it does work even in sandbox. Make sure you use the mechjeb case part (or have MechJeb For All mod), and that when you create your game you check that option "All part upgrades available in sandbox" or something like that, because AFAIK the mechJeb modules are upgrades unlocked from the tech tree so you probably need that option
  4. There seems to be a problem with FTF, I've waited some days to level two kerbals from level 1 to 5, and when I click "Level up crew" it just says "No astronauts on board are ready to gain experience". They still show only one star.
  5. Has anyone noticed a problem where the 2d clouds layer appears to be fixed relative to the stars, instead of rotating with the planet? It goes back to normal as soon as I enter the atmosphere. It doesn't happen at launch though, only (sometimes) when returning from a trip or loading a quick save already in orbit. I recorded this video a few years ago but it stopped happening for some reason, today I saw it again:
  6. First question, you can use either RVE (https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/206768-110x-112xreal-visual-enchancements-rve-20-release-v11-for-rss/ or RSSVE (https://github.com/KSP-RO/RSSVE). RVE apparently works with the most up to date scatterer/eve versions and requires high end setups to run (I didn't test it because I run KSP on a potato). RSSVE requires outdated scatterer/eve versions, but it works just fine (with a few minor bugs now and then). For the second question, rockets are indeed not properly scaled for RSS because their dry mass is unrealistically too high, you need tanks with realistic mass/volume ratios. There's a simple mod to adjust that, it's called SMURFF (https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/117992-17-19-smurff-simple-module-adjustments-for-real-ish-fuel-mass-fractions-191-02019-nov-12/)
  7. Colonies! (and all the awesome new features, but colonies above everything else)
  8. Perhaps you noticed this problem during time warp? Sometimes I have heat related bugs during high time warp levels. Even in stock KSP. And it gets progressively worse as you get closer to the star or activate stronger time warp levels. AFAIK, System heat only handles internal heat, not heat from the star. But from my experience, it allows KSP's engine to use the radiators for stock heat handling (heat from the star). I tested a ship with a thermometer close to the star and the temperature actually decreased when I activated the radiator (from the system heat mod).
  9. There's an issue where sometimes, especially when closer to a star, when entering high time warp settings or above (like 100x) the ship will immediately start heating up indefinitely until it explodes, even with radiators (the temperature remains constant at no warp or lower warp levels). There's also a problem, that happens for a few moments (less than a second) just upon entering any time warp level, in which the ship will start losing a specific amount of electric charge, even when there are enough solar panels to supply all EC demands. The amount increases with higher time warps. This happens in stock game (tested only in KSP 1.12.5). Do we know why this happen, and a way to fix it without completely disabling heat and electric charge in the cheats menu?
  10. Once for every type of surface feature, and you can use better arms as you unlock them on the tech tree on surface features which you already analyzed with the basic aras, to get the remaining science. As for mods implementing new surface features, I don't think we have them, sadly.
  11. Any of these will run KSP just fine. AFAIK, sadly, KSP is not really optimized for multi-threading so you won't get any real benefit with the I7 (comparing with the I5). Keep in mind that, when launching really big ships (which you'll eventually do if you want to play RSS seriously), you will have lag no matter how good your computer is, take a look at this video from Raiz Space where he tested a couple huge ship in a computer that seems to have even better specs than those you posted: De nada.
  12. Been a while off the game, warming up for KSP 2. What am I doing wrong here? For some reason, the near future ion engines are not cooling off, no matter how many radiators I add. It says "Engine system maximum temperature of 500 k was exceeded on FI-2154 'Jewel-4' gridded ion thruster! Engine shutdown!" even though I have more than 10 times heat rejection capacity. Here's an image to illustrate: ------------------- EDIT ------------------ Turns out I just had to separate the engine in one loop and the fission reactor in another. I swear I spent a long time fiddling around. Well, I'll just leave it here for posterity.
  13. Parallax works with RSS by default with basic support. Just have to install last version prior to 2.0
  14. Waterfall is a plume mod, not a fuels mod. RealFuels Stocks Real Fuels config (this mod) just makes the stock engines compatible with real fuels mod (it adds other fuel resources like kerosone, Lqd. Oxygen, Lqd. Hydrogen, etc to stock engines, and removes default LqdFuel). RealFuels has a dependency on RealPlumes, which is another plume mod, so if you want to use RealFuels + Stock RF configs you should not install Waterfall. Another option, if you want to use Waterfall (which looks way better than RealPlumes), is to stick with stock fuel resources and use mods that add waterfall support for stock engines, and a mod that add cryogenic engines which will use different types of fuels,.
  15. I agree with @Gordon Dry, you've done a good job writing these configs and it would be a good idea to post them on github. I could do it if it's ok for you (I would properly acknowledge you if that is to be done)
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