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  1. Gorgeous! Just remember to scrub your first launch attempt for maximum authenticity!
  2. No friggin' way! I haven't seen hide nor hair of this mod since KSP 1.3.0! Seeing this mod alive again is a serious dose of cheerful nostalgia!
  3. Just wondering what that nosecone is? I think I recognize it, but I'm not waiting 15 minutes for KSP to load just to find out.
  4. Pretty sure it was still the 20th at the Kennedy Space center at the time, too. It works for me!
  5. Apologies are rare on the web. When I do get them, I take them with much gratitude and cheer! Also, as an aficionado of puns, I appreciate the "apollogies" on a mod currently developing Apollo related content. The well placed surplus "L" gave me a giggle! In other words, it's all good! Both are two-man (Two-Kerbal?) Stations, so that sounds like a good fix. Also sounds like I'm playing some KSP today. Someone's gotta test it! Another question - How is Friznit getting those blueprint-style images for the Wiki when Kronal Vessel Viewer has been dead for a while?
  6. I expect people to not be rude when I give honest feedback or ask a question. Lucky for me, other people provided actually helpful answers, and now Cobalt is well aware the function is missing. It is, in fact, a dev version. in that you are correct. That means, if something is incorrect, the devs need to know. Hence, why I comment. From Cobalt's reaction, it's clear the functions should have been there, and something went wrong along the way. Not me! Honestly, I do believe it was originally there. I seem to recall checking for it explicitly. Lots of "Labs" are actually, well... Not. Dunno why, but Salyut mods are the worst offenders. Raider Nick's Soviet Stations and Tantares both have this shortcoming. It's made me kind of wary about anything that says "Lab" on it. Where it went I do not know, but it sounds like I just need to wait a few and update BDB again. The craft is still in orbit at the intended location. Will it break from having lab functions dropped into one of it's parts mid-flight? Or should I bring the crew home while I wait?
  7. Sina MLEM-CSL Laboratory Module is not a lab yet? Did I simply not notice the Lander Lab was missing lab abilities a few weeks ago? I launched on tonight that I built a few weeks ago, and am kind of disappointed. If it's not finished, it's not finished, I just wanna confirm if it's not finished.
  8. Around the time the 25kw power power was added, two small docking systems were added as well. A mini apollo-style port in active and passive forms, and a square-shaped passive and active pair specifically stated to be for the 25kw power module. I want to know how these are intended to come into play? Also, can some one provide the documents these came from?
  9. Yeah! Now that's the stuff! Seriously though, no BDB rocket gets more use for me than the Titan series!
  10. Luciole covers Firefly, and is plenty up-to-date. Crewed 0.625 FTW! Look about five hours before this post (just a few comments ago) and you'll see someone talking about launching Fuji on BDB rockets. Same modder. He links Commonwealth Rocketry, but there's a craft file from either this next one or Luciole - Dunno which - that has one of these launching on a Luciole rocket French rockets. Great for a diverse space program Science. https://spacedock.info/mod/2163/Interkosmos Scifi Science This one is specifically designed and matched to the glorious Bluedog Design Bureau's Titan rockets, and can be seen on a Titan 34D in the screenshots. More proof that Well's mods are a great match for BDB, and, arguably, work better with BDB installed alongside!
  11. Question. How is one supposed to attach and decouple the Belle P-111 "Stowaway" Subsatellite?
  12. So, if I wanna make the Skylab meteorite shield bust the solar panel on it's own as it ejects, is there a way I can do that?
  13. Tells me pretty much everything I needed to know. Looks like Big-G isn't the only thing with cargo space limited to the realm of theory. Be nice to use them both as actual cargo ferries. Nicer if they had a docking control station. Any tips for this?
  14. Got a similar error to Frostiken today. Vessel name is "Explorer-7/Juno-2". The slash is part of the vessel's name. It's an Explorer-7 on a Juno-2 launch vehicle. Gravity turn has created a folder called "gt_launchdb_Explorer-7" and inside is a config file called "Juno-2_Kerbin.cfg" Seems in my case, somewhere along the line, the game is mistaking the "/" as separating the folder from the file in a file tree. This is the folder tree - F:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\GameData\GravityTurn\PluginData\gt_launchdb_Explorer-7 In there is the aforementioned file named "Juno-2_Kerbin.cfg" Am I correct in assuming that what its supposed to do - if "/" was a valid character - is create a file named "Explorer-7/Juno-2.png" and another named "Explorer-7/Juno-2.cfg" in the directory "F:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\GameData\GravityTurn\PluginData"? Seems easy enough to work around for now - Don't use any slashes or invalid characters in file names. Figured I'd let you know though. Maybe the naming system needs changed? Teach it to skip non-alpha-numeric characters, perhaps? "Explorer7Juno2.png is still an easy to identify and recognize name. None but the most out-of-this-Kerbin names should be any issue that way.
  15. Can someone bring me up to speed on the Leo-L-MFBS "Bellini" Service Module? Specifically, what was the historical source, what's it's intended mission profile or purpose, and what LV would have launched such a mission? If someone has an old NASA reference PDF or something, that would be cool to have linked, but I don't wanna make things too hard, so I'll be fine without that bit if necessary.
  16. What versions of KSP is the Apollo Revamp Beta compatible with? Is it 1.12 only, or will it work with my preferred 1.8/1.9 without issues?
  17. Had that bug with Diazo's Landing Height Display, horizontal landing aid, and vertical velocity controller. Never found what it conflicted with but adding any one of those three caused it to come back once I'd removed them all. I guess let LGG know? Updates on his end fixed it on previous game versions.
  18. It's also a great mod taken on it's own merits, with a decidedly European feel, and pairs great with BDB. For the full experience, toss in Interkosmos and Luciole. If you're bored, Fuji and Ж-20 "Moroz" Spaceplane, and if you wish to understand the dark and wicked truth of the Kerbol system and the universe as a whole, by unlocking the secrets of the god of spacecraft destruction, KrakenScience is fun.
  19. Soooo.... Will this mod explode on 1.8.1? Not ready to go 1.9.1 yet.
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