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  1. Alienwall

    River-run Air-race Challenge

    Here's my entry to the challenge (flown with keyboard): As long as there were no infractions/disqualifiers in the run it should be ~5:49 (staged @ 2:00 & stopped @ 7:49)
  2. After the original Bubble Space Telescope fell from its rocket and shattered into pieces it was decided that Bob's hobby telescope should be outfitted and sent to space. Here's STS-3:
  3. Haha, thanks! Ok, thanks for responding. I’ll probably add a cargo bay to it in that case.
  4. Hi, this challenge looks cool! I made a stock replica of the Sierra Nevada Corp.'s Dream Chaser. Here it is doing STS-1T and STS-1a:
  5. The Golden Ratio Corporation proudly announces its first product, the GRJ-001! This line of small regional jets promises great STOL use. that it? I thought we were gonna be more ambitious- For under 30,000,000 kerbucks you've gotta try it! This is the GRJ-001. It has a capacity of 40 kerbals and take off/landing speeds at or below 35 m/s. It has plenty of fuel already, but also includes space for 80 extra units in the nose adapter. We recommend flying it at ~290 m/s at 9000m. Costs 26,307,000. And this is the GRJ-001C, the cargo variant. It has an extra cargo pod on the bottom which can fit many things, from extra suitcases to sacrifices extra kerbals. It also serves as a pontoon. We recommend flying it at ~276 m/s at 8000m. Costs 28,151,800. (if used in water landing speed shouldn't exceed 60 m/s). Get both of these today! GRJ-001: GRJ-001C: