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  1. The Base has a rover. It has tanks for both LFO and monoprop. It has jet engines to help get up to the mountain and control the descent (in reverse thrust). Also, it turns out that mashing A/D builds up much more speed than pressing W. Still needs those jets when fully fueled though. Also, I just realized that I forgot to install ladders to get Jeb out... oh well, he looks happy up there anyway.
  2. @Kerbolitto Thanks! Yes, they were edited there.
  3. So... UKPS overshot the delivery by more than a few kilometers (yes this is an excuse to put everything on the mountains). Fuel mining and storage: Launchpad:
  4. I wound up making a craft that uses the torque from a central wheel to control pitch instead of a horizontal stabilizer. Sort of reminds me of a reaction wheel. It is a reaction wheel.
  5. Ok, here's all my craft: Includes the docking piers & tug. Also has the finished cargo vehicle (changed docking port, added action groups, and added antenna). (If I need to put pictures on this post please let me know)
  6. Ok, once I finish the cargo thing, that + the docking piers & tug will be posted to KerbalX.
  7. Here's what I have for a cargo vehicle so far: It can be carried on a Muon 6, but that only leaves ~1.2 tons for actual cargo. The cargo fits in the fairing. It probably needs some optimization atm.. I'm guessing that it counts as reusable since it can land using the parachutes.
  8. Can I make one of the cargo vehicles or does the docking pier + tug hit the design proposal limit?
  9. Here's what I have for docking pier designs to choose from: It seems like only one of these can be brought to the station, so if you don't mind I'll leave the choice of which to use up to you all. Also, I made a docking tug: Fits into a Z-1 (24,370) or a Lyra (23,370 + custom fairing). It can control itself, and has solar panels in the service bay for power.
  10. I could make a docking pier (and another science module if we need it).
  11. Contract No. 005 WWII Era Phi Aerospace Φ-C2A5 Hope the part count isnt too high! The C2A5 was made to ensure the supply of a long range bomber for the US and Britain. It isn't very fast--with ordnance its max speed is about 52 m/s. But, it only needs two engines, reducing the complexity and making manufacturing easier. It has a rotating turret on the top, along with a nose gunner, side gunners, tail gunner, bombardier (hidden at the bottom of the nose), pilot, and nav/radio operator, for a total crew of 8. It carries 3.375 tons of ordinance in 5 bombs. Reducing the load to 3 bombs reduces the load to 2 tons of ordinance, while improving the speed.
  12. @PaperAviator Sorry, but to have a legit submission you’ll have to build some structure to hold the decoupler above the ground. Though it wasn’t made clear enough in the rules, all of the other challenge submissions don’t involve floating parts up using offset—they use parts to move it or hold it up somewhere (basically, no floating parts for the craft).
  13. @PaperAviatorNice submission, but can you show how you got the I-Bars up there?
  14. @bitzoidCongratulations! Nice entry. Looks like we're in the negative scores now.