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  1. Alienwall

    The airplane picture thread.

    I was able to go to Miami int'l recently... Cargo Ramp South Runway (unfortunately these photos were blocked by a fence)
  2. Alienwall

    Pizza Cutting Challenge

    @Xurkitree When you're putting the image in the signature, press Ctrl + right click it, select "Edit Image", it should give settings to downsize it.
  3. Alienwall

    Pizza Cutting Challenge

    @Xurkitree Congrats on completing the challenge! Even though, as @Rocket In My Pocket pointed out, your system isn't separate from the pizza, there were too many explosions for me to not accept it. Plus, I don't want to edit the rules because im lazy restrict entries too much; a lot of the fun in this challenge (imo at least) is seeing all of the crazy ways that players cut the pizza. Nice score, too. edit: Xurkitree, your score will be based on the part count with clamps and mechjeb.
  4. Alienwall

    Pizza Cutting Challenge

    Whoops, looks like I forgot to connect the dots That’s a shame, though.
  5. Alienwall

    Pizza Cutting Challenge

    @Kergarin Why cut the pizza when the plasma can do it for you, right? Also, you don’t need a full video, multiple screenshots showing how it got there along with the screenshots of it being cut by the reentry will work for when you submit the entry
  6. Alienwall

    Pizza Cutting Challenge

    Wow, plenty of activity already! @Kergarin No, the center adapter can't be cut. It is kind of an arbitrary rule, but imo it's simpler to just cut one type of piece. @Rocket In My Pocket Congrats and thanks for being the first entry. You've got a very cool design! Feel free to add the badge to your signature if you feel like it. You'll be added to the leaderboard. I'll have to think about points for doing it in IVA. @Gaarst Wow, very nice design. Can you provide a screenshot showing that you've completed the challenge (the cut 'pizza' with your pizza cutter)? Also, since you haven't given any scoring I'll assume that you aren't trying to go for points. In any case, once again, great design.
  7. Hi all, this is my first challenge, so hope it works out... To celebrate the success of the Carbart Lithobraker, the engineers at the VAB have cooked up a prize, the Pizza. There's just one small issue: for "structural integrity", the engineers used aerodynamic fins. Of course, this was fine until the manager of the KSC revealed that they wanted the pizza to be sliced live. So now, they need something to 'cut' it. Basically, destroy all of the gray/yellow aero fins. Rules: You must destroy all of the yellow fins. This can be done by pointing an engine at it, hitting it with something, etc. By no means are these the only methods, though. Do not destroy any other parts on the 'pizza' No HyperEdit or debug cheats No Whack-a-Kerbal No two-capsule rollers or the like (ex. two mk1 capsules attached together and spun around) VesselMover is recommended to move the 'pizza' to any location; however, VesselMover can't be used to move your craft that will complete the challenge; if the pizza cutter is connected to the pizza, then VesselMover can't be used; VesselMover is only allowed for just the pizza (eg placing it on the VAB helipad or off the runway). Modded crafts are allowed but will be put on their own leaderboard Parts can be detached (such as bombs), the scoring will count for both the detached part and the craft that carries it to the target The craft can be unmanned Provide video evidence or a screenshots, including one of your craft and the cut-up pizza. Get the pizza here: Just load it and place it wherever you want. *note: the part count is relatively high (104 parts) Scoring: Leaderboard: Example entry: Badge: For completing the challenge (regardless of score,) here's the badge: (here's what it was from)
  8. Alienwall

    Asymmetrical Aircraft Challenge

    Looks like I'm late but oh well:
  9. Alienwall

    River-run Air-race Challenge

    Here's my entry to the challenge (flown with keyboard): As long as there were no infractions/disqualifiers in the run it should be ~5:49 (staged @ 2:00 & stopped @ 7:49)
  10. STS 5-8 completed: The finished station:
  11. After the original Bubble Space Telescope fell from its rocket and shattered into pieces it was decided that Bob's hobby telescope should be outfitted and sent to space. Here's STS-3:
  12. Alright, looks like it's time to upscale/ make a tiny telescope.
  13. STS-2a completed with the Dream Chaser version 2.
  14. Haha, thanks! Ok, thanks for responding. I’ll probably add a cargo bay to it in that case.