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  1. And such is the pain of the ksp life. It really is a never ending cycle of waiting for Kopernicus to update, and then immediately getting a game update. Then having to choose between an older version of the game without the shiny new additions.. or forsake the larger solar systems. It truly says something about this mod however. To many it is a necessity of a playthrough, as it is the case for me. The game is no longer worth playing without it. So cheers to the mod author! They really have made something that is loved.
  2. I agree. ReStock/Restock Plus has become an absolute must for a playthrough.
  3. The amount of devotion you’ve put into this project is incredible. And the results truly show. Sir, I am quite impressed with your work here. This mod is terrific, and has come such a long way. You should be proud.
  4. I’ve never seen anything more beautiful
  5. The level of detail is phenomenal. Even lights for the number of engines burning. I have always been tempted to teach myself how to make these IVA’s. But I never have the time. And it’s hugely intimidating, as I don’t have any knowledge of programming. Not to mention that HOPEFULLY KSP2 has better IVA’s than its predecessor. So with that hope.. there is further lack of motivation to learn now.
  6. This picture on the OP is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen
  7. Most of us I imagine, including myself beta tested KSP1 for like 5 years lol. When that game got the “1.0” designation, I thought I was in a strange dream. I put so many countless hoursinto that game, across so many years, and kept thinking.. this game isn’t even finished yet!
  8. Oh I guess that's my mistake. I was under the impression that wasteheat accumulated on any and all spacecraft, and therefor needed to be radiated.
  9. I would really like to use the WasteHeat radiators and heat management feature of this mod standalone with my playthrough. Is that something that is possible?
  10. Thank you both for the awesome info! I’ll try these methods later today
  11. Well.. it may not be coming out for a very long time. I know we all want KSP2 now. I’ve been waiting since 2012 lol. We also know the release window they gave us. But the truth is... they may have already decided to push things back, and just haven’t told us yet. We’ll just have to wait and see. But when it does release... LONG LIVE THE KING
  12. Thanks @kcs123 for the quick response and answer. Is it as simple as white-listing those engine parts for ReStock to allow it to show up in game?
  13. I am trying to use this mod, alongside ReStock, and Restock+. Yet I start off with no engines, and there isnt an engine available until Tier 3?
  14. I really like the idea of waste heat in the game. Is there a mod that incorporates just that?
  15. I wish they never announced lol. I wish it had just come out and surprised everyone. I’m 31 years old and I’ve grown up playing video games. Strategy, first person shooters, RTS, role-playing, racing.. but I honestly think KSP is the best game I’ve ever played. Thrilled there is a sequel coming out. I can’t believe I’ve been playing the same game since 2013. Still going strong.