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  1. I'm sure, just need simple good looking textures to drop in.
  2. This is fine, I'm only looking to change them from far away.
  3. Yes I am using DiRT so that is useful to know, thanks. I already have my own scatterer so I like the way that atmospheres look already, all I am looking for it textures (as in what the planets look like when you are above them) for more planets and moons. I managed to find an 8K texture for kerbin which looks great and I want to do the same for the Mün and other planets.
  4. I recently downloaded a mod that allows me to easily replace textures in my Kerbal game by just dropping them into a file. However, I have only been able to find textures for the sky-box and 1 for Kerbin. I was wondering if anyone had any idea where I could find more textures for other planets, in order to make my game look much better. (I think the textures need to be named something specific in order for them to overwrite the existing 'Squad' textures. For example the Kerbin texture came with two files: 'KerbinScaledSpace300.png' and 'KerbinScaledSpace401.png')
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