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  1. Yeah like I said, some textures still don't work properly. Stock decouplers and decal stickers don't play nicely. Parachutes and one or two engines don't work either.
  2. If you disable the color filters and the FXAA shaders, then it should work on 1.8.1. Some textures like the decouplers are black though.
  3. The broken UI hasn't stopped me from using tweakscale, but i noticed something strange when I was trying to scale antennas from Bluedog Design Bureau. Their UI doesn't appear to be broken and it works fine. I know it is using a different scaling method but apart from that I know nothing about programming or anything relating to that. I just felt like pointing this out. Here's a video of the working UI:
  4. Got it, I really love this mod can't wait to see the newer updates.
  5. Is there any new Ground ops parts like rovers coming anytime soon? I am really looking forward for the ''Small - Yutu + Sojourner'' parts since I haven't seen any other mod that adds those in game.
  6. I have decided that I will just do a very high orbit around the sun cause I have more than enough fuel.
  7. I am currently doing a voyager styled mission and i'm wondering if the deep space kraken destroys your probe after leaving kerbol. I tried it once in 1.1.3 and after a left Niedon (Outer planets mod) my probe randomly got destroyed, does this still happen or was that just random?