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  1. You are right. I think same way. But it is. I tried again few minutes ago. Same. For this reason i try to learn decreasing lift to 0.
  2. Yes. But part lost its procedural properties. For this reason i think to decrease lifting to 0 instead of removing.
  3. Hello guys i need answers for very important thing for me and many people. I need to remove or decrease to 0 the lifting of B9 Procuderal wings. Because i want to use them us structural parts. I tried to decrease deflection lift coeff to 0 but its not worked. How to remove or decrease to 0 the lifting of B9 Pwings ?
  4. You guys know the BD Armorys Armor Plates i want to duplicate them and give different texture to them. I using armor plates as structural parts for my star destroyers . I did copy armor plates folder and edit needed things in cfg. Except one thing; texture. Cfg file has not texture file name and directory line. But even so it is always using bd armory texture file directory. I want to change directory and texture file name. How to do this? (Please speak simple, my english not eough to understand complicated sentences)
  5. Game needs stock procuderal wings and parts (Plates,and tails,fuselages,etc). This can increase craft diversity and realism of game.
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