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  1. Love the mod, great work! It's convienent without being cheaty thanks to the delays and costs One question though, how do I check what the costs will be? I've added some resources and noticed the supply cost a lot more than I expected, not sure how much exactly (didn't pay attention how much money I had before) but I'd like to prevent accidentally bankrupting the KSC
  2. (Playing 1.4.2) I don't see any asteroids around / near Kerbin when in map-view, yet there are supposed to 32 according to the indicator at the top of the screen. Is this an issue with the new(er) KSP version or did I screw something up on install?
  3. I'm pretty sure I do, Extraplanetary Launchpads V6.0.0 and Kerbal Planeatary Base Systems 1.6.4
  4. Hey, just installed this mod and loving it so far, however, I'm having two issues, one with the launchpad from "Kerbal Planetary Base Systems" not being recognized as a launchsite (I asked for help in forum post from that as well, since I suspect it's that mod that's being funky) and an issue with cancelling builds. Whenever I try to cancel a build the craft is being sent into an escape trajectory out of the sun... now I love FTL travel as much as the next person but I prefer to use engines for that, not cancelling builds Is there a way to fix this? I'm playing 1.4.2 btw Also, if I change the craft in the VAB while it's being contstructed off world, will the ship be updated to the latest design upon completion?
  5. Hey, just installed the mod and so far I'm loving it. However, I did ran into an issue where the launchpad (I'm also using the Extraplanetary Launchpads mod, among others) is not recognized as a site. The metal drill, smelter and workshop all work fine, I can build the craft but the only "pads" available are the Planetary Cupola's, not the launchpad itself, which means every vessel I try to "Finalize Build" the craft ends up in the air above and I can't refuel them. Any idea how I can fix this? Picture of the base with launchpad in case it helps;