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  1. Id like to share it yeah think its up to the mod creator to let me but id do it here, there is probably an easy fix he knows that would sort it all out. hopefully @AdmiralTigerclaw will come back soon
  2. well been having a fiddle and moving stuff about seems to be coming back together nicely hope to fix it all later night and start of the others. once ive fixed them i might start adding more that are marked on that map. not sure if its a thing in other countries but most if not all airports in the UK have east to west aligned runways should i be making that standard thing on this new ones?
  3. hi all again. been a while since i was last on KSP so installed this again and taking a look about the airports in the 0.0.3 pack im on the latest KSP 1.9.1 and it seems the airport parts are all at different heights. eg here is badlands int. from above here is badlands if i clip the camera into the ground you can see the taxi ways and that under the map. im not sure the issue could it be the ground decal isnt working? do the heights of the objects need adjusting (point me in the right area and ill try to fix them all) would love to try and help out if i can this mod cou
  4. been trying to get the 1.6.1 test version to working but I cant decompile the package using the tools it just doesn't work any chance someone can send me a drop box of it already decompiled ready to use. thanks
  5. Only Issue im having with this mod now its the DRAG its made my 1125m/s airliner to a 356m/s any chance you can reduce the drag of the wings
  6. hope we can see contracts and flightplans for that autopilot mod too that would be sweet
  7. Hello does this mod have flight plans for the airports to be used for Kramax Autopilot Continued ? and maybe contract missions thanks
  8. I didn't realise I thought it replaced them all
  9. anyone got this working on 1.6.1 it loads the assets but they are all miss aligned
  10. I didn't install the old kerbal side I thought this was a full replacement but no bases are showing up
  11. Im confused by this mod im trying it in 1.6.1 its either not working properly or its not a remaster of kerbalside because none of the old bases are working at all I installed KSR airports and they seem to be there. is this working in 1.6. 1? does it add all the kerbalside bases? thanks
  12. AWESOME! been on just installing 1.6.1 will it work for that one? i'm willing to go back to 1.5.1 thanks
  13. same here just installing 1.6.1 for the first time
  14. This is awesome bring British I always wanted a mod that added our rockets from the past. Can you add rockets of the future we have on paper like skylon and maybe the Daedalus? Cheers
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