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  1. I've never thought of this before, but when I saw your post it actually does seem like a good addition to the game that would probably get good useage. I've always had issues with drag, so a safe way to test that would be incredible.
  2. I've done something like this before with cheats, it was pretty fun but my part temperature was through the roof before I even got close. Without cheats I dkbt think this is even close to possible without just a ridiculous amount of heat shields. And even if you do get close, you'll explode anyway just like with Jool. This is still a fun challenge, though, if you want to see how close you can get.
  3. I've tried a similar thing, only my problem was not having a long enough space to drive down. I would have to transport my craft down to one of Kerbin's poles and that seems like a lot of work.
  4. I made a thread similar to this one a little while back, many of the answers there still apply. You can find that old thread here.
  5. When have you totally destroyed whatever semblance of KSP you had, leading to the most impressive glitches you've ever seen? Like that one time I somehow messed up changing the gravity setting and accidentally transformed Kerbin into a black and white terrifying mess of a planet, complete with partly invisible Kerbals. Still not sure how that one happened.
  6. I'm picturing it as everything KSP1 lacks - smoother, less bugs, more planets, interstellar travel, better colonies, multiplayer - pretty much every thread from suggestions and development from the past year. From what we've seen in the trailers, it does pretty much seem like all the suggestions for KSP1 mashed into a brand new, more polished game.
  7. Must have missed that... my apologies.
  8. So it seems clear in the KSP2 trailer that colonization on a large scale will be possible - building up not only outposts but even cities over time. What is less clear is how these mechanics will work on such big projects. Will I have to slowly cart out every little piece of my colony to another star system? Because that would not only be tedious but also prevent many players from seriously making a colony without using cheats. Perhaps a portable VAB? But with a feature like that, the game would instantly become way too easy to build things with, making space stations instantaneous. Colonizing has always been an interesting part of the game for me and I really hope it can be done right if it is to factor into KSP2. How would you like colonization to be done? What would you consider to be "too easy" or "too hard"? How big should colonies get in a game like KSP or KSP2?
  9. I love surface bases, so having yet another thing to make them more interesting and expansive.
  10. As we all know KSP2 is coming out soon. Judging by the trailer, it aims to be a super enhanced KSP with everything the current game lacks. However, I do have one concern - and that is of how the current KSP will be updated alongside KSP2. If KSP2 has a feature, will that feature eventually be added into KSP1? Or will KSP1 just stop being updated? I'm sure many people might not buy KSP2 simply because of cost, but does that mean that they can't enjoy updates anymore? I guess the point I'm trying to make is that if KSP1 needs a feature, but KSP2 already has that feature, does KSP1 get it as well? I'm not an expert in game development so I might be missing something obvious, but it seems as though KSP1 runs the risk of simply evolving into KSP2 or else getting tons of weird, unneeded features that were only added because KSP2 doesn't have them. Maybe im overthinking this, but honestly I'm a bit confused by how two games so similar run alongside each other from the same developers.
  11. I've already made a thread about this: So yes, you have my vote. That would be awesome. But many of the problems mentioned in my thread still apply - it would be a lot of effort on Squad's part. I wouldn't count on it, but who knows? Maybe one day this actually will be implemented. I'd love to move my Kerbals around with tunnels and walkways instead of having to send them out into space and awkwardly shift them around. It would make space stations a thousand time more interesting a thousand times more interesting as well. The possibilities are endless.
  12. Most of the suggestions and development threads are about big changes - but how about the little ones? Post here about little things you want fixed/changed (bugs that annoy you, a part of the game that feels a little empty, etc.)
  13. More life on Kerbin would be great - and I cannot tell you how ridiculously happy I would be if they added newscasts and other "countries" - and the idea of that if you landed a Kerbal in a bad region you might have to pay a fine to get them out. This would prevent just plopping a capsule down wherever, and make you have to think more about your trajectory to be safe (just like what NASA would have to do back in the Cold War - landing some astronauts in the middle of the USSR might be a bad idea) Also, crashing rockets into cities might get you a bad rep on the news, leading to less contracts and of course lowered reputation points. However, completing missions would get you great news coverage and maybe even special grants from the Kerbal gouvernement. I'm probably taking this idea little too far but it's better to give too much than too little I guess.
  14. I'm pretty sure that at some point I made a thread for both IVA activity and submarines, so those are both a yes from me. I feel as though we already got stuff for an interplanetary based module overhaul with breaking ground and it's long term science experiments. Survivability I just find too difficult, as it just adds one more thing to forget when you are building a rocket. I'd love to have space stationa become useful, I love building them and more to do would be great. There was a great mod for this that I had once, but the name escapes me. A science overhaul would kind of be pointless, since I think we have a good enough science system already and with breaking ground it got even better. I don't want interstellar travel, mostly because it would cause lag and it having it be randomly generated would make it annoying if you saw somebody else with a star system you wanted but since it's random you won't ever get it. Maybe there could be a sort of "seed" that you could enter at the beginning and tell other people. Comets are just boring. Need I say more? Perhaps if there were some new science experiements made specially for comets it would intrigue me more. As for other countries, battling against an AI doesn't interest me that much, and it might be kind of boring sometimes. It could also get very buggy fast. Overall, if there were to be a new DLC I'd like it to be pretty minor, and I don't want anything that changes the style of KSP at all.
  15. I agree with 1, but for Kevin it's a solid no for 1.1 and 2. 1.1 makes Eve way to easy - Eve has its own challenge that has everything to do with the atmosphere. I don't like 2 mainly because it eliminates KSP's lego-like feel. KSP forces you to be creative, and being able to instantly make something whatever size you want would hurt KSP's overall vibe. SimpleRockets2 is a very different game from KSP, one that makes perfect sense with this kind of a feature, since SimpleRockets2 is a variant of SimplePlanes (which uses procedural parts to great extent). These two games are very different from one another, which is why you can buy both and have unique experiences with each.
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