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  1. 1. Stack fuel tanks to make a longer fuselage 2. Make the fuselage wider by using larger parts 3. Make a composite fuselage from multiple tanks clipped together. It's practically the same thing as having multiple fuselages, but it might look cooler 4. Clip a bunch of fuel tanks into a fairing 5. Use KAL overclocking to reduce or eliminate the fuel consumption of your engines so that you can have whatever fuselage you want with the desired performance 6. Literally just edit either the part .cfg files or craft files in notepad to put as much fuel as you want in your craft without needing to add more parts.
  2. The physics joints created when you attach the ant engine to something/attach something to the ant engine are known to be pretty weak and bendy. Rover suspensions and occasionally even hinges were made this way in older versions of the game before wheels were improved. I think I once saw a player make a crossbow where the string was a bunch of ant engines attached to each other and stretched out. Edit: I guess that's not strictly better, might be less buggy though due to fewer robotics. I guess the point is, all KSP part attachments are a little springy (some more than others) and that has a long history of being abused to make neat stuff.
  3. Hah! Will do, but I was secretly hoping somebody who'd been down this road before would chime in and save me the trouble. I don't know how far you've looked into submersible stuff in KSP already, but in case it's "not at all" I'll let you know that the way to make things sink efficiently is to pack them into a fairing or cargo bay. It'll be considered by the game to have the volume of only the containing part, but the mass of all parts combined. You add a dash of part clipping and it's easy to see how you can get some very high density. If you open/deploy your containing part all your parts get their volume back, so you can control buoyancy that way. The reason I'm experimenting with it despite knowing how it works already is because I want to do it without having to add a bunch of parts just for buoyancy control, and instead use stuff the vessel was already going to need on it like fuel cells (in the screenshot, one of those service bays has 40 large fuel cells. they work great) and I also want to keep it looking reasonably good. "The vessel" in this case being an as-yet-unbuilt one, not the rover I showed off. That rover can stay ugly.
  4. A while ago I posted a picture of an exploded vehicle deep underwater and mentioned that I was building an ornithopter. It was this vehicle which is designed to test stuff underwater. I thought that maybe flapping wings could be viable as underwater propulsion (it's not. it explodes instantly). In this picture I'm using it to test tech for controlling buoyancy and hopefully recreating a bug I once summoned which allowed me to stretch a piston limitlessly. The pistons have their force % turned to zero so that they extend when the thing they're attached to wants to float and retracts when it sinks. I'll have to do another run to seriously attempt to recreate the stretchy piston bug, probably with one of the weaker, skinnier pistons.
  5. It super doesn't. Literally just go to the home page and drag a screenshot on to the green button in the top left of the page. You don't need an account or a cell phone. Such is the life of a gamer.
  6. Granted, but the wisher instead becomes corrupted such that they may only wish for incredibly cursed things I wish for an announcement that KSP2 will be an NFT marketplace in the metaverse instead of a space game (AlamoVampire and their wish is to blame for this)
  7. I wasn't going to mention it when you were just doing shapes, but the mod Editor Extensions Redux lets you do arbitrary symmetry and removes offset limits in the editor. I'm mentioning it now because I find the unlimited offset indispensable for any reasonably large or complicated build, and what you have here is both large and complicated (and very cool). You can radically reduce your part count, increase structural stability, and offset parts from one side of your mechanisms to the other to brace them against each other and fight off KSP's wobbly robotics a bit. Vessels that use it still count as stock on kerbalx and load perfectly in a stock client. This is an awesome rover chassis and I don't know that I've seen anyone else on here build such complicated steering mechanism. I can't wait to see what you build on top of it. Yeah, over the years KSP has gone from having a <4gb memory footprint to pushing (and regularly exceeding) the limit on my old pc with 8gb of ram. I'm surprised more people haven't complained about the increase in system requirements. The game as it is now absolutely would not run on the machine I originally bought it on.
  8. Busy IRL lately, had a few minutes tonight to refine my space helicopter. Turns out the cure for drag is, as ever, more thrust (and an internal structure that braces the rotors against transverse torque with an offset servo while keeping everything occluded by a fairing). Still doesn't orbit, but it's now in the same problem solving realm as a normal SSTO, so just a little more iteration and I'll have it. It only needs to make low-orbit, it's purpose is to ferry Kerbals between a station and an amphibious aircraft-carrying mobile base (also wip).
  9. I had this bug the other day. You can't interact with the parts in build mode anymore when they're like this.
  10. Attempted to build a space helicopter I attempted to arrest the blades with servos and then use them as wings. This works, but the blades cause way too much drag, even when they're stopped. Back to the drawing board I guess.
  11. What did you do to make it that small? No chance you actually play on a tiny screen like that. It looks like your screenshot is hosted on the KSP wiki for some reason, that might be related. Most people on here upload screenshots to imgur. You can drag them out of your screenshots folder or wherever onto the upload button there, no account required. Then you paste a link to the picture in a comment and it will show big like everyone else's.
  12. Only if infinite speed = instant happening. It's either that or near-instantly, but that might be a huge difference, especially given that, as mentioned in another comment, this flattens the light cone making the entire universe the observable universe. We might have particles that have to travel an infinite distance to have whatever thing happen to them if the universe truly is infinite in size. I think this might actually break a fair number of theories that support a multiverse too (any that involve black holes at a minimum since I don't think they would be able to form). OP is possibly the greatest supervillain of this or any reality.
  13. The speed of light isn't really the speed of light so much as it's the speed of causality. You wouldn't be just raising the speed limit of one thing, but of almost all things to infinity. This basically breaks everything. I don't think current models are complete enough to describe how broken everything would be.
  14. I've never had any conflicts between EER and any of the other mods I use, certainly none of the graphics mods, so I can't really help you out with that. I'll tell you that you can delete blizzy's toolbar if you installed it for this, though. That's an old thing from back when KSP didn't have it's own toolbar, lots of mods support it, but no mods as far as I know require it anymore. All editor extensions requires is click through blocker and toolbar controller by linuxgurugamer. The whole sky dimming thing sounds to me like it could be from the mod planetshine, but I don't know if you're using it or what could be going wrong if you are. Not much help, sorry. If you make a post on the technical support subforum for modded installs you might get some better help. Be ready to provide your KSP.log and a list of the mods you're using.
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