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  1. I actually don't know how to make a propeller larger. These each have two of the big rotors stacked together for extra torque already and are being pushed pretty much to the limit. ISRU is definitely part of the plan, it'll just come in the form of a separate craft that docks with it on the surface. As for ditching SSTO, the whole reason for this plane is that Eve is the only body in the solar system that I don't have a reusable landing solution for. It's flight profile calls for it to fly under prop power to ~20,000m where the atmospheric pressure is pretty much equal to Kerbin sea-level, probably higher even than that, and then make the run to orbit on those vectors. at the point where it's failing, it's pretty much just a really heavy regular old airplane and the spacecraft part of it hasn't even come into play yet. I thought I had regular old airplanes figured out. In any case, I do appreciate your help. I'll definitely have to consider some more major design changes.
  2. Falling out of the sky is a little bit dramaitic I guess, it just loses airspeed really quickly if I try to climb higher than that, if I'm climbing aggressively as you'd tend to in something that's supposed to SSTO, the effect is that I stall and have to go into a dive to get control again. I can get higher with fewer propeller blades, but then lose the ability to VTOL. It seems to me that there's something unique about Eve's atmosphere that I'm just not understanding.
  3. So I tried to build a tilt-wing VTOL Eve SSTO with propellers. It went better than you might expect, but I have hit a snag. Almost the entire plane is hitting performance targets, but it drops like a rock out of the sky once it gets to around 7000m on Eve, even though it flies fine on Kerbin. I have some theories and ideas, but I bet there's someone out there looking at the picture thinking "you idiot! you obviously didn't consider x!" I hope that person tells me what to sub in for x. If nothing else, I'll post a craft file and hopefully my aerodynamic big-tilt-wing mechanism can be useful to someone. FYI, the propellers, if pointed into the airstream and stopped from spinning produce a pretty manageable amount of drag, about as much a s a regular control surface. So this is possible to do, just maybe not for this plane to do it.
  4. Hey, I hate to pile on but I think I might have a new variant of this bug everyone's having. The thrust reverser on the goliath engine triggers a rebuild of the ocean for me. My log specifically mentions its drag cube which sounds an awful lot like the mk2 lander can bug mentioned elsewhere in the thread.
  5. I think the sincerest form of flattery might be having one of the oldest and most accomplished builders on the forums have something nice to say about my craft. I built my very first SSTO way back in .20 after dissecting one of your designs, too. I'll be interested to see what you do with landship's wheel arrangement since your surface equipment is usually smaller modules.
  6. Thanks. Those two craft have pretty similar front ends, I feel like the cupola's one of the more industrial-spaceship-looking cockpits we have.
  7. I've never noticed that before, but now that you mention it, they do seem to be clipping into the terrain in your picture.
  8. I'll throw my hat in this ring. Simple Lander III, carries 8 kerbals down and up on Vall or less. I's got all the experiments minus the science .jr on it. Only downside is it needs a kerbnet connection to function. That ends up being more of an interesting wrinkle for otherwise routine landings though I find. Like the guy above, I usually operate these out of a station. pTrevTrevs, Are the antennae under the lander there to restrict suspension travel? Or are they just for aesthetics? Looking pretty good in either case.
  9. What have we here? Reusable, and low part-count spacecraft verging on total coverage of the kerbal solar system. What we don't have here yet is any of my station parts. Let me know if I've done something horribly wrong here, I'm pretty new. Not all craft as pictured. Provided with no warranty or implied suitability for purpose. By flying these spaceships you consent to Take-Two brushing their teeth with your brush while you're out of the house. Things with wings Obligate Spaceships Things with wheels Landers
  10. What you are looking at is what I call the Landship, a large mobile base, being deployed by a reusable cargo lander. This is a sort of test run for hardware i've already sent out to Jool but has yet to arrive, thankfully it all worked out. Next that lander will bring down a module of 12 empty large ore tanks and that big rover will dock to the side of it to fill it up, the lander should be able to easily return to orbit with that much ore from the Mun. The landship is slightly cooler than the last big rover I posted here because it makes use of the tank steering bug to reach ludicrous speed under just electric power. The fact that it has the giant wheels and is made out of mk3 parts means it can ususally even survive traveling at those speeds. It's also better at VTOL and it's bigger, too, the only downside is just one drill. Landship Cargo Lander
  11. Hey, You've done fantastic work on this. I used to use this mod when I was running 1.3.1, but since 1.4.x It's been completely bonkers. Observe: I don't know if that's going to work. If it does you'll see some crazy visual artifacts. Usually, the game crashes before I get to the flight scene, I guess I was lucky this time. I have few other mods, the only other one that I reckon should be interfering with the graphics pipeline might be sigma's skybox replacement. I looked several pages back and don't see anyone else having this sort of trouble, just reams of extra-cool screenshots. In case it ends up not being user error on my part, I'm on linux with nvidia graphics. I hope all this doesn't make me seem ungrateful, you've done stellar work.
  12. This is an out-of-date version of my RIg Pig mobile base. The newer ones are a little better, but these ones have the distinct advantage of already being deployed and having had some fancy screenshots taken of them. The top one's from 1.3.1 back when all the visual mods still worked. Due to poor planning, the one on Laythe along with that ssto are currently responsible for all refueling in the Jool system.
  13. Hey all. This is my first post. I've been playing for ages, since .20, and have quite a number of craft I feel are of sufficient quality to post, but I'm not normally a forum kind of person, so for now I'm showing this off. It's all the hardware I'll need to replace both Laythe and Vall station and build about half of a new station around Tylo. It's drive section is actually 2 landers and 2 intraplanetary range crew transfer vessels which pull triple duty as station tugs and service vehicles for landing missions. The landers are cabable of SSTO on Kerbin and should represent the first realistic chance I have of setting down on Tylo. The second one will haul giant ore tanks up and down from Vall, fueling my whole operation out there. You can probably see for yourself and guess the purpose of the 2 spaceplanes and the smaller more conventional lander docked nearer the bow of the ship. All in all, it's specs aren't too impressive for a big interplanetary ship. It's got just north of 2500m/s in the tanks, not fully fueled. Just enough to get itself to Jool with a decent margin for error. It's about twice as large as the next largest thing i've ever built though, so I felt it noteworthy.