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  1. Are you considering entering Life On Laythe with a Realism category entry?

    1. Pastapower


      No. I will just be going for a normal entry

    2. jinnantonix


      I think I should tell you that I am contemplating changing the rules to disallow using EVA > 10m/s dV.  and excluding EVA Construction.  

      Edit.  Correction.  I won't be changing the rules.  Just please make sure your resource window is open.

    3. Pastapower


      Ok I will probably do the mission at the weekend:happy: 

  2. bettertimewarp is allowed. There are no extra points for more science.
  3. Here is the first launch tests of my "cool and fun" entry. With spin gravity.
  4. @camacju can you please submit your craft file. I must be missing something in the way I am reconstructing your craft.
  5. @camacju I am absolutely amazed at your entry. Especially the orbital manoeuvres. I have a couple of questions though, since your entry is so amazing and will be so hard to beat, I need to ensure it is 100% OK. 1. The use of the airlock is brilliant. And very Kerbal, I am imagining Jeb floating in the airlock for 20 years. However it is not actually a pressurized seat as stated in the rules. It is so clever though, I will avoid being pedantic, and allow it. 2. I have tested your craft re-entry at both Laythe and Kerbin with modest velocities (<3 km/s) and spinning etc, yet th
  6. @Brikoleur Nice entry, and very much in the spirit of this challenge. I love the Bathysphere it's very Jules Verne. It would certainly have been competitive if recovery was included. In fact I like it so much, I am going to create a leaderboard for fun and cool entries. Congratulations.
  7. Ditto. From Jool orbit to Kerbin re-entry with less than 500 m/S dV. Incredible!
  8. Very clever use of the v1.11 EVA Construction mode. What speed did your capsule hit the Laythe atmosphere? No heat shield? How did you sink the capsule to the sea floor? Also I will need to understand the Laythe launch vehicle, it is very trim. Which engines, and how much fuel, both seem to be clipped out of sight which is potentially against the rules.
  9. @camacju how is the engineer detaching the fuel tanks? Also the parachutes appear to be floating in mid air, is there a reason they can't be adjacent to the capsule?
  10. @camacju and @Brikoleur - EVA is allowed. However the kerbals must be in pressurised seats during interplanetary and atmospheric flight. So no skydiving or EVA chutes.
  11. @Brikoleur Yes, all of your "clips" are legal.
  12. No command chairs are allowed. Blanket rule to keep things simple. The mini sub could be controlled by a probe core.
  13. Life On Laythe science mission Premise: Life has been detected in the deep oceans of Laythe. Mission: Launch a science mission to Laythe, and return science data from the floor of the DeGrasse Sea. This challenge is based loosely on the movie Astronaut : The Last Push. Rules: The Science data must be the results of a Mystery Goo experiment collected from the sea floor (not the surface) of the DeGrasse Sea returned to Kerbin and recovered Two kerbals need to go to Laythe and at least one kerbal must land or splash
  14. Ok, so I have seen the movie, here is what I discovered ... SPOILER ALERT
  15. I have done some testing with KAS, and it looks like it will support a craft that is about 170m in diameter, connected with cables. I have also done a mock up of the Cycler habitat (minus cabling system), and it weighs about 110 tons, so is going to need a fair bit of dV to "spin up". This doesn't include the Duna Lander, and I am still trying to work how to architect the crew transfers. I am waiting to see the movie for hints, should be released today?
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