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  1. Jinnantonix Duna One Level 3 - Mission Update: Phase 1 of the challenge is completed with 4 Kerbals on the surface of Duna. The craft includes a greenhouse deployment which is fully sustainable by mining ore and converting to fertiliser, and the greenhouse converting fertiliser and mulch into bland but nutritious NOMs , continuous supplies for the 4 Kerbals. Payload costs:
  2. For each launch, after Stage 1 separation, I follow Stage 2. The Stage 1 chutes are deployed at the moment of Stage 1 separation, so will deploy automatically. As the video shows, the first stage lands safely under chutes alone.
  3. Jinnantonix Duna One Level 3 - Mission Update: Standard launch vehicle for each of the ten launches is completed. The design is similar to the Ares 1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ares_I The LV can handle a payload of 25 tons to LKO (100 km altitude). Stage 1 is a SRB, and stage 2 is LF/Ox. Both stages are fully recoverable. Kerbals will be launched in an Escape Pod which can eject if there is a rocket failure. The Escape Pod is also fully recoverable. Costs are: LV Stage 1: Wet = K$ 25900. Dry = K$ 16060 LV Stage 2: Wet = K$ 11991. Dry = K$ 10522 Escape Pod: Wet = K$ 10563. Dry = K$ 10526 So in addition to the payload, the cost of each launch is K$ 11309, plus $K37 if the escape pod is used. SO the maximum payload cost is K$ 88564.
  4. So Level 3 needs to be done without KER or Trajectories? Why? Life support is hard enough, surely!
  5. If informational mods are allowed, I assume Trajectories is OK? I propose a standard launch vehicle comprising a SRB first stage and a LF+Ox second stage which takes the payload to LOE. Is it OK if both are recoverable? Do I recover the full cost, minus fuel? Is it allowed to deploy a greenhouse in Phase One to support the initial 4 Kerbonauts?
  6. Level 3 looks like a real challenge, especially in establishing a sustainable greenhouse. There's a trick to powering that beast, right? Questions: Is re-usability of the launch vehicle allowed? If so, what rules around recovery cost? Can all three phases be launched through a single Hohmann transfer window, as a single craft? If KER or Mechjeb is used, would it be considered a modded entry?
  7. I am amazed that nobody else has taken this on. Although it required some time and commitment, it's the most fun challenge I have completed to date.
  8. The fundamental idea behind this is to use a scaled down model (relatively easy) to validate the best architecture for post Artemis missions that use fuel manufacture on the moon. JNSQ would be fun, but obviously more challenging than stock, and would not really add anything. Having said that, go for it!
  9. Definitely. They can be used for both the space station and the Duna Habitat, but ... "Crew cabins and lander cans may not be occupied while in atmospheric flight".
  10. You could do it, but the leaderboard is for stock + DLC only. I have added a Rogues Gallery so you may be included.
  11. Yes, looks good. 1. Your probe for the Mun should be a simple marker with resource scanner, and land PRIOR to to the ISRU facility. The intention is to find the resource and a landing zone prior to landing an expensive asset. 2. Looks like you are using the Duna Habitat to provide the 8 seats for the space station. It is within the rules.
  12. I don't see anything wrong with the strategy. I think it follows closely that Artemis proposed framework very closely, so kinda disappointed you wont be actually doing it. i am pretty sure at some stage I will do a RSS simulation, and I expect it will be near identical to your architecture.
  13. 1. Yes that is allowed. 2. 8 seats are required on the Space Station and the Duna Habitat,. The return craft requires 4 seats. 3. Yes, allowed.
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