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  1. The original Lunex Program was only to the moon and back. No need for spin gravity. But if they had decided to go to Mars, I am sure it would have been considered. Here is another entry, this time I reprised my Duna Lunex 3 Pilot, First Class entry, getting the rules right this time. (I hope).
  2. @JacobJHC here is my proposed mod list. Any objections? USI-LS Kerbal Planetary Base System SSTU Labs SpaceY Heavy Lifters NearFuture Electrical Tweakscale Kerbal Atomics MechJeb Kerbal Engineer Kerbal Alarm Clock Trajectories Edit: Adding Kerbal Atomics.
  3. My previous attempt at this challenge was in Sandbox mode, so no issues with the cost of hiring Kerbals. Have I misunderstood a requirement? Because if it is mandatory to do this in Career mode, then that is definitely beyond my ability to commit to game time.
  4. I am loving this challenge so much, I decided to have another go at the Duna challenge. Below is my Duna Lunex 1 Pilot, First Class entry. It occurred to me that since Lunex was developed for for a Moon/Mun mission, the cramped confines of the shuttle craft would only be adequate to sustain the astronauts for a few days. However a longer mission to Mars/Duna would be intolerable, so more space and more supplies would be needed. I also think creating spin gravity would assist (and would also be very cool). So I redesigned my craft and the mission to suit.
  5. Looking forward to it. Will definitely have another go if I think its feasible to complete.
  6. Such good advice, I decided to take it! I reran the mission with a slightly lighter Munar Lander. This time I made sure I got 100% recovery at the KSC for both craft, and what a difference it makes to the score! Total cost in the SPH =65,398, with 63,958 and 1,219 recovered, leaving a total of 221 Although I worked hard at optimising both the craft and the flight, I still feel there is room for improvement (I may run this again). Notes: The Kerbin launch to a suborbital trajectory is definitely more efficient that using the Rapier closed cycle mode to ge
  7. Wow, thanks for the tips, appreciate your experience. I might do this mission again taking your advice.
  8. My second attempt in the re-usable category: Two stage craft: First stage using only an airbreathing engine achieves a high speed suborbital trajectory, reaching an altitude of about 75km. A lightweight lunar lander is launched at Apoapsis, burns to LKO and completes the mission with Jeb planting a flag on the Mun and returning to the KSC. The launch vehicle re-enters the atmosphere, reverses direction SpaceX style, and lands at the KSC. Total cost in the SPH =65,436, with 62,708 and 1,211 recovered, leaving a total of 1,517
  9. My entry in the Command Chair category. Total 2094 funds. Stage 1: Thumper with exploding fins. Fairing and decoupler. 5 parts. Stage 2: Command chair, Spark engine, 3x baguette tanks and adapter plate as a heat shield. 6 parts.
  10. @camacju - looks to me like your Kerbal is exposed during re-entry - how do you stop Val from exploding? Is she hiding behind the battery? Also, I thought Mechjeb was not allowed, as it affects gameplay. @ManEatingApe Am I wrong about that?
  11. I would like to see that. My Jool 5 "expendable" low cost entry (the only one so far) is documented here: I am not sure, but I believe there are no restrictions on mining (AFAIK), including no rules around mining for fuel on the launch pad, and so a re-suable entry could potentially be zero or negative cost. Agreed, and I am working on the larger lander for that option, need to add another fuel tank at least. I think the new lander will also be suitable for a command chair entry.
  12. Here is my entry in re-usable category: Kerbal Space Program El Cheapo Mission to the Mun. Two stage craft: First stage uses Rapier engines to achieve LKO, then a lightweight lunar lander (with no reaction wheel or electrics, gimbals only!) completes the mission with Jeb planting a flag on the Mun and returning to the KSC. Total cost in the SPH =43,631, with 41,434 and 988 recovered, leaving a total of 1,209 With the changed rules, I don't think it is possible to beat the previous score on the leader board, but I had some fun with this anyway.
  13. Well that changes things somewhat . My idea was, like camacju's designs, to use a suborbital air-breather first stage and parachutes - but that is no longer viable. So my design will be as follows: Stage 1: Lightweight Kerbin to orbit SSTO, with stage 2 as payload dropped in KLO, land at KSC Stage 2: KLO to Mun and back to KSC - ultra lightweight command chair craft. Gimbals only. Propulsive landing. I did some calcs around a Stage 2 being Apollo style leaving fuel tanks in Mun orbit or free return trajectory, but the extra weight of the docking ports plus the fuel costs
  14. @ManEatingApe I am working on a craft for the re-usable category. It is a two stage craft with a command chair, and both sections land on Kerbin intact. If I use a parachute, is that included in the recovered cost? Same for if I stage a fairing, do I also include the cost of the fairing in my score? Can I land anywhere on Kerbin, and get 100% recovered cost?
  15. Thanks. This record is beatable, I am sure with some tweaking I could do another lap. But 14 laps? I had no problem attaching the wings to the fuel tanks inside the fairing, and then using the slide and rotation tool to position/configure accurately.
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