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    not being stuck in the loading screen, not crashing any ships (or computers), having way too many unnecessary mods installed, creating SSTOs or rockets that actually work for once and colonising

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  1. I'm playing on 1.12.1 and I've tried it with CRP and CTTP separately uninstalled and both times these glitches still appear, so I'm assuming it has to with the game version
  2. I think I've found an issue, some planets/moons have completely black or grey terrain compared to their coloured terrain from orbit/map view.
  3. Thanks for the help, looks great. Can't wait to send a mission here
  4. I've tried this mod on a clean install on 1.12.1 and the terrain seems to flicker on this mods planets but works fine with other modded planets (OPM installed). I'm wondering if this is because the mod and maybe some requirements are out of date is out of date or if there is something else on my end. I can post whatever is needed. Clip Gamedata
  5. I'm having a problem as well where I can't change my settings and they always changing back to the same every time I reload the game, even when changing them in the file the game resets them on launch, and I've tried this for 0.036 and latest. Edit: found out it was Astronomers Visual Pack overriding the original config, so everything's working again
  6. not sure then, sorry. You'll have to let @Gameslinx try when he comes online
  7. I know that scatterer likes to mess up on different versions of planet mods. What version are you using for it?
  8. Is there any way to get a fork of this mod that just adds the helmet visor reflections? I know that 1.6 adds dull reflections, but I'm looking for real-time high quality reflections. Thanks
  9. It was a recoloured olu'um that he made just for matt. The planets like volux (where they got the krakenite from) are still the same
  10. Take your time. Plus great work on helping Matt Lowne with Green Harvest as well
  11. Well it was worth a shot. Also i just finished making a hotel on Telos, i love how you have made the Olu'um to be so unique compared to other planet packs
  12. Well, i found 3 audio files in, believe it or not, the logs folder but unfortunately i dont know the audio type, it seems like morse code but i honestly have no idea. VER-log1 is 4 seconds long, VER-log2 is 28 seconds and VER-log3 is 27 seconds but im probably on about something completely different, but if i am on the right tracks could Gameslinx give me a nudge
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