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  1. I'm having a problem as well where I can't change my settings and they always changing back to the same every time I reload the game, even when changing them in the file the game resets them on launch, and I've tried this for 0.036 and latest. Edit: found out it was Astronomers Visual Pack overriding the original config, so everything's working again
  2. not sure then, sorry. You'll have to let @Gameslinx try when he comes online
  3. I know that scatterer likes to mess up on different versions of planet mods. What version are you using for it?
  4. Is there any way to get a fork of this mod that just adds the helmet visor reflections? I know that 1.6 adds dull reflections, but I'm looking for real-time high quality reflections. Thanks
  5. someone may have got inspiration from infinity war
  6. It was a recoloured olu'um that he made just for matt. The planets like volux (where they got the krakenite from) are still the same
  7. Take your time. Plus great work on helping Matt Lowne with Green Harvest as well
  8. Well it was worth a shot. Also i just finished making a hotel on Telos, i love how you have made the Olu'um to be so unique compared to other planet packs
  9. Well, i found 3 audio files in, believe it or not, the logs folder but unfortunately i dont know the audio type, it seems like morse code but i honestly have no idea. VER-log1 is 4 seconds long, VER-log2 is 28 seconds and VER-log3 is 27 seconds but im probably on about something completely different, but if i am on the right tracks could Gameslinx give me a nudge
  10. Gameslinx forgot his own easter egg. I found it to whilst deleting some files to decrease loading time but forgot to say anything about it
  11. how do i change the terrain settings with GPO or is it the same as stock KSP?
  12. CKAN says it not available but ive manually installed the mod and required ones and currently just loading up KSP
  13. Thanks this will help me as i want to have my favourite planets and moons without having a long loading time
  14. Hello again gamelinx, i have a suggestion: could you make a seperate mod that keeps several planets from this pack such as the Olu'um system, the Gaian system, Nievis, Scorch, Sonus and Butai (and their moons) it would help to reduce the loading time and also the amount of textures loaded and will help people with bad computers get more from this mod by only having the best planets or alternatively could i delete the files of the planets i dont want to remove them?
  15. Are you planning to update to 1.4 with this next big update? And what would happen if i did update or would it just stay the same
  16. Hello again gamelinx, another question, was about to update from ksp 1.3.1 to 1.4 but checking CKAN for what mods would work i saw that this mod and instantiator was 1.3.1 and i was wondering what would happen if i did update, would it work fine or break KSP
  17. Sorry, but like i said im new here so not too familar with this community but from now on i will try to be more thoughtful about the creators personal life and understand that they may be busy
  18. ok thanks i asked if it could be removed so hopefully it gets sorted out
  19. sorry im still new at this and figuring my way around ment to comment on the instantiator mod but clicked completely wrong thing. do you know how to delete these?
  20. Hey, im wondering if there are any plans to update instantiator to KSP version >1.4 as this is one of the few mods left that still uses 1.3 on my mod list and i would like to update to 1.4 but because im using the Gamelinx Planet Overhaul mod I cant without losing the rings on the planets plus i dont want anything to break
  21. I think i should probably evacuate some of my bases then on Gol and Gullis incase they get destroyed in the new terrain. Also will any orbiting stations be affected by the changes?