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  1. Will do. Notice to all entrants. I may or may not have crashed KSP, BSOD'd my PC and corrupted the entire game. All tests will be postponed until I reinstall KSP and get it working again.
  2. Going well, I'm trying to nail the procedure for the Dive so I can use it like a real Stuka.
  3. There is no cornade, there is only comrade. *cue USSR anthem* Is this a risk?
  4. Except it was filled with insects and you ate it. I wish for speed.
  5. Pork and sea salt flavoured Jello cap? Can I have more RP-1?
  6. I have reached a verdict. The KAF would like to discuss the purchase of 50 Excalibur Fighters. The plane performed admirably in combat, and especially in the Ground Attack and Interceptor role with its suspended armaments, twin Vulcan cannons and Missile loadout. The dogfight did end in it's loss although it was mainly due to the fact that the Wraith II GDM may have flipped over in mid air and locked and fired a missile. Well done on your submission sorry for the late response and you may wear the badge.
  7. I tried quite a bit, and I think I found the culprit. After fiddling with the craft file it seems to work now. I'm doing a review as this is typed out. But an new plane is always welcome.
  8. Hey hey hey, we still want the Bhaktak, it's an excellent ground attack fighter, just not the greatest Air-to-air combatant. If need be the KAF will upgrade it and then test it out. Anyway, you may wear the badge, it was a very good submission and I look forward to your other ones too.
  9. Nope, just a fighter. Cool profile picture though, similar to @AtomicTech, can I get one too?
  10. Well greetings from the review board. The KAF likes your design quite a lot in the Ground Attack and Defensive Fighter role. When matched against my submission (The Wraith II), it was noticeably much more steady and stable and had more prospective armament options. However when matched against a missile, every plane falters. The KAF would like you to take a look at the updated mods list and send an upgraded submission as then the match against the Wraith II would be a fair fight. However we would be interested in your plane and will place an order for 35 SA-Bakhtaks in their current variants and more depending on the upgraded variant. You may now wear the badge, Congratulations. Screenshots of the moment after destruction: (It was a valiant fight with your submission firing 3 missiles, which missed my Wraith II)
  11. I mean, I've built heavy bombers capable of that. Ah thanks.
  12. 11/10 and a new Profile Picture. I know about your MI-24 and if memory serves me right, the Harrier, I've seen them. Checking them out again soon though. Been a busy month, finally a bit free now.
  13. Hm yes, I will take a look at this, I have been hard at work on my own counter submissions too. And no, boring doesn't mean bad in my books. 10,000km is pretty hard, but if you build a plane for the task, it is possible. I might change it to about 7000 or 8000km as these values are based on ranges of real-life planes. But I could make concessions if the plane itself has other uses. Any mods from NFT sounds good, KSPIE might be a bit overkill though. I believe for the total powered time of the engine it's the maximum fuel load divided by the fuel consumption at cruising speed and altitude. For example if a plane uses 2 units of fuel every second at it's cruising speed and altitude and carries 3000 units of LF, it has a range of 3000/2 = 1500s Now taking that value and multiplying it by the cruising speed gives us the maximum hypothetical range. If the speed is 250m/s then it's 1500*250 = 375,000 meters = 375 Kilometers
  14. 10/10 Local immune to poison russian man
  15. bold of you to assume I don't massacre kerbals in stock KSP.
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