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  1. UNIVERSE Unistage Nuclear Implosion Vehicle for Explosions, Research, Scientific Expeditioning.
  2. Hey there Good, thanks. @ColdJ are you around?
  4. Well you could mention me, we share a similar name. @Ben J. Kerman, teach me the art of the crane.
  5. Update: This is an incompatibility issue, or a bug. Aviator's Arsenal when paired with SimpleRepaint doesn't allow any guns to be loaded into the game. I have conducted this on two separate installs, and removing SR fixes the issue in both cases.
  6. 4/10 You are new here, makes sense. I too play Germany, but I've got the USA and USSR up to the same level. Working on getting UK and Sweden to BR 3
  7. Hey, just a bug I wanted to inform you all of. When using this mod with Aviator's Arsenal, this mod doesn't let any guns from AA load into the game. Everything else from the mod does.
  8. Hey I'm back with my 1.12.1 Install and another issue. I have the Bombs, Ammo racks, Rockets, CASE settings and everything, except for the guns. I have no guns. It's the same setup as my working 1.11.2 game.
  9. 7/10, know you, haven't seen you too often.
  10. 0/10, Likewise? Are you new here? Edit: I too love War Thunder. What is your favourite tech tree for aviation?
  11. Well this plane is a bit of a stretch,this is only the prototype which was equipped with a Mk1 Lander can because testing, but the main craft will be within the rules with a standard aviation cockpit. The Draconic ClimbR (yep, ran out of names) Basically, the fairing set fully covers the body of the craft, and cuts down on drag heavily. The plane had 2 drop tanks which allowed the main craft to climb decently high enough and switch to it's internal Mk1 Fuel tank. The final height for this mission was 10,223m but the engine cut out for absolutely no reason so I couldn't climb higher.
  12. Granted, it doesn't run at all. I wish for more coffee.
  13. Granted, you can fast travel but as soon as you touch down you instantly are set alight, I believe I can flyyyyy
  14. Soup's not on the menu today, Jet fuel is. @ColdJ which one do you want?
  15. Nope, here's another Tomcat though. @Spaceman.Spiff are you around?
  16. Well, one thing led to another and I ended up getting the DLC... I'm teaching myself how to use this and having a blast. Now my old 4 turboprop designs are all useless, you'll get a good, rule-centric one soon.
  17. Maybe, use @Ben J. Kerman's cranes to try it out? How to make servo go up down (just got Breaking Ground, woot)
  18. Nope, it's a challenge. I think my first challenge has gone kaput.
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