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  1. Unfortunately that was the wrong show, you're watching Disney Channel Danger Zone. @peridoot hit us with the lyrics?
  2. I did, and it worked. A 280m/s Contrarotating turboprop quite heavily armed. Will you?
  3. 4/10 as well... I've never seen this man in my entire life!
  4. Nope, sorry for the wait though, had some work. @KSP_linux0191, here's a flyby for you.
  5. I'm looking forward to that, kindly notify me when it hits the shelves. For now back to AOE3 for me, @AlamoVampire?
  6. Greetings, it is, I've sent it to the Polaris stars and it's really getting toasty there. @ColdJ, any updates for HADD in the making?
  7. This issue has been going on for me for months now, no matter what I do the game always stops loading on the Enclosed Hispano, I saw the previous question and saw the CFG file for the 20x94 mm shell but I have no idea what to do with it. (I am running the 1.5 Version)
  8. Not him but Hi anyways. @DunaManiac was requested.
  9. Ah so it was intentional, I find it useful for making EVA points for where I know my craft will need them.
  10. A follow up, but now, we're going to hit lightspeed. Also a small query, some of the airlocks don't have attachment nodes for me, this kind of makes them exclusively radial, I wonder whether this was intentional or if it's a bug on my end? Anyways, here's your project on it's way to lightspeed. (Look at KER's indicated Horizontal speed, no the Navball, we're on our way.)
  11. Greetings, I have just dropped by to inform you that I have used this mod along with a few (5) planet packs, and this mod is absolutely amazing. I can finally go on EVA's without having to fly or climb all the way back up to the stock doors, so this is amazing. Some pictures (they may not show, but they are definitely there, rest assured)
  12. I believe we have a similar name. @ColdJ
  13. What can I say, with refuelling tankers handy I can loiter for hours on end. @Stormpilot do you concur?
  14. So I have a few questions, which mod is the Self sealing tank from, and which version of KSP did you assemble these in? Because the one I'm using seems to find these incompatible.
  15. Banned for blowing up shortly after
  16. Banned for using the internet
  17. Granted, you land on Proxima B, but you have no space suit and immediately die. I wish for peace but the nice kind.
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