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  1. It does that all the time. You know how many times i am building a wing, and it switches off mid-work? Then i have to start over. Get used to it.
  2. My laptop came with 8 GB of RAM. While it is more than enough to run stock, my stupid ass installed 60+ mods. And you know, when you install your first mod, you just can't go back to stock. Of course i had multiple crashes and I couldn't run copernicous and KSPIE, but i always thought it was because of weak integrated graphics. However, i recently got additional 4 GB from a friend, and boy oh boy does it make a difference. It can easily run Kerbal Star Systems, KSPIE and 80+ other mods, and i am just so happy. So, how much do you have and what are your experiences?
  3. Is this mod dead? I wanted to ask if it is version specific or does it work on any version, as long as i have KIS?
  4. There, found my screenshot: https://imgur.com/gallery/gLjTnZ4 Tell me if this is what is happening.
  5. I agree, autostruts might be causing this, but for me, they are somehow essential. i can't just put ordinary struts all over my plane's wings. It raises part count and looks ugly. So, i think they are a great tool, but need to be used only when really needed.
  6. Well, i wouldn't say so. The most desctructive (what do you say we call that) "shift glitch" occured to me on a spaceplane while reentering. The spaceplane had a mk1 cargo bay with batteries and solar panels. The bay changed the angle and was affected by aerodynamics. It ended up being so bad, i had to abort landing since the plane became uncontrollable.
  7. Haha, thanks! Was just wondering if i am slowly going crazy ir not. Btw, are any other parts modeled after existing counterparts?
  8. Ever designed an ion probe and put it in orbit just to realize that the ejection burn will be on the dark side of Kerbin? *turns on infinite electricity* Ever succesfully brought a craft home from Eeloo just so that the push from your last stage puts your periapsis at 71 km? *hyper-edits the craft to the KSC* Or did you ever make a duna lander with just enough TWR to take off? And added batteries/parachutes/insertstuffhere afterwards? *furiosly hacks gravity* Just some highlights
  9. You mean like, change the angle/position while keeping the parts attached to the shifted part at the same location? That often happens to me, not only with clipped parts. I think it happens because of the physical timewarp, combined with huge forces (like reentry/landing). It also sometimes happens on the launchpad, with a huge clipped craft.
  10. Now, if this is a known thing, it will make me look dumb, but is the largest centrifuge modeled after the centrifuge 'Hermes' from The martian had? They look suspiciously similar
  11. Just wanted to say, the mod does not calculate how long a veseel will last if it has a (lets say) water purifier. It only tells me how long they will go with the resources stored aboard. This is pretty annoying, since it makes resource converters extremly hard to use. Any plans for implemeting advanced calculations?
  12. When can we expect 1.4.3 compatibility? Is is already compatible?
  13. Hey, i was wondering if anybody here knows a robotics mod that works in KSP 1.4.2 or 1.4.3? I am getting tired of making stock hinges...
  14. Oh well. This is going to take a lot of time, since my ksp loading time is over 10 minutes... I am thinking i should just update to 1.4.3 and start out fresh...
  15. https://imgur.com/gallery/56Y0Ugo did an experiment with an old lander... Doesn't seem fine to me...
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