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  1. Holy, this is great news! This will definitely get me back to playing KSP !
  2. I haven't played KSP in some time so nothing new, but I made these ants a few weeks ago. They all walk very stable although veryyyy slow, about 1m/s.
  3. More like mechtank but that doesn't sound good
  4. I found a solution to my tripod problem, at least now the design doesn't go to waste ^^
  5. After hours and hours of changing, tuning and many many headaches I have given up on getting this tripod to walk. I think i might be because of the short legs in combination with losing balance since having 3 legs isn't to stable. If any of you have some suggestions I'm all ears... if not I'll just wait untill someone uploads a similar looking tripod, maybe I could use that walking script. For now this one will be tucked away in some dark wip closet.
  6. I'm getting strange looks from across the room since I suddenly started laughing uncontrollably, very funny build!! HAHAHA
  7. Today I finished my ant colony. I also started working on a litle tripod, I really love the design but it doesn't have much power. Now to get it to walk...
  8. Nice speed! I also turned my walker ant around it doesn't go faster than 1.3 m/s. Took me 2 min and 6 seconds!
  9. Looks like the symmetry bug from Making History is still alive and kicking, or at least I started getting that bug when I installed MH and it has gotten worse with Breaking Ground. This happend to me like 10 times in the past 2 hours.... it's driving me nuts! We need a update, and we need it now!
  10. Got my first prototype of a mech with two legs. It's slow though about 3-4m/s. And when I try to finish the design it gets to heavy for those small hinges Back to the drawing board.
  11. Today I came back to KSP after a break of a few weeks, and you all know why I've returned... Very basic design but it was a nice test of the new rotation parts. I love this update!!
  12. @Stratzenblitz75 Wow! Nice job reaching orbit this way, very creative!!
  13. Nice base. One lil tip though, since you chose to make this at Dres I would switch to asteroid mining. All asteroids around Dres have a perfect inclination so very easy to reach.
  14. I don't think i want to know how long it would take
  15. Today I made a dome base and tested if it could land from low Eeloo orbit. Now it just needs a lifter.