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  1. Today i messed with helicopters. It works, but turning is an issue i also made a pretty good looking SSTO, stable but ends up spinning if you turn too hard in the upper atmosphere. Pretty manouverable too.
  2. They are... interesting Basically you have a second craft on the inside of a hollow object (eg. fairings) that have (in my case) dual stayputniks clipped into them, it allows them to spin with minimum glitching, there are 8 rtgs clipped inside, with 8-10 small reaction wheels, you part clip the decoupler which its mounted on out of the craft, and then you move the craft inside, then you switch to the propeller, and you force it to trim spin with alt-q or alt-e. Warning, they are still glitchy. And never phys warp with them running.
  3. Today i decided i would make a stock propeller plane After finding that this design was good i kind of decided i wanted something heavier So i made a dual propeller plane Which works quite well Specs: Single propeller plane "Mjolnir-001": Single stayputnik bearing engine (fairing style) Max speed: 100m/s in level flight 200m/s in dive Stall speed: 30m/s Dual propeller plane "Mjolnir-002": Dual stayputnik bearing engines (fairing style) Max speed: 80m/s in level flight 150m/s in dive Stall speed: 28m/s Landing distance: 20m Takeoff distance: ~30m
  4. Today I attempted two moon landings in my RSS/RO testing range. This probe ran out of fuel on the way down and slammed into the ground at 500m/s Redesigned lander and it took way too long for a normal mission...
  5. Today I went into my RSS/RO sandbox/testing save and decided to do a Lunar flyby. My new rocket is called a Kosmos (Similar to but not exactly) like the Kosmos series of rockets. and can put around 2 tonnes in a polar orbit (including transfer stage for lunar flyby) Kosmos-1 launcher on the pad. Probe on flyby within sight of the moon. Close flyby End result was me crashing into a mountain due to a miscalculation in altitude.