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  1. Where IS the stock indicator anyway? I've played a few hours of 1.6 now and still haven't found it whenever I'm doing maneuvers.
  2. How does the Logo Screen config actually work? No files are selectable when I try to change it.
  3. Y'know, I don't know why everyone else started off with nothing but a flea and a capsule. My very first rocket (second if you count the fact that I forgot oxidiser when I launched it the first time) made it to an escape trajectory... from the Sun. Yeah. I THINK it bugged out.
  4. I'll admit it, I'm not too impressed by the new HECS2. That end cap, or lack thereof, is too similar to the gaping hole on the flea and hammer SRBs, and those are just absolutely disgusting. But it's not all bad. The new gold section, for instance, is an improvement. The other new parts like the fuel tanks and the HECS, again, improvements. I might not like some factors of some of the new models, like the hole on the gold HECS, but it's not the end of the world. I can still cover it up with something (who really leaves an end cap without something on it), and even after that I have a nicer model. At the end of the day, the people complaining the loudest probably won't be affected, because they more than likely won't update to 1.5 anyway. i think that's your problem @passinglurker. You seem so keen to race into the development previews every week and denounce whatever's been put up as "not Porkjet enough." I think you need to realise that Porkjet doesn't work for Squad anymore, so you're not going to get Porkjet parts, because it seems like you haven't figured that out yet. Not to mention that you rarely point about what the problem actually is. Your "criticisms" of the new parts can be summed up as "it's not Porkjet and I hate it. I thought it looked like an improvement (maybe that's because, no matter how small the change, the new parts are still an improvement. That's why they're being updated.) but then I saw too many problems that made it look lazy. Anyone with my experience could see these problems and how they make this part worse than the original, but I don't have to say what they actually are or how to fix them." You may as well be a bit grateful that this game's been getting updates to fix and revamp some of the ugly old, (gasp) non-Porkjet parts for the past five years.
  5. Well, I dunno why, but the bug's gone. I updated the mod to the latest version and jumped back to the craft that had the problem (reaction wheel not moving with the extender). It worked fine.
  6. Updates are done, so I should actually be able to check KSP tonight. I'll update the mod while I'm at it, it might fix the problem (who knows).
  7. Updated to 1.4.4 the other day, so I've had a chance to test some new parts. So far, I've noticed 2 bugs and thought of a few suggestions that should be relatively simple to implement. Regarding the bugs, I'm about to leave my PC, so I'll post logs and my mod list in about 6 hours or so when I get back. Suggestion #1: Add options to toggle and retract animated parts in action groups such as the extender and hinge, instead of just opening/extending. Suggestion #2: Flip the deploy limit on parts like the spherical probe containers, so that it is more in line with stock parts (the mk3 cargo ramp comes to mind). 90 should be almost open, rather than almost shut, in my opinion. Suggestion #3: Right now, the hexagonal probe container has 2 options in the editor, whether or not it has a lid. I think there should be an option to remove the lid in flight, like the Apollo-style service bays added in Making History. This would make it more versatile, as there is a larger space to extend things (Rather than relying on 1 hole in the middle), while still protecting the parts inside during ascent. It also means you don't have to go to the trouble of, say, adding an animated open/close feature. Bug #1: I decided to test the new extender part by plonking a generic, small reaction wheel on the end of a small extender. In the editor, it correctly moves with the extender; however, in flight, the extender would simply go through the reaction wheel, which remained floating in place at its original position. Bug #2: I was putting some of your new, tiny landing legs (the vertical ones, not the triangular ones) on the smallest spherical probe container (Also from the mod). Parts placed inside the container can be rotated and offset freely; however, when I tried landing legs on the outside of the container (I also tried the smallest stock landing legs), they could not. If I placed landing legs on the exterior and attempted to offset or rotate them, they would revert to their original position whenever I changed back to the place tool or selected another part. I also attempted to place a Commutotron HG-55 on a large extender and offset it slightly so it would be perfectly in line, but the bug occurred again.
  8. Absolutely loving it so far. Any chance we can get tweakscale compatibility to mess around with the parts a little more?
  9. Not really sure of what you mean, but keep in mind everything needs to be done in 1 launch. Never heard of Laythe Capitalism either, I only joined this forum like a week ago. Nope. The tanks must be empty on launch.
  10. You can, but only on Laythe, and it obviously won't count towards the final score. You won't be able to use the oxidizer engines before refueling too, keep in mind.
  11. Yeah fair enough.
  12. Implemented a system for different weights, plus some bonuses and a six year time limit.
  13. After numerous complaints from construction workers at the Kerbal Space Centre, the Kerbal Construction Union has successfully campaigned for a total ban on Oxidiser created on Kerbin. Despite the R&D Department's best efforts to convince the strikers that their recent breathing difficulties were simply due to a bad case of "The Sniffles," the workers believe that the abundant use of oxidizer in ascent stages has caused a lower oxygen concentration in Kerbin's atmosphere. Without the ability to create oxidizer using Kerbin's oxygen, the KSP has turned to a new source: Laythe. Your challenge: Design a craft capable of landing on Laythe, mining, and returning to Kerbin without using Oxidizer. Any other engine or form of propulsion (excluding Kraken drives) are permitted. Due to Jeb's short attention span, the mission must be completed in one launch in ten years or less. This challenge must be accomplished in a stock game, though Making History and mods that do not affect gameplay (Scatterer, TextureReplacer) are permitted. Scoring: You will gain points for every ore tank you fill with ore mined from Laythe. These tanks must be empty on launch, filled on Laythe, and returned to Kerbin to be scored. +1 point for each radial tank. +4 points for each small tank. +20 points for each large tank. Bonuses +25 for not using NERVs. +25 for not using SRBs. +25 for not using parachutes. Weight Categories (on launch): Ultralight - 25 tons or less Lightweight - 50 tons or less Midweight - 100 tons or less Heavyweight - 200 tons or less Ultraheavy - 500 tons or less Behemoth - Over 500 tons
  14. For some strange reason, some of my kerbal modifications reset back to unset/generic on loading in a save, or occasionally just going back to the KSC. Here's a fresh save, for example: Yuri Kerman here is set to have the Clean Shaven head and the KCNVeteranPilot suit. For some reason; however, every time I load to the KSC, he reverts to the picture shown. Valentina and Victor also have this problem, but none of the other Kerbonauts (including the default options down the bottom) are affected. Any idea what's causing it? Here's a copy of my TextureReplacer folder in case something's wrong with it: