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  1. Can we mix and match the fairing bases with the fairings?
  2. Quick question. Right now you can connect a part to a fairing and offset it behind the fairing base and that makes it hollow, still being able to collide with the walls of the fairing but the space inside a usable and occludable cargo bay. Will making open ended fairings make them hollow? I REALLY hope thats the case because it will make fairing cargo planes and spacecraft so much easier.
  3. My bad, didn't intend to seem rude. I was only wondering if it was compatible with 1.8 or it would need an update. Take your time modders, do it good like you always do!
  4. It would be perfect for electron- like recovery. Normal chutes just don’t cut it (pun intended)
  5. So kerbals have chutes now, which act more like parafoils. We should have a part that is just a bigger version of the kerbal chute for things like SMART, electron recovery, and Gemini's Regallo wing concept.
  6. Will there be any hinges the width of an I-Beam? I could very much use that for a kandarm
  7. Yeah, for the sake of kerbal I named it the kerbalev cross. Also thanks! do you have a picture of yours?
  8. Impressed EJ with one of my builds Soyuz FG rocket with a full Korolev cross, Soyuz spacecraft, and accurate abort system (shroud motors and all) Not-EJ covered version of the separation:
  9. I made a Soyuz today and I must say I love this separation!
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