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  1. I made the eve lading optional. Ms. Frizzle is a friggin wizard.
  2. We spend a lot of time designing rockets and carrying out missions, and without proper backedup save files, all your work could dissappear in seconds. Now, i've seen this be done in other games like terraria, but why not ksp? In terraria, you can choose which save files you want to backup to steam. So, if you have something happen to your computer, you can just download your save files instead of creating new ones.
  3. I'm concerned as to how you fit all those dice in your hand.
  4. Thank you all for the advice, i think i might pick it up on the up incoming summer steam sale. Since the mission builder looks awesome.
  5. I've heard there are some of cool new parts, and there is the really cool mission maker (which i am extremely interested in). But is it worth $14.99? I have $20 in steam money and was wondering if this at all would be worth it. Heck, is it even good? Would it even be worth picking it up at a steam sale?
  6. A lot of people have really cool names for their rockets, and I was just curious. Is it just something that sounded cool, or is it a word in Latin/Greek/etc?
  7. This looks very fun! How much time is left on the current challenge? If there's enough time I think I'll attempt at it. Heck, I don't care if it's closed I think I just need to do this stuff anyway.
  8. I wanted to delete this, and I can't figure out how. Maybe it's because my account is new.
  9. I created my first rover and landed it on the mün. I haven't gone to the mün yet, so it's kinda like practice. I also created my first satellite over Kerbin.
  10. Here's a cool picture I got from strapping a bunch of solid fuel boosters together and launching straight up w./ scatterer mod installed.