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  1. You might just prepare a frame to post suggestions, like using red typo for the title and a blue for actual challenges ? Just an idea :p
  2. This looks like a very interresting challenge and I will probably attempt one or two missions at some point, after completing a few STS missions !
  3. Yeah I thought that I'd need little dV at this altitude, but I wanted decent TWR (0.10 ! :D). I tried multiple configurations to get as more engines as possible inside the cargo bay and I had another idea to stuff even more :p It is useless for a space station but this construction is now more related to an explorer ship . Actually I refuelled the other ship, if you look at fuel levels between Ike's injection and Kerbin's return the shuttle is 2800Lf units lighter ! I also brought back 2 kerbins as I always launch the shuttle with a pilot and an engineer. As said before I have almost no experience in Jool's system, I only made my first landing on a moon 2 days ago ! But this shuttle is a solid design and will probably complete Jool's missions with no modifications. I'm actually tempted to try a Jool 5 using a high dV and a high TWR (SSTO) version..! Thanks for the badge, I'm planning to run Duna STS 2 and 3 at the same time
  4. Kerbolitto

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Today in KSP : I managed an extremly cheap Jool capture maneuver at the grand total of 1.3m/s I did something like this months ago when showing the game to friends with a non efficient rocket built in 5 minutes tops, but somehow I never managed to get that kind of capture again. Despite having hundreds of hours on the game I have very limited experiene with this system (landed on 1 moon only :x) so I was very pleased to do this again ! The capture use Laythe flyby instead of Tylo. The ship is approaching Jool from a high altitude at 90 billions kilometers, which is about Duna's radius higher then optimum transfer. The reason being that's its an exploring ship that I launched long ago and skipped its maneuver to focus on the STS challenge, which takes place on this savegame.
  5. Duna STS 1 After 17h without posting I'm finally about to present you my mission to Duna, hopefully fullfilling all requirements for a gold medal commander achievement. I'm still flying Artisan v4 Shuttle and it's large cargo bay, as it should be able to cover every missions of this challenge ! Part 1 : Take off, Duna's injection Part 2 : Duna's capture, deployement Part 3 : Rescuiing rescue mission I forgot that there were some ships lying around, so I set a rendez-vous with Cheval 3-5 Rescue D SSTO which was left on Ike for years. It had enough fuel to get back to Kerbin but now I'm able to strand it around Jool which is more fun. (transfered around 2000Lf from the shuttle to this ship) Part 4 : Getting back to Kerbin, from Ike Cheval 3-5 D on its way to get stuck somewhere else
  6. I'd like to try this challenge too but despite having around 2000 hours on this game, I never landed on any Julian's moons except Bop O_o As of all challenges, the more expertise you get through multiple landing & transfers, the easiest it becomes!
  7. STS Mun 7 The last module to complete Mun's orbital station is a crew quarter. It carry room for 12, a cuppola, a nice antenna and that's about it ! Part 1 : Take off, Mun injection and capture Part 2 : Undocking last module Part 3 : Return maneuver, aerobraking, landing Part 4 : Raising orbital station altitude The station has around 3250dV left. That's not much for ion engines but the TWR is actually pretty good on this ship. There's also possibility to add more fuel on the sides docking ports, then it could become a very good orbital base to anywhere. That should be it for STS Mun's Missions As always comments are welcome Next stop : Duna !
  8. STS Mun 6 This time the crew deliver a science module, which will links propulsion and habitats. It also contains a lot of batteries, some monoprop container and docks of every size. Part 1 : Take off, Mun injection and capture Part 2 : Unpacking Part 3 : Return maneuver, aerobraking, landing STS Mun 5 is still scared of its re-entry
  9. STS Mun 5 Here is the first part of the final challenge of STS Mun Missions : I went a bit crazy with the propulsion module, because I wanted to get a decent TWR with ion engines and find new ways to pack everything inside the cargo bay. As usual with my .. contraptions .. I can't resist putting docks everywhere, and make good use of it :p Part 1 : Take off, Mun injection and capture Part 2 : Unpacking ! Part 3 : Return maneuver, aerobraking, not crashing !
  10. @michal.don Quick question : at which point is it acceptable to use an ISRU ? Duna missions ? Jool ?
  11. Finally finished the design of STS Mun 5 6 7 .. Required a lot of tricks to fit everything in the bay ! I'm currently flying the first shuttle, will probably be over in 2 / 3 days.
  12. Kerbolitto

    Eve Biome Hopper

    What about flying higher to get lower atmospheric pressure / better speed / better isp ?
  13. Rofl what kind of monstrosity is that ? What about using a split shuttle with a fairing between the cockpit and engines, and redocking both modules after unloading ?
  14. Kerbolitto

    adsii1970's sandbox micro-challenges

    Might be clipping between upper and lower deck (ISRU wobbles into ore tank, that'd be my guess), maybe over stress of landing gears .. Try adding some struts between your decks ? Also on Mun surface this may not happen, I too had troubles with landing gears but they suffer less pressure on the lower gravity. Did you cheat this outpost on the Mun ?