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  1. @michal.don Here is the v4 : Its now wider (easier to align com / col without taking payload into account), I haven't put RCS on, or decided which engines to use (currently there are 2 wolfhounds and 2 skiffs in the back). It's possible to change fuel tanks under the wings, or even stage them for more dV. The bays aren't aligned to the ground so the height clearance is not extreme. What else mmh .. The central core is an autonomous shuttle, which has one spark to deorbit and 2 Panthers for fun. You can spot a tiny wing below the cockpit, inclined a few degrees to align center of lift What do you think of this craft ? Decoupling the bays or staging fuel pods means that it's not a shuttle anymore ? It still need some work to be viable, but Im playing a bit less those days
  2. I just quickly calculated ISRU + 1 drill which is around 40 RTG, but with fuel cells Im fine, I searched a challenge since a few weeks / months to use some of my ships which have no real purposes ^^
  3. @jinnantonix No fuel cells allowed ? This means I have to use 40 RTG ?
  4. How are you supposed to use the ISRU base ? fill tanks on the south poles, fly them back in LKO then launch to Duna ?
  5. What do you guys think of this ? Its still a work in progress It's able to land on the ground or in water (take off works too), the top shuttle can be separated from the rest in case of abort.
  6. I can give you more specific advices if you want But that's just my opinion based on experience, not engineering pro tips !
  7. Damn, where is this taken picture from ? The Martian ? Riddick's chronicles 3 ? Me cleaning the carpet ?
  8. You'd get a far better lift / drag ratio by cleaning the design and eleminating parasite drag The butt with no cone and solar pannels creates a very high amount of drag.
  9. If I may, it is possible to recreate the shuttle that you based your craft on without canards, by placing wings under the cargo bay to provide some kind of body lift. This could help you increase l/d ratio and lift balance . You can also form an U shape around the hull, which gives better yaw stability !
  10. Im having troubles to fly my current mission, the graphic settings keep resetting, and the game lags a lot more than before the update.. You guys saw that kind of problems too ?
  11. Depends on where you're coming from ? I've reached Tylo from Bop which took around 200m/s to take off / circularize, 62m/s to get an encounter, and maybe 750 to lower orbit on Tylo. Also the shuttle was not well balanced when empty on 4 Vectors, they gimballed too quickly and that induced some lateral speed on the last seconds before touchdown. Probably 2450-2500m/s in a symetric craft would be enough !
  12. Tight as no fuel left and 5-10 m/s vertical, bounced on the ailerons and broke them (Mk3 cargo ramp absorbed the rest). I've landed with something like 2350m/s & 1.75TWR from something like 30-35km high (screenshots in the report are a bit confusing because I used Nervas to lower Ap before retroburning, so dV reading is a little off).
  13. Thanks Jacob ! The landing on Tylo was very tight and I had to reload quite a lot, had only 1 or 2 seconds of margin .. But at the same time I came down from Bop with an average intersection, and I still had the possibility to undock the outpost and the plane in orbit somewhere (it weights 7 tons if I remember). All in all it was a very fun mission to fly. I planned to do it on Wolfhounds with rocket fuel only, but everything would have to be a lot bigger.. This shuttle only modifications are a double Vectors set and a short Mk3 LF fuselage
  14. Thank you ! The original four in the shuttle and one of each spec in the outpost, and yes Bob stayed behind to enjoy the view ! : D
  15. Hey ! No worries It's another STS mission, but this time I landed on all 5 with only one shuttle ! Here are the links : First part : Second : And finale ! There's a ton of pictures, apologies for slow internet connection (like mine :x)