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  1. What about an outpost near Vallhenge, with 1 rover, science experiments to carry around, various probes on the hills around to mimic triangulation of the monuments, surface-based telescope to look at a distand galaxy or stuff like that ? Maybe we could also use Laythe's outpost to refuel a tanker, or move the crew around to pack Vall's base with scientists..
  2. Put everything vertically, there's more space in Y axis . Get rid of the big RCS wheel & put 2/3 battery packs on both sides of the bay instead of using a node
  3. You can probably make a tiny outpost by putting the ISRU vertically on a corner of what's left in the bay, and attach a few habitats around ?
  4. Also you can encounter Laythe and slightly aerobrake in the higher atmosphere during multiple times, this will lower Ap and you can capture later once your orbit is less elliptical (like my STS Eve 1).
  5. Did you used Vall and Laythe to lower orbital speed in the inner Joolian system ? In my opinion the reason is that your orbit is highly elliptical, and its a pain around Jool because you have to understand that you are going extremly fast when below Vall's orbit. It's all about lowering Ap, and best way to do this is multiple flyby around. I checked my screens and I touched Laythe at 2700m/s on the first landing.
  6. Kerbolitto

    BepiColombo double probe visit to Mercury

    Very impressive flybys especially around Eve - Venus ! What would be the distance to Mars orbit before the first Earth's flyby ? Looks like they send the probe very high before descending into the well.
  7. Kerbolitto

    Duna Outpost Mission Architecture Challenge

    I know I should continue this challenge, but I'm being quite lazy now :p I'm still at the point of sending a food-rescue mission to Duna before hohmann transfer.. Would be cool to see what others are up to !
  8. Wow, this is bad It happenned a few times to me and now I just save before every maneuver "just in case" even if most of the times it's useless.. Sorry for you
  9. The quote that you quoted is not my quote, but michal's quote ! I edited my message above to prove you wrong @michal.don !
  10. This is not true edit : see STS Duna 1 2 & 3, STS Eve 1, STS Mun 3, 4 & 5