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  1. Thanks ! You're more patient than I am, I've let down a canadarm replica when I saw how wobbly that thing was .. Can't you put your Kals on a small module that you merge when your shuttle is ready ?
  2. STS Minmus 1 : It was quite fun, had to be creative to install a large rover inside Mk3 bays but turns out servos are working okay now !
  3. STS Minmus 1 A new mission has been added to the Shuttle Challenge and I just couldn't resist ... It will be about the deployement of a fuel depot. First part is about deploying sats, choosing a landing site and sniffing ore in a rover. 1_ Launch, Departure 2_ Minmus, we meet again ! Small relay deployed Ready to unpack M700 3_ Landing on a good site ! Engineers had to keep forward wheels straight, in order to unload the whole rover. That's why it looks kinda stupid : D 4_ Some exploration : The rover has room for 4 Kerbals, is capable of deploying some experiments and possesses a small drill at the back. 5_ Take off, swimming time ! Jeb says it's fine. Hey look ! We just got to bleed 1600m/S and we're good to go ! Looks like this water is not watery enough.
  4. STS 8 : Sputnik & Chocolats II is complete ! Sputnik & Chocolat was the very first outpost I landed on another planet (Minmus), it was supposed to be a tea-house, provide chocolates to Kerbonauts and refuel an ugly spaceship, it was almost deployed correctly ! I'll be on holidays for a week or two so I won't be able to post 60 pics everyday
  5. STS 8 Finally, last part of Minmus Space Station ! Last module contains another science lab, a telescope and a radio mast 1_ Launch & Escape to Minmus ! 2_ Capture & rendez vous with Space-Station 3_ Some details about Sputnik & Chocolats II A volunteer was requisitionned to present the space station. Maintenance panel on the telescope, just in case you never know ! Telescope, antenna, and a spare Kodiak..? M700 module, don't mind the shuttle in the background Jeb would be too happy. Service module, docks and hab module. Engines pod, they said it is supposed to thrust through the mass of the station, supposedely it carries around 1k5 dV 4_ Leaving Sputnik & Chocolats II, our crew is asked to come back on Kerbin Not much interrested about that security stuff, the Kerbonauts says goodbye through the windshield. The crew is already refuelling ShOrPa !
  6. STS 7 First science module has been delivered to the space station. It has a laboratory, a command module, another Sr dock and a wide angle M700. The crew had too much fuel so they decided to take a small break on Minmus. 1_ Launch, Ascent, Injection : 2_ Minmus arrival, station is almost finished ! Landing to load ice cream. 3_ Departure burn, meeting with the Mun, landing softly :
  7. Glad to see you back michal ! STS 7 : Nothing special, regular transit between KSC and Minmus. Station is nearly complete, Mun stuff will be more interresting
  8. STS 6 Mission goes on, a new payload was fitted in the bays of ShOrPaEXT and it was reinstalled on the pad with fresh boosters. This time the cargo is a habitat module with an array of docks. 1_ Launch, LKO, Burn to Minmus! 2_ Minmus capture, Cargo deployement : Crisory inspects the docks, everything seems to be lined up correctly ! 3_ Return to Kerbin after meeting with the Mun : Time to lunch, debriefing can wait !
  9. STS 5 : Space Station ! STS 5 to 8 missions are about assembling a space station built with 4 modules. (Propulsion, Habitat and two for Science) I chose to build it around Minmus because no mission are currently proposed near this moon. This flight is performed on the new ShOrPaEXT, a vacuum variant with no jet engines and 1k3+ dV on WolfHounds. TWR is approx. 0.5 and it's more confortable to perform long burns from Kerbin (to Mun or Duna for example). 1_ Going to LKO ! Hours before take-off, engineers remembered to add Bobcat pods to help during ascent because this new variant has no atmospheric engines. 2_ Capture around Minmus, propulsion module sep Bill verifies the panel's deployement. 3_ Leaving Minmus, landing hopefully Crew back to the Space Center on time for the croissants! Landing was "a bit" butchered, next time I'll probably use the Mun to reduce inclination (something like 20°) so it will be more precise