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  1. Thanks, totally forgot about this challenge ! I got 2 planes non reviewed yet, a regionnal and jumbo passenger from May
  2. @Kerbalstar I did not forget about this thread but I don't like military stuff on KSP, so I just waited a bit to see if there would be something funny to participate
  3. Kerbolitto

    Duna Outpost Mission Architecture Challenge

    Congrats @Death Engineering !! Beautifull setup !
  4. Awesome looking shuttle ! ;D I just don't get why you put it inside a fairing ? You can't control the ascent with that much lift on top of the launcher ?
  5. Thank you It was pure luck actually, I did not quickload anything to modify the departure time or else, and the orbit I chose was a bit unusual (Pe around Mun was very low for a free return trajectory). That's why I aimed at 42-43k when returning to Kerbin, so I knew I could glide at least 2 times due to the relatively low drag of the shuttle, or just pitch hard if needed (thanks to a lot of elevator power!) I'll change my future reports to hide more pics, even if I really like showing beauty screenshots without interface for everyone to see ! :p
  6. Well since there's a lot of radiation around the KSC due to the excessive use of Nukes with this Shuttle program, I'm sure that now the sandwich is flying to its destiny using the huge amount of dV left in the Module ! Maybe we'll hear from it again later in the challenge
  7. She can't handle the loss of 2 airbrakes during a single mission, also she's realising that she forgot her sandwich around the Mun !
  8. STS 5T As you'll see below, I flew the shuttle directly after capturing & touching down on the Mun, just in case I'd have to use a small correction to land on a runway. Turns out I did not have to touch anything between LKO and returning in the atmosphere to land almost directly on the KSC ! Part 1 : Launchpad, LKO, Mun injection Part 2 : Capturing Mun-Module around the Mun and landing ! Part 3 : Shuttle's return to Kerbin, capturing and landing during the same pass I pitched down too hard so I landed on the hill in front of KSC, just had to let it roll a bit to stop in front of the SPH ! Part 4 : Mun activities ! Part 5 : Leaving Mun to crash land on Kerbin again
  9. Kerbolitto

    Doing It Constellation Style

    Glad to see you back, and thank you . Back then I used lots of fins because I wanted to land the 2 ships together despite their weight difference so it just helped control even if it was overpowered. I'll probably take a shot at the following missions
  10. I don't touch the fuel except sometimes when landing with an unbalanced cargo, but my booster design is symmetrical so there's that ..
  11. Kerbolitto

    Bonne année à tous :D

    Aux 2 voir 3 français qui sont encore sur ce forum !
  12. Certainly one of the best thread around here (No I'm not biased! )
  13. Kerbolitto

    Kerpollo - A Full Science Career In 9 Parts

    This looks very interresting I might give it a shot, also because I've never landed on Eeloo & Moho .. !