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  1. What about something like this ? You can use the interstage node and truss structure of a fairing
  2. You're sure that you really need 2 Nukes ?
  3. Kerbolitto

    Duna Outpost Mission Architecture Challenge

    I was thinking about large burns using Eve to lower transit duration, this might be doable with heat protection
  4. Kerbolitto

    Duna Outpost Mission Architecture Challenge

    You're going down to Eve ? I see that the cheapest injection right after year 2 is almost 3k dV with a little more than 1 year of flight
  5. Kerbolitto

    Duna Outpost Mission Architecture Challenge

    Haha so right ! Fun part is, I took many hours (like 15/20h easily) to design a rolling outpost with docks around, then various ships to fullfill achievements, and now that my outpost is JUST landed I'm redesigning everything else to max out the mission . In my mind, docks are truly the best parts of this game !
  6. Kerbolitto

    Duna Outpost Mission Architecture Challenge

    Is the Duna Space Bus the same ship as Duna Ascent Module ? We'd need 2 differents ships + Emergency Vehicle ? I may put too much thought into this challenge
  7. Forgot to mention that the challenge requires some kind of life support for every Kerbals, which goes like this : each Kerb "eats" 0.04Ore a day. Obviously you cannot "mine" food supply so it has to be launched from Kerbin to ensure that each Kerbal got his / her own share. This is a little resume of the "food" consumption on this challenge :
  8. Kerbolitto

    Doing It Constellation Style

    That's too bad .. It's such an awesome thread !
  9. Kerbolitto

    Duna Outpost Mission Architecture Challenge

    Outpost service is starting now ! 6 famous Kerbals from Kerman's family (not those Kermans, the other ones) landed on Duna in a wheeled outpost with 0 protection, except maybe a helmet to share. 2 are remaining into orbit for mining operation and taking some pictures. This is Year 1 Day 389 and it's 4h30, the outpost is now fully operationnal (after some cooling, the re-entry was kinda on the hot side).
  10. CHAPTER 2, Injection to Duna, landing after 224 days. Part 1 : Burning a lot of fuel, 3 times 'cause it's more fun After the previous events, the outpost was left onto a 165x165 orbit around Kerbin, this time with proper refuelling. Bill and Valentina checked all systems, gauges, relays and napkins supply. They showed that the ship had almost 2k dV but a poor TWR. All was clear nonetheless and the remaining crew was sent onto an orbit to dock at the Vermillion's Seeker, and then burn to Duna. Part 2 : Docks, Docks everywhere Before arriving to Duna, the Nuke pod and Heavy ISRU undocked from the main ship. The plan was to aerobrake the whole outpost while the lighter Pod would retroburn around Duna with its remaining fuel. After a tiny correction maneuver, the crew began to reassemble the whole outpost using the SuperDart Tug. Part 3 : Something's red on the radar, and this time its not ketchup Some stuff happenning around Duna, mainly huge retroburn and taking a lot of heat ! Part 3 : Landing (finally !) Thanks to 2 drogue chutes, 2 radials and 4 Mk16xL chutes, the landing was very easy. The 2 darts provided a usefull thrust to wipe off a bit of speed before final landing. The crew on surface consists of : Thompdo (pilot) Katnard (engineer) Kathmal (engineer) Bob (veteran scientist) Samemy (pilot) and Jeb (veteran pilot) (also stuck in orbit : Valentina & Bill !) This is it, clock starts ticking for this fearless crew, they got a lot to do on Duna's surface (or maybe they'll wait for the next ship, we'll see !).
  11. Kerbolitto

    Duna Outpost Mission Architecture Challenge

    This is bad news, I'd have to dismantle parts of my outpost to return everyone home, I'd have to find a solution combining many nuke pods and mk3 passenger cabin imo.
  12. Kerbolitto

    Duna Outpost Mission Architecture Challenge

    Oh sorry, then yes I guess you'd have to transfer the second crew before Y4 which is way more costly !
  13. Kerbolitto

    Duna Outpost Mission Architecture Challenge

    So to make it clear, we now need a huge deep space transit ? I planned to let all Kerbals (likely 20 or so) inside the outpost with enough "food" for them to wait next ship to come after Y10 and resupply them. It depends on how you manage your outpost, if you add more modules this won't be a problem. You can send the second crew on second transfer window with big four, land the fresh crew on Duna, dock their module with your outpost, and avoid returning to Kerbin because you set up everything they need to stay past Y4. Also yeah, I'd like to see how this is manageable :p
  14. Kerbolitto

    Duna Outpost Mission Architecture Challenge

    I did use my SLV to adjust inclinaison relative to Minmus on first NPM. Not sure about injecting to Duna with SLV provided it can boosts and retrograde before 180k Ap would be within the rules, this could change a looot of things .. ! :p I don't think the return rule has changed, it's just that you can now leave a Kerb alone if there is some backup hardware to help him. It now allow you to do something like this : return 2 Kerbs on Kerbin, take one for an Ike mining mission (less than 10days) and leave the last one on the ground in the outpost, so it would be continuously manned.
  15. Kerbolitto

    Duna Outpost Mission Architecture Challenge

    Well I did some quick testing when first designing my nuke pods, if you embark some fuel tanks on your payload which you empty first when burning from Kerbin, the nuke pod behind would have a low weight once decoupled from the payload and could also use the Mun to get down to Kerbin. As of catching the payload in Duna's SOI, I did 3/4 tests with F12, it would cost approx 600m/s to get an encounter almost at the limit of Duna's SOI and 1200m/s to catchup if I remember correctly. 1800m/s is very little for a big nuke pod, mine got something like 6k+, so it would not be very hard to retroburn the payload around Duna. You'd just got to launch 2 efficient nuke pods designed for your NPM and they'll be ready at anytime in both SOI with no transfer in between, after first transfer window & refuel of course. This might work well with Minmus too but I think that you'd need a little propulsion system to set up encounters with the Mun imo, I always burn 100+ m/s because encounters are too precise from this height, at least with stock game and .. old interface . There's so many ways to do this kind of stuff .. I should stop writing my ideas on chocolate cardboard and sort it out a bit xD