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  1. Space Péniche has been upgraded ! Wobbler Bester Faster Kerbster !
  2. Space-péniche round2 : this time in orbit It weights 300 tons more or less, 1600dV on orange tanks (staged), and around 1800 on its own. : D
  3. Today .. Space-péniche ! It has 3k+ dV, is capable of vtol landing (probably on Duna) and has absolutely no real purpose ! <3 (also the radar is functionnal)
  4. Me too.. Im considering running some missions, again I think I could use some kind of a glitch to build an enormous (stock) shuttle :p
  5. Oh man, this is so useless, I love it <3
  6. Stage 3 of Dakar Challenge, shiny new pics ! OOPSIE
  7. Stage 3 ! I've just completed this third part after only one try ! Starting at 1:58:00 Small jump in the sunset : Easy with acrobatics ! Full speed downhill : Finish line 2:07:47 Stage 3 total time : 09:47 ! I knew those suspensions could be competitive Edit : Sadly I braked too hard after posting this reply and flipped the rover over, replacement has arriver !
  8. Hey @JacobJHC ! Is it possible to give a try at this challenge ? Is there a more recent one by you or someone else (septemberwaves) ? I don't have a very good PC but I'm willing to start colonizing one or two moons
  9. MORE MORE JUMPS ! I finished Stage 2 of this excellent challenge : This time the stage took place between high mountains and deep valleys, brakes very much needed
  10. STAGE 2 : Hopefully this thing has brakes, I used them only 1 time on first part but 10 to 15 during this second stage ! High speed rebound : Buggy-ing around : More jumps Finish line, let's add 1 second by the time I passed the flag : Starting time 01:40:00 Finish line 01:51:30 Stage 2 Official-time11:30
  11. I really love your videos and (forced) other peoples to watch them This is great inspiration, especially the way you ''install'' kerbals in outposts, how they look more convenients, viable, and not as sleek or impersonnal as we usually tend to create them ! Thank you for putting the time & effort into those videos !
  12. MORE JUMPS (I know you guys like those :p) New rover now has 20 wheels, a compressor-fed V6 (maybe ?) which requires 55EC / second
  13. Ok I've completed first stage, after many crashes.. failed jumps.. broken parts.. adventures ! I've mistakenly took 2 different screenshots of the starting line, from differents trials. Timer starts at 1:03:59, my second screenshot was set at 1:05:00, I think this would be more in line due to added power on the rover, but it's more fair to post the longest time. Stage 1 : 11:42 Starting line : 1:03:59 Full compression : High speed downhill (record was 57m/s ) End of the stage : 1:15:41
  14. Yeah .. Im flooring the pedal 98% of the time, only lifting after a huge compression Main problem is that the hinges are wobbly, they also compress from the front to the back on heavy landings, and the wheel hates it D:
  15. I was looking at the temple, throttle cut-off, and I jumped a nasty bump Most of the time it just land on its back, Im wondering if I should add a hinge-device to put it back on its wheels .. !
  16. Yea .. Its hard to package the suspension because how tall they are ! I tried a push-rod design (bit more compact) but it's not as good to absorb heavy landings. Its a blast to drive, even if I never finish first stage after 5/6 trials
  17. ..Would have finish at around 12:50 Full compression : Merde !
  18. I'd say that if you fly high enough you won't need pre coolers, as you reduce throttle at cruise speed, also, one shock cone might be enough air for both engines (I use 1 for 2 Rapiers).
  19. I might be overdoing it, this is probably my 20th iteration ! I tried almost every type of suspension I could think of, but always crashed in the last downhill part at 4km of 1st flag xD The rover is fantastic, but even with triple pistons in front, they sometimes break on heavy landings (7G +/-) !
  20. Here is part 3 which features a maintenance outpost with fuel station, garage, spare parts and rovers ! Also there's a cool low-gravity transporter used to join massive radio telescopes used to phone-call probes everywhere in the Kerbol-system !