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  1. It seems there is a problem with scatterer that, once a certain altitude is reached, it goes into "scaled mode" and the whole atmosphere turns dark (the atmospheric effect gets disabled)... I've been looking but i cannot find the setting to disable/change this setting.... anyone got any idea? From reading the source code it seems that it's being affected by the "pqs" in scatterer (still have to figure out what that does) getting disabled once it reaches > 160km altitudes.
  2. @linuxgurugamer I've been playing around with your mod, and I have some problems with the ullage. From what I understood from the posts in the forum, I would just need some RCS pushing during ignition. However, that was not working for me at all, even though I was getting as much as 0.09g (I added many RCS thrusters to test it): the engine would always be unstable. I had a look at the relevant code in in GitHub, and found this if statement: if (a < 90 && Math.Cos(a) * vessel.geeForce_immediate >= 0.01 || vessel.Landed) Which looks to me as if it is also checking the angle of the speed vector compared to the planet. So I then I went and pushed the RCS in either the RADIAL IN or OUT, and then I get the fuel state to be stable intermittently (still unstable for most of the time tho!) I don't understand what the need for the angle check is for, because even with the right angle it seems hard to get any stability at all.
  3. Alright, here is a though one! Been wanting to play "mission control" type multiplayer with a friend; that is one person is locked in IVA (or outside camera without the HUD) and another one reading and planning the mission from the ground. I've been doing my homework and currently using those on KSP 1.4: Telemachus Houston kOS kRpc Those work perfectly, don't take me wrong, you can do basically everything that you'd ever need to, but they have one shortcoming: they are not "visual enough". It is really hard to "see" and edit maneuver nodes, and you don't get many of the goodies that you can get from the stock map view (and some other mods like Trajectories!). So I've been stratching my head to find a solution... There was an old mod which doesn't work anymore, called "Standalone map view". Another hacky solution that I thought about was to use a multiplayer mod like Luna or Dark multiplayer to have the two clients controlling the same vessel, this way it'd be possible to have access to the map view and nodes editing, however it seems it can only be done in spectator mod. Has anybody who already tried this found a solution?
  4. It would be great if there was a way to have "helper" functions that you can get usually from the stock map view, like AN/DN nodes, their eta, closest approach, etc. I know they can be derived with code but being that they are already available in the map view, I guess they could be easily read by kOs? Any chance this functionality will be implemented? On a different note, I am using kOs to play mission control style multiplayer with friends, and I was wondering if there is a way to disable telnet access and volume 0 when the vessel has no signal?
  5. I don't know if it's just me, but the orbit MFD doesn't show the actual orbit circle I noticed it doesn't work in career, while it works fine in sandbox... weird. Any idea why it may be? Do you think it could have anything to do with patchedConicSolver not being available in early career? I would like to try it out, but how do I enable it?
  6. Hello everyone, I am pretty new to this game, so please forgive me for my ignorance. I have been trying all day to get some addons working, but I am struggling with some problems. I am running KSP version 1.4 and installed all the addons in the correct directory. I am using the ASET IVA replacement. I noticed is that my orbit MFD that comes with RasterPropMonitor doesn't show the orbit green lines. It shows a fixed circle and all the data like apt, pet, etc. but not the actual orbit. Here is a photo of what I'm getting: I noticed that this problem only happens in career mode.... Any ideas why? Thanks in advance!