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  1. Kerbin government has banned all Space Programs and destroyed every city where scientists and engineers protested the move. From one of those cities Sherazad escapes and needs to make her way throught the desert with the help from a group of engineer and scientist rebels. (The Jebeddun) You scavenge the desert for spare parts and the occasional ancient alien technology. Once arrived at the final destination (the Spaceport) the contract finishes and you continue your career like normal but you will have gathered lots of technology parts that you can somehow include in your builds
  2. Hi all! I've modelled ships and locations, created contracts and worked out much of the bugs I could but there are still a few things I would like to solve for my mod to be publishable. I'd like some perspective on them to see if they are achievable... I don't code (just .cfg editing) so I have no clue if these things are possible. If possible I'll try and find a coder to contribute or try and learn coding from scratch Here are the things I need to achieve: - Reduce the proximity needed to control a certain ship (My BdArmory AI enemies work great but the fun is gone when
  3. Great Mod! Is there anyway to prevent the player to switch to enemy vessels? I'm building a contract mod for career mode but being able to switch and control enemy vessels kinda makes it too easy Thanks again buddy!
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