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  1. Looking forward to 2.0 already. I did get things working with your pointers on the additional mods required and my 'Making History´╗┐' version of the Saturn V-Apollo launch worked beautifully, I added some lights pointing up from the pad to add some dramatic lighting on the rocket also. As for the Engine mount point I just shifted rocket down from the engine attachment point and that seemed to work fine. But that Bluedog Design Bureau version of the Apollo Saturn V is so much nicer than the Making History version. Time to download some more mods
  2. I need some help with AlphaMensae's Modular Launch Pads 1.3.1/1.3.2 -- on KSP Windows x64 -- as I'm not seeing how to configure the new 'Saturn Launcher Base Insert Square'. Right-clicking on it just shows the Autostruts/Rigid Attachment options -- seems like it should work according to your earlier posts -- am I clicking on the wrong thing maybe? installation problem? I also cannot properly attach the Launch Pad base so that it is flush with the fairings -- I don't have the right attachment node on the bottom of the Saturn V 5 engine plate in the History expansion, and your earlier video mentions a patch file -- but I think it should be automatic in the release version if I understood correctly. I installed 'Modular Launch Pads' via CKAN -- are there any additional manual steps I need to take? Other mods installed: Action Groups Extended 2.3.35, BetterBurnTime 1.6.1, CCTV, Click Through Blocker, Docking Port Alignment Indicator 6.8.2, Gravity Turn Continued 1.7.7, HullcamVDS Continued, JSIPart Utilities 0.4.2, Kerbal Engineer Redux, Module Manager 3.0.7, Precise Maneuver 2.4.1, RasterPropMonitor & Core v0.30.3, Toolbar, Transfer Window Planner v1.6.3.0, TriggerAu Flags v2.9.30 Other than that the models are a thing of beauty, thank you :)