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  1. I didn't find any sprite of kerbals for stream avatar so i made some i'll keep it updated, here goes nothing : https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1AwC9BddIXuT1QwlEEfL9OuEVEK3U-uPE?usp=sharing
  2. Hello it seem some of the icons don't show up on the small mfd (big mfd only have icon navigation no craft icon) in rasterpropmonitor view, work fine on normal map tho... any work around or hints to fix this ?
  3. i got screwed i think there is no flight plan for "south hope" no ?
  4. say undefened variable. here some pics, tell me if u need more infos sorry ^^"
  5. sorry, a gui is supposed to show up ^^ i get a error message on the syntax on weird things like a letter or what and everything should be fine cause it was working untill now . here are the scripts and a video of what should happen ... as u can see the screen are green that why i was assuming that was generating the bug cause new version of kpm have colors integration so maybe a incompatibility ? i should be able to get the green screen bck but somehow i must miss some infos ^^" https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cS1fVbYEx9W3QA9uYnZD3Y2E9wUykwdR/view
  6. it fixed the problem with the keyboard thanks again, but none of the script from vulkan i use often are working, seem to be comin from the color screen.. i was using the green one, i install the no colors patch but it only work with the colored one instead. i may have miss something ^^" any hints ?
  7. i'm a big fan by the way ^^ ! thank you a lot @jonnyOthan.
  8. can't manage to make the keyboard work since ksp update 1.11. i try with a clean install took me many attempt but when i press "O"button near the mfd the KRBD lock normaly but no inputs go to the screen (can't type anything) it was working for the past few months tho... Any ideas on a temporary fix ?
  9. hello love the mod i use it for quite some time but since 1.9 i can't make it work on minmus or other low gravity celestials body, work great on kerbin and duna tho. It won't move at all i try waypoint manager, pick a target etc nothing seems to work i habitually use to go see the easter eggs, this time it just tp me a few meters up or just flip upside down the rover, i did try with a stock config but no changes... any ideas ? kindly, keep up the good work love u'r mod Ps : BV is front but i oriented it upward and work great on kerbin i try to put it up the rover no change.
  10. Ok i figure it out ... my bad ^^" for people like me the IVA need to be drop in : Gamedata/UltimateShuttleIVA/Spaces. sry again X)
  11. Hi where to install the .cfg is not really clear i suppose its in squad mk3shuttle ? i try many different way the IVA look great but the button are not working ^^ if instruction where a little bit detailed it would help .
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