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  1. Thanks for checking this out; I still haven't had any luck making lv3 pads work. If it's of any help to you, I think I found the other part of my problem. I added facility names to all my launchpads via editing the cfg files, which the ingame editor doesn't seem to do. With that change made, lv2 pads are reliably launchable regardless of celestial body. Unfortunately, this change didn't help launches from lv3 pads at all.
  2. Just to followup on my post, through trial and error I am now able to sometimes launch from pads on other bodies. However, it's definitely fiddly. Sometimes I have to try the same launch three or four times, or switch pads a few times, etc. before it works. I'm currently under the impression that it's one launch behind - in other words, I have to launch with Mun 1 selected, then recover (not revert!) since the craft will be on the Kerbin pad, then launch again with Mun 1 selected, and then it will work. But even this process is not 100% reliable. I'll keep you posted if I can narrow it down further. In any case, thanks for all your work building and maintaining this mod. It's become indispensable for these 7000 ton Minmus launches I keep wanting to do
  3. I'm having the same problem as the other fellow who was unable to launch from the Mun in 1.4.x. However, I've captured logs: KK Mun pad launch failure on new career - log and instance config from NewInstances I'm guessing this problem has something to do with the dominant body being set to Kerbin instead of Mun at the start of the launch, leading to the launch site being invalid, so it falls back to KSC. I imagine you can tell from the logs, but I'm on KSP 1.4.3, reasonably heavily modded, no DLC. I attempted to reproduce on a KK-only install with the same results, and the log is also in the dropbox folder linked above (KSP-no-other-mods.log). Incidentally, I (and another Redditor) had some problems with custom level 3 launch pads, which I found were resolved by setting the pads to level 2 instead. I'll capture logs on that too if you'd find that valuable; they looked very much like this mun failure to my eye.