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  1. Very nice idea! They were no "exotic" orbital or rotation speed in ksp og and it would be a cool addition to the game. Like having a recently collided body which spins and goes fast as sh*t, I wonder what it could be to land on such things... Nice idea! I don't think we will see tides in KSP2 but water worlds are very interesting! It would be my most wanted feature to have subsurface oceans that maybe would host simple life forms... (I don't think we will get that either but a man can dream...)
  2. Very interesting we haven't got any infos on avionics and boats parts. I hope that's because they have a plan to show us those new systems later... Off topic: Would really like to see a lot of new aircraft parts (compact airbrakes, trim, etc)
  3. Nice! Could be the new KSC rather than a city
  4. It's true ressources gathering in KSP 1 was not that fun, but we can except the devs to make exciting and satisfying in KSP 2...hope so
  5. Would love to have planets with intern ocean reachable by caves systems. Could be so cool sending missions onto icy planets, exploring dark caves and finally get to a "bottomless" internal ocean... (definitely looking forward for JUICE mission although)
  6. Hope we would need to go into particular places in order to mine specific ressources. Could be cool if certain fuel types were very expensive, so we could want to send an expedition onto that planet, make a mining base etc...
  7. Maybe already asked... Does KSP 2 will include functional IVAs ? (with interactive buttons and screens) I like buttons
  8. I hope they'll stress the simulation aspect of the game in advertisement campaign so we don't inherit no man's sky fanbase. (no offense) If someone sees the trailer and don't know about ksp, he may think it's just a funny sandbox space game...
  9. Very poetic. I have another suggestion for the deadalus:
  10. Best idea with kerbal Scott Manley in the tuto
  11. I don't think there will be a training system in the exact way you think it'll be. Because they said about colonies that they don't want us to time skip in order to increase kerbals population, I don't think we'll have a time-based training... I think that specialities need to be revamped to be more flexible... Maybe we won't have specialized born kerbals but rather having them trained for specific tasks. (like exposing a kerbal at high gs make them more resistant for exemple). Note that kerbals specialities are for now highly speculative because we don't know yet about science... If they don't keep that system, it's probable there won't be scientist kerbals, so what it left are engineers and pilots which is not enough to justify a specialization feature. What you think?
  12. Thanks a lot nikokespprfan, you an angel amongst kerbals <3