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  1. I know that but I won't say IVAs are fonctionnal in KSP... Try flying on instruments and you will know your pain ! Personnaly I love aircrafts and clickable cockpits are my thing. Knowing speed, altitude and attitude precisely is necessary to fly properly an aircraft. Moreover with the current status of IVAs, trying to launch and land on the mun, for exemple, only in first person, without mods nor watching the map is harder in ksp than IRL ! (If you know how to use real-life spacecraft instruments) But maybe someone whose gameplay is more focused on building than flying won't be bothered at all by the lack of instrumentations inside KSP pods. So I think that depends on your gameplay style... Wow I didn't see that ! We need caves, hope that's indeed a hint, not a typo !
  2. Yea boi that's my #1 most wanted feature. Did you know there is a very good mod for functionnal IVAs for KSP ? Link in case:
  3. I think they are just referring to the snack compartiment, visible inside ksp pods You know something is happening in the world ? They are giving us news, noticing us they are currently working and giving us more infos on ksp 2. [snip]
  4. As mentionned above, a traversable wormhole (like a Morris-Thorne) is unliky to become a thing in KSP2 because of its highly speculative nature whereas devs mentionned they wanted the techs in KSP2 to reflect what could be the future of space exploration in the few hundreds years to come. And numerous polls in the forums already confirmed it was what the players want for this sequel. Moreover a space-time bridge and what it means in terms of gameplay would be very hard to implement, something you should know if you already danced with the kraken...
  5. That's sad ='( I'm loop watching it... There's a lot to see here: HUD, new parts, new bodies, the effects (I love the animation on the screen of the guy in charge of explosions fxs) And it's likely we'll have an upcoming video on aerodynamics according to thumbnails when Nate talks about next videos so maybe we'll have better aerodynamics in ksp 2... The hype is on !
  6. I think naming it spaceport is good enough. It's simple and make reference to SF so it's all good in my opinion.
  7. Devs did not talk about atmospheric features. Ok we haven't seen atmospheric effects in the pre-alpha gameplay footage but we do have seen clouds on screenshots devs released. So for now it's likely that KSP2 will feature at least clouds but we can't be sure since we have no official confirmation. In response to @Xd the great Very interesting point here, I had to rewatch the trailer to spot the contrails. Just my opinion but I think that could be a thing. As for dust, nobody would have thought that dust could have been a feature according to e3 trailer whereas we know now (thanks to DasValdez live) that it was a hint... So yes contrails could definitely be a thing...
  8. Very nice idea! They were no "exotic" orbital or rotation speed in ksp og and it would be a cool addition to the game. Like having a recently collided body which spins and goes fast as sh*t, I wonder what it could be to land on such things... Nice idea! I don't think we will see tides in KSP2 but water worlds are very interesting! It would be my most wanted feature to have subsurface oceans that maybe would host simple life forms... (I don't think we will get that either but a man can dream...)
  9. Very interesting we haven't got any infos on avionics and boats parts. I hope that's because they have a plan to show us those new systems later... Off topic: Would really like to see a lot of new aircraft parts (compact airbrakes, trim, etc)
  10. Nice! Could be the new KSC rather than a city
  11. It's true ressources gathering in KSP 1 was not that fun, but we can except the devs to make exciting and satisfying in KSP 2...hope so