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  1. I don't know if it had already been said but if they want to match the arecibos message aspect ratio, they will need at least 2 more feature videos meaning that if they stick to their schedule (5/6 months between videos) the game won't be released before the very end of 2022. And as the arecibo is 73x22 and they have released two 16x22 messages we can expect the complete message to be 64x22 or they will have to change the messages length at some point.
  2. Imho the best "Show and Tell" iterations were "Clouds" and "New engine exhaust effects". They showed that KSP2 will be a real step-up compared to the original without spoiling anything about gameplay or exploration. So personally I'd like to see Jool's new cloud system or reentry VFXs but it's more likely they'll show us some parts modelling like solar panels or whatnot...
  3. Some "minor" things I think KSP needs: A 0.625 m LES Symmetric radial-mount chutes White variant for the MK2 command pod New texture for the Nerv, Rhino, Reliant and Swivel engines and for reaction wheels and batteries A way to hide kerbals parachute backpacks
  4. Whoaooa so much to see in this video ! 1:57 of pure awesomeness. Can't wait for Scott, Matt and Shadowzone analysis
  5. See yonder, lo, the Galaxyë Which men clepeth the Milky Wey, For hit is whyt. — Geoffrey Chaucer The House of Fame, c. 1380.
  6. I think he confused the prefixes intra and inter which both share the same etymology apparently. And most people don't even know how many planets there are in the SS nor their names. Most of people just don't care about astronomy. See how NASA desperately tries to appeal to new audiences by promoting movies like the martian for exemple or how Nasa news are becoming sciencepost level of clickbait... We know astronomy stuff because we like it but maybe the guy who wrote the article is fan of cooking and would think you're a retard if you can't make an omelet !
  7. Rings are cool... I hope we will get accretion disks as well but that's unlikely
  8. oh yes indeed, but the page I linked is as recently updated as individual pages so there is a mystery here. maybe just debug your plane close to sun, engines off, and see how the heat is handled
  9. as mentionned you fly too fast too low, but the FAT-455 and the BIG S-delta wing (which I think iis attached to) have the same Max. Temperature according to ksp wiki. So having one burning up and not the other is quite strange. Are you sure your engine exhaust doesn't heat the wing ?
  10. We don't have much footage of those planets yet so it's to early to tell... btw Ovin is a Super-kerbin not a gas giant and Eeloo is already a Pluto analogue
  11. Well if cockpit interiors are as detailled as they're used to in KSP I will definitly miss DE_IVAs... But I hope I won't have to
  12. The problem with the Enhanced Edition (note the irony of that name) is that it's a port of the PC version by a third party editor. It seems KSP 2 is being developped for PC PS4 and XONE from the startup so I think it's safe to expect an enhancement of the console version of KSP 2 over KSP Enhanced Edition
  13. The guy who wrote the PC gamer article is just a video game journalist, he doesn't have to know about astronomy. We love space but some people don't care. People have different fields of expertise, they are not "ignorant" because they don't know what you concider the basises. The article covers the features in good details and the guy seems to have tried to understand the game mechanics as well as he could... Peace
  14. I was not into LS until I read this post. What OP says is very important, in fact I don't see KSP 2 not having such features right now. And I want to point that what he's talking about should belong to the Aventure mode and should be togettable difficulty options in Sandbox mode. First it's clear that Nate loves mods and some of the mods we know in KSP will be stock in KSP 2 (PlanetShine or Transfer Window Planner for exemple). We can expect Nate to know about Zee's "Probes Before Crew" mod or at least be aware that manned missions being easier than probes missions is an issue for a lot of players (for science and career modes). So it's not too crazy to think that probes vs manned missions difficulty could be rebalanced in KSP2. Having LS in spacecraft is a good way to balance interstellar trips because if I don't need to worry about communication, electricity management, life support and if I can do EVAs and plant flags, why should I even think about sending a probe mission instead? It wouldn't be realistic and not appealing in terms of gameplay. Lastly, sending science missions to know about planets and to update the Tracking station would give a real purpose to the science parts, that we already know are featured in KSP2. And for (I can't stress that enough) the Aventure mode, it would be stange to able to see and check all the informations for every planets from the startup. That's why I think what OP says make sense.
  15. I know that but I won't say IVAs are fonctionnal in KSP... Try flying on instruments and you will know your pain ! Personnaly I love aircrafts and clickable cockpits are my thing. Knowing speed, altitude and attitude precisely is necessary to fly properly an aircraft. Moreover with the current status of IVAs, trying to launch and land on the mun, for exemple, only in first person, without mods nor watching the map is harder in ksp than IRL ! (If you know how to use real-life spacecraft instruments) But maybe someone whose gameplay is more focused on building than flying won't be bothered at all by the lack of instrumentations inside KSP pods. So I think that depends on your gameplay style... Wow I didn't see that ! We need caves, hope that's indeed a hint, not a typo !
  16. Yea boi that's my #1 most wanted feature. Did you know there is a very good mod for functionnal IVAs for KSP ? Link in case:
  17. I think they are just referring to the snack compartiment, visible inside ksp pods You know something is happening in the world ? They are giving us news, noticing us they are currently working and giving us more infos on ksp 2. [snip]
  18. As mentionned above, a traversable wormhole (like a Morris-Thorne) is unliky to become a thing in KSP2 because of its highly speculative nature whereas devs mentionned they wanted the techs in KSP2 to reflect what could be the future of space exploration in the few hundreds years to come. And numerous polls in the forums already confirmed it was what the players want for this sequel. Moreover a space-time bridge and what it means in terms of gameplay would be very hard to implement, something you should know if you already danced with the kraken...
  19. That's sad ='( I'm loop watching it... There's a lot to see here: HUD, new parts, new bodies, the effects (I love the animation on the screen of the guy in charge of explosions fxs) And it's likely we'll have an upcoming video on aerodynamics according to thumbnails when Nate talks about next videos so maybe we'll have better aerodynamics in ksp 2... The hype is on !
  20. I think naming it spaceport is good enough. It's simple and make reference to SF so it's all good in my opinion.
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